5 Ways To Watch Netflix Without Having A Smart TV

Many people still have a traditional TV with limited functions, so it is reasonable to think that it is not possible to gain applications such as Netflix.

However, in this article, we present the solution with some of the most functional options to watch Netflix even if you don’t have a Smart TV.

Smart TVs are the most demanded home equipment of the last decade, because of the combination they offer between digital television and the capabilities of a computer or smartphone.

The big difference between these TVs and the traditional ones is their platform since they can support the functions of an operating system, allowing you to install applications, access and view the content of your preference.

Currently, Netflix has one of the complete catalogues to watch video content via streaming on Smart TVs, be they series, movies, documentaries, among others.

Also, many consider this platform as one of the most innovative and, being such a famous company in world culture.

Usually, we all want to gain their service, even if we only have a traditional TV.

Use a laptop

One of the cheapest and most common accessories is the HDMI cable, which is used to transmit the signal from a laptop to your TV.

First, check if your computer or portable device has an HDMI port and if it has a window 8 operating system onwards.

Usually, you can find the HDMI input on the left side of the device, while the operating system can verify it in the settings information.

This is an important aspect that you need to define for sure since the computer is the device you will use to connect to the TV.

Then, it is necessary to check if your TV has an HDMI port on the back of one side. HD technology TVs and later include it.

The advantage of the HDMI cable is that it transmits audio and video at the same time directly, so you will not have to use additional equipment or complicated software for this task.

Also, it does not lose the quality of the content, because it can transmit HD video and, depending on the cable, also in 4K.

There are also cables with other connectors to link your TV with various devices, whether desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, among others.

Dongles as tools to watch Netflix

The dongles are adapters of compact dimensions you connect to your TV to receive the signal from another device, either from a smartphone or tablet.

Also, they are appropriate options if the HDMI cable is very short or if it is very striking in the decoration of your home.

One of the most popular dongles is Chromecast, a device with HDMI output that the renowned Google company has designed, specialized in creating tools that facilitate the use of technology and the internet.

In this sense, connect the Chromecast to your TV and download the application on the device you will use to transmit the signal, then confirm the code that appears on both screens, and you will be ready to use.

The most popular streaming applications and services, as with Netflix, have a symbol formed by a rectangle and three lines corresponding to the Transmit function.

Selecting this icon immediately starts the data transfer, and in a couple of seconds, you can enjoy your favourite content on the TV.

Besides, the device you used to access Chromecast becomes a remote control to control what you see from the sofa or a nearby room.

How to use a game console to watch Netflix?

If you do not want to buy an additional device and have a video game console at home.

Then you should know that you can use it to watch Netflix, since those designed in the last decade offer a repertoire of applications in the official store.

We are talking about the PlayStation 3 onwards, as well as all the Xbox, Wii, among others.

One application that you will surely find when reviewing the menu is Netflix, so it is only necessary to download, open and log in.

This way you can enjoy your entire platform through your console and in a practical and fast way.

Try a TV box

If the above options do not offer you what you are looking for, then a TV Box could be the most modern alternative to watch Netflix.

Since it gives you the possibility to go a step further in the technology and innovation of your TV.

These devices turn your traditional TV into a Smart TV, as they provide you with all the capabilities and applications in a compact device that you connect to the HDMI input of your TV.

Also, they usually include their remote control, so they do not depend on any mobile device for proper operation.

Among the most popular equipment we can mention the Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick, which, since 2017, is available for the European region.

Besides, this last option has a practical and straightforward interface.

However, you should know that these devices do not have the autonomy to work, so you must connect them to power, like Chromecast.

Use your cable subscription to watch Netflix.

The above options require a Wi-Fi connection. However, if you do not have a nearby signal, then you should know that it is possible to gain a Netflix account through your cable service.

This makes it a practical alternative, since it is unnecessary to use additional equipment or complicated software.

In this sense, some providers such as Xfinity, AT&T, Dish Network, among others, can provide the Netflix service and enable it as another channel in your programming.

It is possible to check the availability of this function on the official page of your cable provider and, if you already have a Netflix account.

You can check directly through the page in the Ways to see the section, for more detailed information.

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