TV And Streaming In The Future: 5G As The Key?

I expect the new 5G mobile communications standard to bring some changes for the multimedia world in the coming years.

The area of smartphones in particular will benefit from this fast mobile Internet.

Everything seems to change and adjusting to the new technology, including television.

The so-called 5G broadcast should make TV content available everywhere and in the best quality .

Some stations are already testing the transmission of their programs over the network.

However, it will probably be some time before it becomes the standard, because the network is currently not even anywhere in Germany.

In addition, the equipment needed to receive 5G is still lacking.

What is 5G?

When you listen to 5G, you don’t think of television first, of course, but of smartphones and cell phones .

The 5G network in Germany has been available to mobile customers since September 2019. However, the network is still so sketchy that it may hardly be worth it.

5G is the successor to the 4G standard , or as is better known, LTE. The plan is that the new technology should create a basis for the digitization of many areas of life .

Because it is significantly faster than LTE. It offers a download speed of 10 gigabits per second, while 4G manages just one gigabit per second.

One of the major goals is to expand the “ Internet of Things ”. This means the communication of physical or virtual objects , for example, when the smart radiator communicates with the roller shutter and the coffee machine in order to make the time after getting up a little more pleasant.

In terms of mobile gaming , there should also be a revolution with the nationwide 5G network.

The future will probably be such that you will play everything almost anywhere, regardless of whether you choose an adventure game, a sports game or maybe an online casino.

Such games are undergoing constant change. The MrPlay Casino for example, has a rapid development through, although it does not yet exist so long on the market. Above all, the enormous selection of games is worth mentioning.

But streaming and especially television should also benefit from the 5G standard.

Where streaming of series and films via Netflix and Co. was already possible with LTE, television should soon be able to run smoothly in real time via 5G .


That is the goal

So television should also benefit from this new mobile radio technology, but also radio.

The big end goal is to replace tried and tested transmission methods and to switch completely to 5G .

The TV program is to be broadcast on smartphones, tablets and 5G-capable televisions, without restricting the capacity of the mobile phone networks .

Gradually , the new technology will be added to DVB-T2 , DAB and streaming.

By the end of the decade, the standards as we know them today should have had their day.

Since the frequencies for DVB-T2 will only be assigned until 2030 anyway , a complete change would be worthwhile at the latest then.

5G is said to offer mass benefits. Besides the speed, the network also has a higher radiation output than previous technologies. In this way, it can also serve small towns and villages in the valley.

The 5G network is suitable for broadcasting such large amounts of data, such as live TV of 4K quality , because of its high bandwidths .

So far, this has not been possible because of the lack of network coverage of the LTE standard .


That sounds like streaming

Basically, that’s true, but it’s a little more complicated. Unlike when streaming television programs , 5G-capable devices can directly receive the channels .

The so-called 5G broadcast is to be used here.

That the signal arrives directly at the receiver and does not have to be sent separately over the Internet and then arrives as a stream saves bandwidth .

Technically, however, it is still possible to broadcast a television program not only via 5G broadcast, but also via the Internet stream.

Maybe that will work dynamically in the future. If only a few viewers are interested in a program, streaming takes place.

As the number of viewers increases, there is a switch and a switch to broadcast in order to save resources.


5G broadcast

The first TV stations have already started test operations and are broadcasting their programs to 5G-capable devices.

For example, the WDR in Cologne works together with the Vodafone group.

The tests have been running since February 2019 and are expected to continue until the end of 2020.

Such tests help the network be more efficient in the end . It is also experimenting with how the content can be distributed meaningfully.

Someone broadcast live sports events or they can download films from the media library. All content should be able to be viewed in the highest quality via app , regardless of where the recipient is located .

In addition, Bavarian Broadcasting is also testing the possibilities of 5G broadcast in Bavaria.


Does television over 5G really make sense?

So far, it is not really clear how useful this type of television will be. It is not yet clear how many blind spots there will be on the map of Germany and how to deal with it

. By 2030, television as we know it will at least still be available. Whether 5G broadcast really makes sense will only have to be seen in the coming years.

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