[2021 Updated] 10 Best Coaxial Cable For TV

I am going to recommend the best TV antenna cable that you can buy for its price and specifications. In case you want to see it yourself, the one I recommend the one from 1aTTack because it has filters, good shielding, is protected and also has a good price. But if you want to know all the reasons, I … Read more

How To Choose Coaxial Cable For An Installation

Choosing the right coaxial cable is key to a correct installation. There are several factors that are usually decisive when choosing one and the other, in addition to the price, of course. Coaxial cable is used for both DTT and satellite installations, as well as in certain video surveillance installations (CCTV). Using an inappropriate cable or its … Read more

10 Best Indoor Coaxial Cable [2021 Reviews]

In this article we want to discuss a product that we love: indoor coaxial cable . Especially when they ask us to cut, our warehouse colleagues do not fit in their joy. Jokes aside, coaxial cable is a fundamental piece to carry high-frequency electrical signals , and a key product for watching TV at home. That is why we have made the … Read more

Which Cable Is Better, Fiber Optic Or Coaxial Cable?

Both cables fulfill the function of transmitting data, be it audio, video and other forms of data. Everything will depend on the amount of data to be sent and the connection distance.  The Fiber Optic cable has a high range capacity to carry the signal without having to use a repeater. While in the coaxial cable the loss is greater, which is … Read more