What Ways Can Be Used To Turn On A TV Without The Remote Control?

Have you broken the remote control and don’t know how to turn on the TV? Here you will find useful tips for not having to change your TV.

The remote control is one of the most unfortunate accessories: how many times will it have fallen on the ground, because you paid little attention to it?

Tumbles and spaceflight: in the end he kicked the bucket, leaving you with a friendly cat to peel. And now, how do you turn on the TV?

If you will spend a little money, as long as you have a recent TV, you can buy a new one. But what if yours is an outdated product?

Don’t worry: we have some tricks in store for you.

What to do when the TV remote control is missing at home?

The universal remote control

If you are used to the old way and you want nothing so technological as to lose your head, the solution is very simple and only one: you need a universal remote control. What is it about?

An accessory that uses infrared to control your television. It usually works well even with older models because it is programmable based on a series of sequences and codes.

These devices do not have an excessive cost: they start from 10 euros and can even exceed 50, but a lot depends on what you want to get.

Even if the operation is more or less always the same, a manual is included inside the package, which will help you program it in a short time.

The procedure to follow is this: you have to type some keys in sequence (stated in the instructions) to make the remote control identify the TV, and then enter the code that corresponds to the brand or even the model you own.

If you are looking for an advanced product, you can opt for the one that connects to the computer and that can download the database of the various models on the market, to be customized.

In summary, with a tiny expense you can have a brand new remote control, for which, we hope, you will pay more attention!

The apps

Those who are more familiar with technology know well that it is unnecessary to buy a new remote control: just one of the many applications available to transform your smartphone or tablet into a controller for your TV.

There are two different apps: some use infrared to manage programs, others use the home connection, as long as we connect the TV and smartphone or tablet to the same network.

If you want to take advantage of the first method and, therefore, infrared, we must immediately tell you .

You must have a device with Android: in fact, Apple has not equipped its products with IR connectivity.

Going to look, you will find many applications available on the Google Play Store: if you want one that is simple to configure and also versatile, perhaps also to be used with DVD players or air conditioners, we suggest Mi Remote Control.

The behavior is like that of a universal remote control: start the app on the chosen device, click on Add remote control, then on TV and select the name of the manufacturer of your TV.

Then click on the On or Off button, depending on whether your TV is on or off and direct the device towards it, following the instructions to program it.

After the configuration, you can also add a link on the Android screen, so you don’t have to search for the application every time.

Whenever you want to use it, just start the application, point the device towards the TV and use the keys that will appear on the screen and reproduce the keyboard of a common remote control.

But what if you don’t have an infrared device? As mentioned above, if the TV is connected to Wi-Fi you can use an app that uses this technology.

We reiterate it is necessary that both we must connect the television and the smartphone or tablet to the same network and that it must switch the television on.

Many manufacturers make their own apps available to users that act as a remote control and make it easier to manage the TV, avoiding incompatibilities that correspond to waste of time.

However, if the manufacturer does not provide this service, you can download a universal app for Android and iOS such as SURE, which is very simple to use.

Besides this, there are several that can be useful for your purpose.

For example, Peel Smart Remote, which allows you to use both Wi-Fi and infrared connections to control not only the TV but also other accessories: since it’s free, you can take advantage of it!

AnyMote is also free and also allows you to combine several remote controls together, with the advantage of having a single device to control various televisions of different brands.

IR Universal TV Remote is an app that uses infrared only and is available for Android.


The keys on the TV

If you need time to decide which solution to adopt, in the meantime you can use the buttons on the TV, even if you will have to get up every time you intend to change the channel or raise and lower the audio.

Sometimes they are in the upper part, others in the lower part or on the sides: most times, just as it once happened, they are placed inside a flap that hides them from view.

Usually there are those for turning on and off (ON / OFF), those for changing channels (P + and P-), those for volume control (V + and V-) and, rarely, this MENU.

Of course, if you have a Smart TV it will be impossible to control the additional functions in the absence of a remote control with dedicated buttons, so this should be a temporary solution.

Also, you cannot adjust the colors or mute when necessary, besides the aforementioned great inconvenience to use such a method.

However, this is a valid emergency method, meant to help you in case you break your remote just when your favorite program is playing.

If you want to prevent such troubles, apart from being more careful, we also recommend that you buy a lifesaving shell for your remote, so that it doesn’t fall apart if it falls to the ground.

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