Television Today: Which Online Television Newspaper Is The Best?

Would you like to watch the television program for today or browse through the offer for the next few weeks?

There are some online TV newspapers and they all show the current TV program .

There are many differences in navigation, functions and extras.

We inspected the following online TV magazines to get the best overview of today’s TV shows.

Listen: The online TV newspaper with the all-round program

Hörzu specializes in the current TV program and offers you, the reader, an overview of the television programs this week and next week .

You can choose whether you want the program to be displayed for now, from 8.15 p.m. or from 10 p.m.

For faster navigation, Hörzu also offers a timeline in which you can select times every two hours.

The presentation of the television newspaper can be adjusted according to the wishes of the user. If the start page is too confusing for you, you have the option of viewing the program in a four column viewswitch.

A bar shows how far the shipment has progressed. Besides the list of common stations , you also have the option of choosing stations from AZ yourself.

Another advantage of Hörzu is the program preview from Telekom Entertain , Kabel Pay TV and Sky .

Besides the television program, the TV platform provides tips on today’s television and evaluates them.

Under the categories series, sports, entertainment or documentation, you will find what you are looking for.

You can find the latest news, reviews and recommendations in the Entertainment section.

As well as information under “Knowledge and Service” on the topics of travel, money, nature and others.

For the sports fans among you, the online television newspaper has inserted a separate section in the navigation .

Below, you can find information and news about football, handball or tennis.

With a simple click on the shipments you get more information, there are other infotainment offers beyond the online television newspaper.

Do you prefer to listen to the radio? The current radio program you can download for your region at Hörzu.

Alternatively, there is a magazine from Hörzu or the ePaper , which you can subscribe to for a fee.

Peculiarities of Hörzu

  • Program preview also for Pay TV channels

  • Download the radio program

  • Simple search options: clear and self-explanatory

  • Print and ePaper edition

TV feature film: Via today’s program preview directly in the livestream

As with Hörzu, there summarizes the most popular television programs on TV Spielfilm .

You can sort them again according to the categories now, from 8.15 p.m. and from 10 p.m.

Here too, bars are used to show you how far the current program has progressed .

You can also use filters such as feature film, series, entertainment, sports, children or reports to select your television program today and that of the next two weeks.

If you want to watch TV now, click directly on the live broadcast: With the registration at “TV Spielfilm live” you can go directly to the desired program via the play button in the overview.

You can test the function for free for the first 30 days.

You can watch the programs of the public channels on the TV Spielfilm media library .

There is also plenty of information from the area of entertainment, news and trends, and cinema and film reviews .

For those who like to use streaming services besides the current television program , TV Spielfilm offers information on the latest films and series on Netflix and Amazon under “Streaming” .

Series ended and looking for a new one? TV Spielfilm offers you useful information on the best series and films.

Certain series that were broadcast on TV are also available for viewing here.

In contrast to Hörzu’s online television program preview, we find it a little more difficult to find our way.

After a few clicks, this page is also self-explanatory .


Special features of the online TV newspaper from TV Spielfilm

  • Easy operation of the television program list
  • TV feature film live
  • Media library for public service broadcasters
  • Print edition

TV movie with video on demand option

Also, TV Movie shows the currently running television program of today, both now and at 20:15 and 22:00.

Likewise, for the next 2 weeks.

You can sort the current television program by feature films, series, entertainment, reports, sports and children’s television .

Here, you will receive extensive tips and recommendations.

By clicking on the respective offer, you will receive further information about the program.

The entertainment section gives you information about the television program with the family, series, stars and lifestyle and VOD and Pay TV recommendations.

As an additional service besides the online TV magazine, TV Movie offers video on demand options .

Search for a desired program and see which provided you can use to get it or filter by Amazon, Netflix, Maxdome, etc.

You can also choose whether you want to buy, rent or stream a film .

Special features of TV Movie online:

    • Clear online TV newspaper

    • Extensive infotainment offer

    • Video on demand option


TV Today: Simple navigation leads you to your television offer

When you open TV Today , the current TV program of today opens.

Use a drop-down menu to select the day, the time and a station. You can also display TV tips with a click.

You also get the latest TV highlights, information about premieres or sports events .

If you would like to watch a program that has already been broadcast, you can do this for the public channels via the media library .

Date, name, or category, sorts here the stations such as feature film, entertainment, or children. Under the “Entertainment” tab, you can call up news about the film, television, celebrity and lifestyle world .

Do you prefer to read on paper? TV Today also offers a print edition that you can subscribe to through the platform.

Special features of TV Today online:

    • Different display options

    • Extensive infotainment offer

    • Also, as a print and ePaper version

TV direkt & Old-fashioned design, but many functions

At first glance, the digital television newspaper by TV direkt looks less appealing, appears overloaded and much more confusing.

The program is initially sorted according to the main stations .

You can also choose the program abroad or the Pay TV preview from Sky.

With TV direct you can have the current program displayed or select the time or the next few hours directly.

On the start page you also have an overview of the currently running programs with time remaining .

In the upper area there are 4 large buttons, with which you can click on films , seriesor just watch the TV from 8:15 p.m.

This makes it easier to find the right program.

TV also offers the TV planner directly.

Under Extras you will find DVD and CD covers for download , which underlines the old-fashioned design.

We can only hope that the TV newspaper as a print version or as an ePaper with the app promises better presentation and navigation. is operated by the same publisher .

Therefore, at first glance, the structure of the page is exactly like TV direct.

Advertising for the magazine is also shown directly. The Klack app is in the foreground here.

You have to register as a user, but then you also have the option to create your own station lists and be reminded of a program.

Special features of TV direct

  • Many filter options
  • TV planner
  • Extensive information on film and television offers
  • Old-fashioned and overloaded design
  • Navigation is significantly more difficult in comparison
  • Also as a print and ePaper version

Rank #6: Clear and self-explanatory television of today

You can also access the current TV program via

If you need little frills , this is the right place for you.

Today’s TV program is displayed directly.

There is also a direct livestream on the homepage that provides information about current news.

You can plan your entertainment program a week in advance .

The channel selection is roughly divided into categories and channels.

The online television magazine offers very few functions , but it is self-explanatory and clear at first sight.

Special features of the online TV magazine 

  • Little functionality
  • But clear and self-explanatory

Rank #7: Which digital TV newspaper can we recommend?

In comparison, Hörzu and TV Today liked the best. The functions are extensive, but nevertheless self-explanatory and appealing.

The television of today is directly displayed.

The extras and information on the TV program preview are also impressive.

For program information at a glance, we can also recommend

The site hardly offers any functions, but you get exactly the information you need .

Electronic program guides are already integrated in many universal remote controls.

Also read our current article on universal remote control .

Nothing is on TV?

Many portals now specialize in niche offers or take a look at the extensive range of IPTV providers .

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