Security And Detection Sensors

Safeguarding one’s home and business must never be neglected. Here are the new Bluetooth technologies for receiving message alerts and surveillance kits.

With modern technologies and the Bluetooth connections found in smartphones, tablets and other modern devices.

We have been able to observe a greater market demand for security devices.

If, until a few years ago, it was unthinkable to equip your apartment even with a camera, now thanks to smartphones and tablets

It is possible to buy small security cameras that can be controlled remotely thanks to a convenient app.

We are no longer talking about anti-theft systems accessible only to a few.

Now everyone can buy one or more Bluetooth cameras to keep at home and be safe even when they are on vacation or away from work.

For those who work

Not to mention the small businesses that can try to save on professional camera installation by simply buying more affordable models.

There is also the possibility to buy entire kits of three or four cameras to be placed at home or in your room in order to monitor any room.

Those who have a small company with a yard or a garden can also opt for the purchase of a kit of cameras with IP protection and therefore waterproof.

Very useful are also those to be grounded and thus control the activity of children in a room or perhaps their pets.

These are not really used for home security as they do not have sensors or alarms via SMS, but they can always come in handy to stay a little quiet at home or when you are out.

Alert via message

Speaking of sensors, the anti-theft cameras send an SMS via phone or an email via FTP to the user when suspicious movements are detected.

In the message, you will also find some shots of the image, so you can immediately call in the police if there are strangers in the house.

It must be said that surveillance kits are usually not exactly easy to hide.

In fact, the cameras are medium or large, so thieves can locate them without too much trouble and try to disable them.

Unlike real anti-theft systems, the ‘do-it-yourself’ ones are certainly not connected to any alarms or to a police station, so the cameras are the only security bulwark.

To prevent them from being tampered with, you can opt for crafty solutions such as cameras integrated into light bulbs or perhaps some small device to hide in an ornament.

At the moment, however, sensors and alerts are closely linked to somewhat outdated systems such as SMS and FTP, but experts are working to find a faster way to send alerts to the user to act promptly.

An SMS message or an email can always escape, especially when you keep the smartphone in silent mode.

However, it is uncertain that sensors must be used for security or anti-theft systems, in fact there are many companies that are trying to make some devices ‘intelligent’ such as Smart TVs or audio systems, to turn on or off as soon as someone approaches.


Apple is always… ahead

Apple recently thought of creating an audio system capable of detecting movement in the perimeter of the speakers to adjust the volume and frequencies according to the user’s position.

In fact, the Cupertino company has applied in Denmark and in the United Kingdom to file a new HomePod technology, thanks to which four speakers can be arranged similarly to a Home Theater .

These will communicate with each other for the diffusion of audio, sound, and music messages based on the presence of a specific person in the room.

For example, they can transmit a phone call only to the person concerned who may be in a specific room of the house, or play different music according to the tastes of each user for different environments.

We are obviously talking about a futuristic technology on which there is a lot to work on, for now we only know how it works which will obviously have to be managed via a smartphone or iPad with Apple iOS.

Through the device, it will be possible to control the various functions and the various volumes of each HomePod in the house.

One use hypothesized and illustrated in one figure of the patent is that of intercom, in order to allow people to communicate from one part of the house to the other.

Everything is part of the increasingly discussed home automation that apparently seems to have to enter everyone’s life eventually.

That of Apple is a good idea, but at the moment applicable only in enormous apartments or made up of several floors for which it can be very useful to communicate via intercom quickly and accurately.

The Cupertino firm always winks at users with a large budget. Just look at the prices of its products, so you can expect that this HomePod system will also cost a lot.

However, it must be borne in mind that Apple often files patents, but then the inventions are actually transformed into real projects only after years.

It is a strategy that many companies in the sector do to maintain priority at the legal level and thus avoid the risk of plagiarism.

Of course, it’s not just Apple investing its resources in home automation, just think of Google or Amazon, who are trying to convince users with different devices with voice commands or Bluetooth.

We just have to see if in the future the most important brands in the sector will make these devices accessible to everyone.

In fact, at the moment it is little more than a luxury, not strictly linked to the needs of everyday life as PC or laptop have now become.


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