TV Advertising: 5 Industries In Comparison

November 3, 1965, is considered a milestone in the TV advertising industry .

For the first time in the history of television, a spot flickered here over the focusing screens in private households.

A lot has happened since then, and TV advertising has become an integral part of everyday life .

Spot is not the same, however, and companies from a wide range of industries have to be very conscious of their target group and philosophy .

Food and enjoyment

The food industry includes countless products. From soft drinks to breakfast cereals to yogurt, milk or spreads: TV advertising is not just about good taste .

This means that hardly any of us can generate attention even in such a strong industry.

What is needed are additional incentives that promise the potential buyer more than a tasty moment.

Advertising agencies, therefore, like to arouse very special feelings in commercials in the food industry .

From the loving and cozy atmosphere of a family breakfast, such as at Nutella , to the energetic and motivating feeling of a successful training session, everything is possible.

It is only important that the respective food fit the topic .

The buyer should get the impression here that the food not only optimizes his quality of life on the palate but also.

Most food manufacturers rely on ordinary TV spots of different lengths. As far as the optimal time is concerned, the entire day is basically suitable.

Still, food, especially for families, is advertised between morning and afternoon , while alcohol is promoted in the evening .

However, the food industry is not only represented in classic spots.

So-called “ product placements ”, ie the placement of products in series and films, can also be decisive .

We rarely choose the can of Coca Cola on the table and the ice pack against lovesickness at random. Here, too, companies are trying to get customers’ attention. 


We should also not underestimate the toy industry for TV advertising. Here, however, companies pay attention to some important details before booking their advertising minutes.

Not every transmitter is suitable for presenting toys. Channels with special programs for children or the time slots in which the children’s program runs are popular .

The most important target group for advertising toys is not the parents, but the children.

They have a significant influence on mom and dad’s buying decisions, which is why toy advertising on TV is aimed entirely at children’s needs .

Therefore, gender-specific differences can also be found in TV advertising for toys .

Someone should primarily address girls with delicate colors, beautiful music and feminine themes, while companies for boys often put together faster spots with a lot of action and, of course, a masculine atmosphere.

We show here other children who not only use the respective toy but also have a lot of fun .

This awakens the desire to experience just that, and the toy ends up on the wish list. For example, Mytoys offers toys for girls and boys.

Finance, insurance and loans

Financial issues are boring and dry, you might think. In reality, however, this industry also tries to get TV spots that draw people’s attention.

Which stylistic devices and content advertising agencies use here can vary widely.

However , humor, personal freedom and the impression of wealth play crucial roles in advertising for insurance and financial issues .

If the potential customer can recognize himself in a spot , he will be even more interested in the services or products.

For example, commercials show “real” accidents in which an insurer provides quick help, financial bottlenecks that dissolve in an instant, or people whose overall appearance stands for financial freedom.

Which channels are good is indiAvidual? Special children’s channels are the only ones that are the least attractive for financial topics. Special channels are also well received.

In 2014 , Vexcash broadcast its first commercial on the Sport1 and Sky channels.

This reveals a lot about the target group, because even today, financial men are primarily men whose attention is to be aroused.

It remains to be seen whether this will change in the future and whether there will also be special financial spots for women.

In terms of finance, however, the television of the future certainly has a lot to offer.


The automotive industry is one of the strongest players in TV advertising . In 2013, according to statistics , automobile manufacturers in Germany alone spent 675 million euros gross on their television commercials.

A lot of money, which could hardly be invested better, because consumers are less aware of new cars in everyday traffic, but by watching TV advertisements.

In 2016 , KIA also showed that automobile manufacturers can cost their advertising spots with their Superbowl spot, which reports on.

The spot, which was about Morpheus and the Matrix, had a tremendous impact of $ 8 million.

As far as the general design of TV commercials for automobiles is concerned, the philosophy of the respective manufacturer and the type of car play an important role.

They often advertise compact cars as flexible city cars and advertised in good commercials with wonderful music.

We can often see cars of the comfort or business class in spots that are also upscale and classy.

The situation can be different for off-road vehicles and SUVs, which their manufacturers prefer to send across country through fascinating landscapes.

Spots for automobiles are usually only placed in the evening when working peoplehave made themselves comfortable in front of the television.

This is where the target group addressed is most clearly present.


No industry proves that there are seasonal differences in TV advertising as impressively as that around pharmaceuticals .

This is noticeable during the cold or flu season , during which the spots for corresponding medicines and aids are piling up.

Since no one is safe from colds, manufacturers place these spots practically around the clock on all channels .

Even in the middle of the children’s program, they advertise medication, since I can also reach parents in this way.

The improvement of complaints – quickly and easily – is the topic in the pharmaceutical industry.

You can usually see people who suffer from pain, runny nose or cough and who are fit again within a brief time after taking the advertised medication, for example, from Ratiopharm .

If you see such a spot and are currently sick yourself, you won’t hesitate and plan a stop at the pharmacy.

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