Which Cable Is Better, Fiber Optic Or Coaxial Cable?

Both cables fulfill the function of transmitting data, be it audio, video and other forms of data. Everything will depend on the amount of data to be sent and the connection distance.

 The Fiber Optic cable has a high range capacity to carry the signal without having to use a repeater. While in the coaxial cable the loss is greater, which is why its installation in short distances is recommended. At the same time, the coaxial cable has less capacity to send information. It is common to find them in residential environments due to their easy installation and high durability, but it must be considered that in the long term it could cause a cannibalization of the service. 


While fiber optic is mostly used in professional networks such as companies, universities or large establishments. In the case of an installation for domestic use or a medium data transfer network, the most recommended is the coaxial cable . The biggest difficulty with cable internet is speed fluctuation. As we mentioned before, if we project the installation of coaxial cable in a certain area, where the number of users is massively using the bandwidth at the same time, it would cause the speed of this to vary between 100% and the 25% of the contracted service. Although Fiber Optic cables represent other values ​​than coaxial cable. The cost of the service is subsequently determined according to the amount of data to be used by the providers.

In conclusion, when choosing between a coaxial cable and a fiber optic cable, we must consider the technologies implemented. When it comes to data transport, it is more than evident that you must think long term, taking into account the maximum capacities in terms of transmission speed. Currently, with the demand of consumers for home use, where speeds of up to 300Mbs can be reached without problems, we can affirm that both cables are efficient. What does not mean, in short, in the coming years with the advancement of technologies, the internet of things, smart homes and other services connected to the network, we will demand to reach connections of more than 1Gbps, even if we do not use them 100 %.

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