What Can Smart Tvs Do In 2021?

Watch TV, work on the computer, listen to music, make calls or play games online.

What exactly Smart TV 2020 can already do, we will explain in more detail below.

What is a smart TV?

A Smart TV is a smart or intelligent TV . It is also known as a hybrid television .

What distinguishes the Smart TV from a normal TV is the many other interactive functions .

Most of the possibilities open up by connecting to the Internet or the network.

The Smart TV can take over the functions of the computer and create a whole new viewing experience. The new generation of television has started.

What can a Smart TV do?

First, the Smart TV should usually have all the functions that your old TV already has.

Depending on the type of reception and receiver, you can watch the usual programs on private and public channels.

Smart TV is mainly about internet capability . As with a computer or laptop, you can call up the browser and surf the Internet. 

Apps such as social networks or Skype are often pre-programmed. Otherwise, you can simply add games, information or other applications.

This also makes it possible to make phone calls and hold video conferences via the Smart TV .

If the TV does not have an integrated webcam , you can attach one externally.

IPTV offers enhance the viewing experience , streaming services or online video stores that you can easily access.

With the twin tuner , which enables you to pause or record programs, you can decide what you want to see when and where.

You can control the TV via the remote control, but also via smartphone or tablet.

The manufacturers usually offer free remote apps for download. Alternatively, you can also use a universal remote control to control multiple devices.

You can already use some devices via voice control and control the volume, for example.

If you add oneAdd a keyboard that can be connected via WLAN or Bluetooth, you can use the Smart TV as a screen for surfing the net.

You can display files such as images or videos directly on the television via tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop .

The second screen function allows you to display the statistics, for example, during the soccer game. Gaming is also twice as much fun with the Smart TV.

The HbbTV function offers additional information . The Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV is called new teletext with real-time updates.

You can easily view news, the latest information and the current program.

Of course, smart TVs offer many more functions.

If you want to buy one of the intelligent televisions, you should also know what HD, 4k UHD , triple tuner or the CI + slot are all about.

You can find out everything you need to know about buying a new TV in our TV guide .


When can you use a Smart TV?

In order to benefit from the many functions of the Smart TV, create some basic requirements.

First you need an internet flat rate with sufficient broadband connection.

In order to access IPTV , films from online video stores or streaming services, you have to be prepared for additional costs. 

What does a Smart TV cost?

Cheap Smart TVs start at 200 euros. These are mostly smaller and older models that are limited in their functions.

Better models are around 400 euros. For high-class smart TVs, you can also pay well over 1000 euros.

Is buying a SmartTV recommended?

There is no general answer to this question.

If you only receive private and public channels and do not value high definition picture quality, then it does not really make sense to buy a television with functions that you do not use.

Smart TVs are the new generation of television and trendsetting. The technologies are developing rapidly so that you can hardly stay up to date.

If you are currently looking for a new TV, the SmartTV is definitely the right choice.

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