Smart-TV: Which Operating System Is The Best?

There are several things to consider when choosing the new SmartTV .

Besides the size, price-performance ratio and countless additional functions, the operating system also plays a decisive role.

The annoyance is great if you only find out after the purchase that the apps you want are not available or that you have to struggle with the operation.

We show you which operating systems Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic and LG use and help you with your decision.

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What can the operating systems do?

Tizen, AndroidTV, FirefoxOS and WebOS are the current operating systems that compete in the SmartTV market. Each of the operating systems has its advantages and disadvantages.

The most important apps are usually preinstalled, but this is not always the case. The major differences are in terms of structure, operation and control .

The choice of operating system goes hand in hand with the choice of manufacturer.

What functions should you pay attention to when buying the SmartTV:

• App selection
• voice control
• Pointer function
• Operation via smartphone or tablet
• Ease of use and structure
Operating systems
In the following, we present AndroidTV, Tizen, FirefoxOS and WebOS 2.0 in more detail.


AndroidTV is used for SmartTVs from Sony and Sharp . You may know the operating system from your smartphone .

Most of the apps that you can download to your smartphone can also be installed and used on the television.

If you have an Android smartphone, you will also notice the visual similarity to the operating system.

Operation is via the remote control, voice control or with the smartphone.

And it also works for voice control via the app on your smartphone or tablet. Another advantage is the connection to Google Chormecast which you can use to transfer files such as films or images from your media to the SmartTV.


Samsung relies on the Tizen operating system. This is based on Linux and also has a wide range of apps.

Here you have the option to share the screen and continue to watch your program while surfing the Internet.

A second remote control allows you to select functions similar to using a pointer or the Wii remote control.

Tizen has a Quick Connect connection , which enables you to transfer media to the SmartTV. However, this is only possible with Samsung devices.


If you choose a Panasonic SmartTV , it will run with the FirefoxOS operating system. Operation is also possible with the smartphone.

Voice control also works via an additional app on the smartphone. Panasonic has no pointer function , which makes it difficult to operate using buttons.

It also installed the Firefox browser, with which you can surf the Internet at will.

Since the selection of apps is limited , please inquire beforehand whether your desired applications are available.

WebOS 2.0

LG uses WebOS as the operating system where you can install the most important apps. Compared to the other operating systems, the selection is smaller .

As with Tizen, you can select programs using the ” pointer remote control ” and the voice control is also very sophisticated.


Which operating system for SmartTVs is the best?

 Unfortunately, we cannot name a big favorite to operate systems.

Besides the operating system, many other factors influence the purchase of a new SmartTv.

The best way to find out whether the operating system meets your requirements is to carry out a self-test .

Look at the televisions in specialist shops and test the respective operating systems without obligation.

So you can be sure that you have found the right SmartTV for you.

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