TV Broadcast: World Cup Goal After 50 Seconds

Imagine the following situation: You are sitting in the garden during an exciting World Cup celebration, the game is being broadcast on a screen.

But your euphoria will quickly be dampened: your neighbors, who are also watching the World Cup in the garden, cheer loudly several seconds ahead of you.

Exactly this situation you could experience depending on your transmission path: The IT specialist magazine c’t determined up to 50 seconds’ time difference during measurements of the different paths.

The TV signal would sometimes be “terrifyingly slow” , says Ulrike Kuhlmann, editor of the magazine.

Already at the 2014 World Cup, many fans complained about the delayed transmission. Which signal arrives first?

Fastest transmission by satellite

After the first measurements, the image arrives fastest via satellite with weak SD resolution with a value of 4.5 seconds.

This is closely followed by the satellite signal in HD: Here you have to wait half a second longer for the transmission, but you will be compensated with a considerably better image quality.

If you receive the game terrestrially via DVB-T2 , it is advisable to watch the program on ZDF : here the goal with 2.5 seconds is a whole 2 seconds earlier than with ARD (4.5 seconds).

Wait even longer for the gate to receive the signal via cable: depending on the transmitter; the signal takes between 6 and 6.5 seconds at a high resolution.

It is even more annoying for the customers of the “Entertain” telecom offer . Wait between 8 and 10 seconds for the cheers when using the offer.

This applies to the digital transmission paths for which the satellite signals have to be transcoded.

According to Telekom spokesperson Malte Reinhardt, I know the problem that the provider is already working on new technologies.

However, nothing will change regarding the delays until the 2018 World Cup.

Wait up to 50 seconds to cheer if you get your program from a streaming provider that does not use multicast technology .

This resulted from the current measurements of the c’t magazine. “If the neighbors have access to satellite signals, it can be endless seconds on penalties,” says Kuhlmann.


New technologies give hope

The streaming provided has made it its goal to bring ” the fastest gate into the living room ” until the start of the World Cup .

For this, the provider has developed a fast transmission method, someone can max the strength of which out via its own fiber optic network and multiple coupling points with DSL networks.

The Exaring AG company announced that it could use a nAew technology to show the gates a few seconds before cable television.

Just in time for the start of the World Cup, the offer should be available to all subscribers in the ” Perfect Package “, but initially only with a fire tablet, Amazon Fire TV or an app on Android smartphones.

The editors of the c’t magazine have already been able to test the new Waipu.TV. The latency when broadcasting on both ARD and ZDF at 2.3 seconds .

This means that only the one with a latency of 0.5 seconds in high resolution was better.

The initial value of the test was determined by the SD signal via satellite, which is transmitted with a delay of 4.5 seconds.


Plan carefully beforehand

A delayed transmission of the TV signal can be very annoying, especially during the World Cup, and can quickly spoil the joy of the game.

So plan exactly where and how you want to follow the game. For further orientation, we have put together a game schedule with all the important information about the World .

Cup and the games of the German eleven. wishes you an exciting World Cup!

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