Samsung’s New Smart Tvs Feature Vodafone

The Vodafone telephone company is one of the most popular in Spain, along with the giants Orange and Movistar. For this reason, the Korean multinational Samsung has included in its Smart TV an application called Vodafone TV, which allows users to access a large amount of content from the screens of their smart TVs.

Samsung has recently announced that the agreement includes the use of the application on televisions connected to the internet, especially in models from 2018 onwards, so that users of the Vodafone operator can enjoy all the movies and documentaries available in the catalog, as well as the most-watched television series worldwide, as well as updated sports and music content.


How to access the Vodafone catalog from the Smart TV?

If you have the best Samsung Smart TV according to your needs, then it is very likely that you can enjoy all the audiovisual offers available on the Vodafone platform. All you have to do is check the TV menu at the app store called Smart Hub, to find the Vodafone TV app.

However, it is good to keep in mind that to be able to use the application it is necessary that you activate the multi-device service in My Vodafone, either from the computer or through the mobile app.


Vodafone offers content for all tastes

The main advantage of having Vodafone TV on Samsung smart TV is that you can have access to all the content you have hired. Currently, the telephone, internet, and television operator offer packs that group certain television channels by category.

In this sense, the pack called Seriefans includes TNT HD, Fox Now, Calle 13, SYFY, AXN Now, HBO, among others. Therefore, it is a channel package dedicated to lovers of television series, as it allows full access to all seasons. On the other hand, the Serielovers pack adds to the list of Starzplay and Movistar Series channels. But that’s not all, you can also add Netflix to the package for a very affordable price per month. In this case, it offers the simultaneous premieres of the new seasons of the stories that have captivated millions of people worldwide.

The Vodafone Smart TV application also offers a package called Cinefans, which includes Filmin, Hollywood, Dark, Somos, and Movistar Estrenos channels, all with a wide range of films of various genres to enjoy as a family. For its part, the Documentary pack has a list of channels among which Nat Geo Wild, Insight, Historia HD, and Discovery HD, among others. This is a package dedicated to curious users who wish to expand their general culture.

For children there is also a special pack called Peques, which has channels like Baby TV, Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, Panda, and Disney Junior. With this package, the smallest of the house can keep themselves entertained and at the same time receive educational content that accompanies them in their development process.


How to enjoy Vodafone TV offer if the Smart TV is not compatible with the app?

The Vodafone TV application is not compatible with Samsung smart TVs from 2017 or earlier, however, you still have the opportunity to access the catalog of this operator using ADSL technology, since the company offers a decoder with a remote control so you can connect your TV through an HDMI cable.

The Vodafone smart decoder has two versions, TiVo HD and TiVo 4k. It is a device that allows access to the multimedia catalog of the operator and the main difference of both is the definition of the image. Currently, the company aims to ensure that all users have the latest version, however, many people still have the old one. As for the installation, it is practically the same in both cases and you won’t need a specialized technician.

To install this decoder you must have an HDMI cable and an ethernet cable. The first thing is to connect the TV antenna cable to the DTT connector of the device, in this way, you can tune in the digital television channels, as well as the packages that you have purchased.

Next, you must connect the HDMI cable, which will allow you to enjoy the content in high definition, both in audio and image. You just have to insert one end into the decoder and the other into the TV, if you have the 4K version of the device, then you will need a cable that is compatible with this technology.

At this point, it is time to connect the device to the internet, for this we use the ethernet cable as follows, one end in one of the yellow inputs of the ADSL router and the other in the decoder, and then connect the source of feeding. It is good to know that the Vodafone operator includes all these accessories in the package and will be completely free for those who want to update the system.


How to configure the Vodafone TV decoder?

This step is very simple, you just have to turn on both devices with their respective remote controls. First select the HDMI input on your TV, the Vodafone TV home screen will appear. You will see immediately that the interface is very intuitive.

The system will ask you to pair the remote control with the decoder. For this it is necessary to press and hold the yellow button and the 1 key at the same time, until the LED light on the remote control is flashing, which means that it is paired. Then the system update will automatically start if there is a new version available.

It is good to know that the operator requires you to verify the account to be able to give you all the access, this happens automatically within the first two hours since you confirm that the device has already arrived at your home. You will also have to do a channel search as a last step before you can start enjoying all the content.

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