Save TV: The Individual Television Of Today

The Super Bowl is now also a major event in free TV in Germany . But the sports spectacle is only broadcast at night and takes a long time. Save.TV offers you the solution.You simply pick up the Super Bowl and watch it relaxed – either on the sofa, in the bus, in the alpine hut while skiing or wherever you want , because with Save.TV you decide when and where TV is shown.


Intuitively simple: This is how Save.TV works

With the digital video recorder, you can record your favorite program from over 40 TV channels with just one click and store it in your personal archive. You can then watch them anytime, anywhere, ad-free , half of the channels even in HD quality . This makes television as individual as you are.


Watch TV online and offline

On the go or at home? With Save.TV your television program is where you are. You can stream the saved program online at any time. Are you traveling offline ? Then download the program easily on your hard drive or your mobile device down and see a more flexible manner.


Many devices – one account

The function of Save.TV is not only intuitively simple, but can also be used quickly on all devices. Whether the digital video recorder on and so on PC / Mac, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, game console . it doesn’t matter, because you only need one account for all devices.


Intelligent features make your television more personal

But that’s not all – the 15-time Save.TV test winner has other advantages in store for you. You not only decide when you see your favorite programs, but the intelligent video recorder also takes care of the tedious tasks for you: simply enter a program title or a keyword and Save.TV automatically records thematically relevant programs in so-called channels. The series wizard shows you upcoming episodes and gives you the option of also recording them automatically allow. So you don’t have to worry about anything and you’ll never miss a show! Create playlists for your favorite programs or series and you can watch them one after the other in a series marathon.


Program recommendations: Save.TV knows what you like

Do you like to watch educational documentation, cheer on your favorite star in a dangerous stunt in an action film or train your abdominal muscles in a funny comedy? With over 40 TV channels you will surely find what you are looking for. But Save.TV can do even more and will create personal broadcast recommendations based on your interests – maybe you will soon have another favorite broadcast? To keep you informed about all current TV highlights, Save.TV presents you with all upcoming highlights in a newsletter .


For the whole family – parallel shot

Save.TV not only gives you the opportunity to watch TV anytime, anywhere, but also solves another problem with the parallel recording function: you no longer have to agree on a program with your loved ones, because with Save.TV you can even watch programs running in parallel on.

Just for you: Use Save.TV free for 2 months + receive a 60% subsequent discount


Are you curious and want to take advantage of Save.TV?

Thanks to the digital video recorder, you have the chance to test the XL package for 2 months free of charge . Are you convinced of the product and want to continue using Save.TV? Then the XL package is automatically extended by 12 months with a discount of 60% . Instead of € 9.99 a month, you only pay € 3.99 a month .

For your information, the packages can be canceled at any time during the test phase .

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