What is an RCA audio cable?

An RCA audio cable is a standard composite cable used to connect various audio and video equipment, such as a DVD player and a plasma TV. 

An RCA audio cable comprises single or multiple connectors, depending on their variations. 

RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America, which developed the first mono RCA audio cable in the 1940s.

RCA variations

There are many variations of RCA audio cables, including single-plug, two-pin, and three-pin plugs. 

The individual RCA jacks are for mono. The two-prong RCA plugs are for stereo and comprise a white and a red plug. 

Three-prong RCA audio cables comprise an additional yellow connector that is used as a video connector. 

An appropriate RCA audio cable appears when you purchase an electronic gadget or equipment.

RCA uses

RCA audio cables are used to connect various devices, such as CD players, video game systems, stereo receivers, cable receivers, and many more. 

We found rCA audio cables in most homes and are available at any electronics supply depot.

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