Watch TV In The Car With A DVB-T Navigation System – How It Works

Navigation devices are an ingenious invention to quickly and easily guide drivers to their desired destination even without accompanying maps.

However, modern navigation devices offer their users significantly more functions than just navigating from A to B: There are now devices that can also be used as TVs in the car using DVB-T .

How the television reception works with such a navigation system and what other useful functions a DVB-T navigation system offers is revealed in the following guide article.

Navigation device with integrated TV: This is how TV reception works

Reliable Navis, see Autodoc . Navigation systems that not only allow their owner to navigate but also enable the reception of live TV are available in a wide variety of designs.

A DVB-T navigation system, as its name suggests, is equipped with an integrated DVB-T receiver , which makes it possible to receive TV signals from various well-known TV stations even when on the move. The DVB-T transmission technology has so far mainly been used in special DVB-T receivers.

Which should enable so-called “everywhere television” to be received in areas where traditional reception via satellite or cable is not possible – campers also swear by it to a receiver with DVB-T technology.

With a DVB-T navigation system, TV channels can be received almost anywhere in Germany and viewed directly on the display of the navigation system.

Exactly I can receive which stations at I can see which location on the official DVB-T homepage at , but receivable stations, such as

    • The first

    • ZDF

    • WDR

    • NDR

    • MDR

    • SWR

    • KIKA arte

    • 3 sat

    • and much more


The advantages of a navigation system with DVB-T reception

A navigation system that can also receive television stations offers its user several practical advantages.

For example, if you are traveling with your children on a longer trip in the car, you can leave the navigation system to them so that they can pass the time with a film or a series .

If you are on a longer business trip, you can stop on the way and see the current football results in the sports showwatch or watch the drawing of the lottery numbers live.

And if you come to an appointment several minutes early or want to survive a heavy rain shower, you can simply bridge the waiting time with a round of television in the car.

Of course, a DVB-T navigation system can also be used outside the car: for example, you can watch your favorite program on a bench or a meadow in the park.

You can simply use the navigation system as a portable secondary television in your home–even in the garden or on the Veranda.


However, it is important to watch TV while driving

Watching TV while driving is strictly prohibited, as the distraction can quickly lead to accidents or delicate situations.

Anyone caught watching TV while driving must face a fine and, in the worst case, even a point in Flensburg . Passengers can easily watch TV while driving.

Other useful functions of a DVB-T navigation system

Many DVB-T navigation devices, such as the S8110 Truckmate Pro from Snooper, not only enable the reception of a wide variety of TV channels but also their recording.

The user only has to insert an SD memory card into the memory card slot provided and start or pre-program a program.

Someone then saved directly the respective content on the memory card so that you can easily record a program while driving and watch it when you arrive at your destination.

Various DVB navigation systems also enable their users not only to receive TV channels , but also to receive radio programs via the digital DAB / DAB + reception path.

In contrast to the classic FM radio, which is used in almost every car, DAB / DAB + not only allows you to receive classic local stations from the respective region, but also nationwide stations.

This is helpful if you want to listen to one of your favorite stations permanently without losing the signal when you arrive in the next state.

Popular radio stations that can be received across Germany with DAB / DAB + include:

  • Deutschlandfunk

  • Energy

  • Sunshine Live

  • DRadio knowledge

  • Hit paradise

  • vm


A DVB-T navigation device has several advantages and can be used both for live viewing of various TV channels and for recording TV programs–both in the car and at the rest area, in the park, in the kitchen or in the home garden.

The possibility of receiving television programs particularly well entertained children who are traveling with us or by playing back films and series previously stored on an inserted memory card.

For the driver himself, however, television should be absolutely taboo while driving.

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