TV Wall Mount: The Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Turning the living room into a home theater is not that difficult. A big TV is the essential element.

He does a lot on the living room cabinet. If it is even installed on the wall, it not only provides that certain cinema feeling but also saves space and possibly even money.

The wall installation makes the purchase of a lowboard superfluous. With a wall bracket, it is much easier to clean the living room, because someone can easily vacuum it underneath.

In addition, the variant with the wall bracket is more space-saving, looks better and the television cannot fall over. I

I can individually align t with the right wall bracket in every situation. This creates the right home cinema feeling.

Choose the right wall bracket

The range of brackets for wall-mounting a large TV is huge, as is the range of 4K TVs . The size of the TV is the first limiting criterion.

Depending on the spacing of the mounting screws or how high the load must be, only certain wall brackets are available. Further questions restrict the selection:

  • Should the positioning on the wall be variable or should someone should permanently instal the television ?

  • Should the TV be pivotable and / or tiltable?

  • Where can you buy TV wall brackets cheap ?

The sideboard on which the television has been standing for many years is now completely out of fashion.


Standards make installation easier

Meanwhile, flat screen TVs have four threaded holes on the back, which are intended for mounting a wall bracket.

This is the so-called VESA standard ; the abbreviation stands for Video Electronics Standards Association .

The distance between the threaded holes is precisely defined, which makes the search for a suitable wall bracket much easier.

The prescribed spacing of the holes depends on the permissible maximum weight .

The following applies: If the TV is larger and heavier, the distance between the holes for the wall bracket is also larger . Wall brackets are not the same as wall brackets.

Types of wall brackets

There are various models of TV wall mounts on the market. Depending on the needs of the user, some wall brackets are more suitable than others.

The suitability depends not only on the requirements, but on the type of use or the space available.

  • A rigid wall bracket attaches the TV directly to the wall like a picture frame. The bracket is fixed and cannot be moved.

  • With the tiltable wall bracket , the TV also hangs very close to the wall. It can be tilted up and down. This is very practical, especially if the TV is hanging higher for space reasons.

  • Someone usually equips the swivel wall bracket with a joint. This makes it very easy to align the television further left or right. It does not hang parallel to the wall, but can be adjusted diagonally to one side. This is helpful when the viewer’s position changes. In addition, the TV can be brought forward with a swiveling wall bracket, so that the viewer comes closer to the TV.

  • The electronic wall bracket is practical. Remote control can set it. This means that the television viewer can position the screen from the sofa.

Tips for correct positioning

The lighting conditions are very important when hanging the wall bracket. The TV should not be placed opposite a window.

The window can lead to disturbing reflections. The same applies to lamps.

The distance is also important. Of thumb, the viewer should be so far away from the television that the distance is three times the length of the screen diagonally.

In this way, the television picture comes into its own, and it is easy on the eyes.

The height is a question that just about everyone’s mind during the installation of a wall mount: How the TV was supposed to hang up?

It is optimal if the viewer has an almost straight look at the TV monitor. The correct height can be determined easily.

To do this, the viewer should simply sit quietly on the sofa or in the place from which they are always watching TV.

The lower edge of the screen should be at eye level. This is usually a height of around one meter.

If the distance between the viewer and the television is greater, the television may also be placed somewhat higher.


Buy the perfect wall mount

Besides many electronics stores and electrical wholesale stores, there are also many online shops where TV wall mounts can be bought.

The VESA standard makes it much easier to buy a mount today.

They usually include the screws or other installation material in delivery.

If you want to install the bracket yourself, you need the instructions (please read in full beforehand) and a drill that is suitable for such work.


Mount the wall bracket – a few tips

First, the right tool is important. It required the following tools to install the TV wall bracket:

  • a spirit level, otherwise the wall bracket will end up crooked

  • a drill for the holes

  • a cordless screwdriver or a conventional screwdriver

  • possibly wrench,

Important: There must be no cables behind the wall on which the wall bracket is to hang.

Most cables run vertically or horizontally to the floor and ceiling, from junction boxes to switches and sockets.

Under no circumstances should it be drilled over a socket. In case of doubt, a line finder can help .

Most wall brackets include screws in the dowel. The supplied accessories should match the wall structure .

Not all dowels and screws are suitable for plasterboard or plasterboard walls. If you use the wrong screws and dowels, you risk the TV lying on the floor one morning.

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