Meet The Striking New Samsung TVs For This 2021

Here you can find out about one of the latest releases of the South Korean-based technology giant Samsung.

This brand has stood out for innovating and always trying to go one step further, as it has done with the launch of new TV models we will analyze below:

Samsung: its history with Smart TV

Samsung is a conglomerate of South Korean companies based in Seoul, South Korea.

It is one company with the highest international recognition regarding technological advances.

Since its lines of household appliances and consumer equipment, such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, are highly appreciated by the public.

Samsung is considered, along with other recognized brands such as LG, Toshiba, Sony, AOC, RCA, and more, as the official provider of platforms for a smart TV or Smart TV as it is popularly known.

The development of this system for their equipment revolutionized how users could enjoy multimedia content since it opened an entire world of possibilities and options to choose from.

But it is not the Smart TV function that makes Samsung stand out but the management that the company has had in benefit of the development of its system.

Today, some consider Samsung Smart TV software to be the one that complements the best Smart TV of 2020.

Most models, depending on their capacity, can execute the Smart TV function with relative simplicity and fluidity so that the user can navigate comfortably between the tabs, as well as make use of their operations.

Samsung’s new releases in 2020

Since April, I have put a series of revolutionary new TVs with Smart TVs on sale, which attracts the attention of over one because of their peculiar characteristics.

They are identified within the Samsung TV line as The Serif, The Frame, and The Sero.

The Serif

Many experts and design critics consider Samsung’s The Serif TV a conceptual art team, given that its structure is minimalist and similar to that of an art stand.

This equipment will be available in its 43”, 49” and 55 ” versions so you can purchase the one that best suits your taste, needs, and space.

Keep in mind that, because of its support, you should have space available in the living room or in the place to locate it and enjoy its design as it should be.

It is not a team to have in an entertainment centre, but to complement the decoration of your home or add an extra touch since .

The Serif works with software equipped with multiple functions besides the basic ones of any smart TV.

One of the most notable is the popularly known Magic Screen, with which the team can display information of interest, such as time, weather, or random wallpapers when a channel is not being viewed or playing multimedia content.

The Serif can be gained from a base price of 4,500 euros for 43 ”, 14,600 euros for the 49” model, and 16,900 euros for the largest.

The frame

The Frame can be a desirable option for those users who want to have a smart TV with all its capabilities, but which can also go unnoticed and that is something that this product offers.

The TV stands out for having a frame similar to the one that any art painting would use and, in its standby mode, the screen can show different famous pictures to add a decorative touch in your home and hide the location of the TV.

To enjoy this function, you must activate “Art” in the menu of your device and, if you wish, you can download and subscribe to the Art Store application.

A project in which museums and galleries from all over the world are located to offer a look at the works they exhibit in their facilities.

Besides, there is information that the new models of this 2020 will work with QLED technology screens so you can enjoy high resolutions and excellent image quality no matter what you want to reproduce.

Here, The Frame model will be available to the public at a launch price of 1,230 euros for its 43 ” version, 1,460 euros for the 49” version, 1,690 euros for 55 ” and 2,600 euros to enjoy 65” screen.

The Sero

As expected, the model that has called more controversy and attention is the new TV with Smart TV called The Sero.

This team has the distinction of having a vertical and not horizontal layout like the rest of the ordinary TVs because the Samsung design team has decided so.

According to them, Sero smart TV meets the needs of young users. They have preferences to review and view content on their mobile phones.

Since it works with NFC transfer technology so you can see on the big screen what happens on that of your phone, electronic tablet or computer.

The Sero model will be 43” and can be rotated to look horizontal or vertical, which adds a lot of practicality to adapt to the type of content you want to see.

To change position, the TV is on a stand specially designed for it, which will avoid inconvenience when using it.

Also, the integrated 60W sound system with 4.1 settings will give you an immersive experience when viewing any series, movie, video game, or just listening to music.

Its sale price will be 14,600 euros, a considerable investment, and that some might think is excessive, but it would be for a revolutionary product.

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