Smart TV Gaming – How You Can Use Your TV For Gaming

The television has long ceased to serve as a television. Since the Smart TVs have been on the rise, the television in your living room can be seen as a complete entertainment box – hundreds of apps and games can be installed.


Smart TV Apps – These games are available as an app

Before we look at other options on how you can use your Smart TV for gaming, let’s first look at the options that you probably already know: Play Apps !

Just as you are used to from gaming apps on your smartphone, you can also install them for your Smart TV. The selection ranges from genres such as arcade to strategic games . No wish remains unfulfilled.


Free games for your Android Smart TV

  • Minion Rush: Despicable Me – Collect bananas with your Minion and avoid obstacles.
  • Red Ball 2 – Roll your red ball through different levels and collect stars.

Paid games for your Android Smart TV

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Explore multiple accessible planets in search of five ancient maps.
  • Evoland 2 – In this role-playing game you can look forward to an adventure through the history of video games.

Install games on Smart TV – Here’s how!

The installation of a new gaming app is similar to that of a smartphone app.

  1. Press the Home button to access the main menu
  2. Select “Games”
  3. Find the game you want
  4. Select “Install”
  5. Wait for the game to install completely
  6. Play

Can you play your favorite browser games on Smart TV?

Yes! For all fans of  online browser games,  such as ” Fifa ” or ” Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light “, it is now possible to play your favorite game on smart TV. The advantage for all users is that the  selection  of browser games is  larger  than that of the game apps. There is also the option to play poker, roulette and more in the live casino on your Smart TV, so you can get that casino feeling straight into your home. Basically, you only need your Smart TV remote control and a web browser. These are usually pre-installed on the Smart TV or can be added to your app selection as described above.

Tip: To make the gaming experience even more appealing, we recommend using a mouse and keyboard. You can connect these to your Smart TV via USB or Bluetooth.

Connect via USB

  1. Connect the mouse or keyboard to the USB port
  2. Confirm once with the remote control
  3. Control TV via USB device

Connect via Bluetooth

  1. Press the Bluetooth connection button
  2. Keyboard or mouse should be recognized by TV
  3. If not: Open Settings, Keyboard Settings, “Add Bluetooth Keyboard”

Android games on TV through mirroring

You would like to play a desired game from the Google Playstore on your Smart TV, but it is not offered in the TV app store? No problem!

You can easily your mobile phone screen to your TV broadcast . For this you need the so-called mirroring .


Screen Mirroring is designed to pictures or videos from a small smartphone screens on larger screens to transmit . Everything you do on your smartphone is displayed on your desired screen. Of course, this is also possible with apps and games. It becomes impractical if you want to play a game on the big screen, but still have to carry out all “functions” on your smartphone.


There is also a solution here: ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is an app with which you can transfer your screen to your Smart TV , but with a connected mouse and keyboard you can easily control it without your cell phone . All you need is an HDMI cable , a laptop, a Smart TV and the ApowerMirror software , which you can download free of charge from any app store.

And this is how it works:

  1. Connect your laptop to your Smart TV
  2. Select HDMI via “Input”
  3. Switch on USB debugging mode on your Android smartphone
  4. Connect smartphone to laptop with USB cable
  5. Installation of the app starts automatically
  6. Open the app and click “Start Now.”

Of course, the whole thing can also be used via WLAN. Make sure that the laptop and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.


Game Streaming – PC games on Smart TV

Through the so-called “game streaming” picture and sound of your PC game can be transmitted to the television via a network . So you can easily play your PC game on the TV – despite the physical distance. The ” Steam Link ” offers this possibility .

“ Steam Link ” is a box that you can use on any TV. It is only important that the television is connected to a WLAN or LAN network.

Tip: Small advantage for users who own a Samsung 4K – Smart TV from 2016: They do not need a “Steam Link”. With these Smart TVs, the app can be downloaded directly from the Samsung Apps Store.


What is Steam?

Steam is an internet distribution platform. Once registered, many free and paid games can be downloaded from the platform . Steam also offers a selection of software and hardware. Experience in games can be easily exchanged with other players. If you have created a Steam account and connected the box to your TV or downloaded the app from the Samsung App Store, your PC and your TV must be connected to the same network. Gaming works best with a LAN cable , as dropouts can occur with a WLAN connection.

Keyboard and mouse are enough to control. If you want to upgrade your gaming experience, we recommend an XBOX 360  One Controller or the Steam Controller .

What games can you play on Steam?

Of course, all games that you have downloaded or bought for free on Steam are playable. But even games that are not directly from the platform are, can be easily imported. All you have to do is click on “Add game” in your game library and then on “Add third-party game”.



Browser games can be played on Smart TV, but real fun only comes with another medium such as a mouse and keyboard. For users who want a larger screen for their gaming fun, both the ApowerMirror software and Steam on the Smart TV are just the thing.


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