Airplay 2 And Apple TV: Two Elements That Reach Your Samsung TV!

If you have a Samsung TV with Smart TV at home, we have good news for you, since the Apple TV digital multimedia receiver will now be compatible with the models of the lines launched in both 2018 and 2020. In this article, we will give you more information about it, as well as what kind of content you can enjoy with an Apple TV.


Smart TV on Samsung TVs

Samsung TVs are considered by some to be the best Smart TVs of 2020 since they were pioneers in the development of the system and interface of the first smart TVs.

Smart TV is basically a television that can have access to the internet, so, depending on its model and capacity, it will allow you to watch all kinds of content online.

Many use their programmer’s own interfaces to install them on their televisions, but Samsung models have been characterized by using good quality components, to ensure smooth performance and high compatibility with all types of applications and thus meet the needs of their users.

Also, thanks to the Samsung TV Smart TV system you can download applications, you can enjoy access to your social networks, news, sports, series, movies, music, photographs and all kinds of multimedia content. This makes the TV a complementary system of the computer or smartphone, for example, as well as giving you endless entertainment possibilities.


Apple TV: Cupertino’s entertainment system

In addition to the integrated Smart TV systems in most modern TVs, others also opt for external systems for the reception and reproduction of multimedia content and that is what Apple TV offers you.

Apple, Inc. is a globally recognized software and hardware developer. Their products are of high quality and offer high security in terms of the privacy of their users, with their equipment being the favorite of many. In their catalog they offer models belonging to the categories of smartphones, desktops and laptops, smartwatches, electronic tablets, utility tools, and, of course, multimedia entertainment systems.

Apple TV is the commitment of the Cupertino company to fill the void that some TVs that do not have the Smart TV system or have one that does not satisfy the wishes of its users. With the installation of this device you can enjoy multimedia content through the internet connection.

It was officially launched in 2006, but it was not until 2010 that it began to attract the attention of users after several renovations of both system and design and functions.


Apple TV features

The latest and most current Apple TV models are those belonging to the 5th generation, which was announced on September 12, 2017.

The equipment has dimensions of 9.8 x 9.8 x 3.5 centimeters and a weight of 425 grams, being compact in size so that you can discreetly locate it near your TV without getting in the way.

It is operated through a remote control, also designed and developed by Apple called Siri Remote, which is included with the purchase. This remote has measures of 3.8 x 12.4 x 0.63 centimeters and a weight of 45 grams, so you can take it comfortably and handle it ergonomically. It has a total of six buttons: the one to access the menu, one to change the TV mode, one to activate or deactivate the microphone for voice control, another to play or pause, and the standard volume controls.

As for its connectivity, the device offers a port to connect the power adapter, an HDMI to connect it with your TV, an Ethernet port in case you do not want to use its wireless connectivity via Wifi and also Bluetooth to perform restoration processes and diagnosis. In addition, thanks to Bluetooth, you can also link devices such as wireless headphones.


The launch of the application and its compatibility with Airplay2

Airplay2 is a wireless audio playback technology that allows you to control speakers separately so that it translates as a kind of multi-room system and is compatible with the Apple TV system, so you could enjoy your favorite movies with surround sound or play different things at the same time without making full use of your sound system.

The good news comes for users who own a Samsung Smart TV that belongs to the 2018 and 2020 line batches since Apple has launched the Apple TV application with which you can also enjoy multimedia content on your TV without having to invest extra money in an external device.

Why is it good news? Well, simply because Samsung has admitted to launching the application in its download menu so that it is available to the general public. Thanks to this, you will now have access to some of the benefits that an Apple TV offers without having to acquire it in physical. Of course, you must keep in mind that some content must be paid to be displayed at home.

Also, it should be noted that the application can also work with Airplay2, which opens a window for you to play videos and music from your other Apple devices, such as your phone, your tablet or your computer without having to connect them directly to the TV, but using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to link them together.

The opening for download of the new Apple application includes more than 100 countries worldwide and also supports the Airplay2 system in 176 countries, including Spain so that you can solve any inconvenience that occurs during its execution and reproduction on your Samsung Smart TV.

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