LG 32LF5800 LED FHD TV –Reviews In 2021

Appreciated as one of the best TVs of the moment, this model brings everything you need, such as a full HD image quality, ideal for sharing content with your whole family, in addition to faster and easier navigation, as well as a system of powerful and vibrant sound.

Main Features  

Interface and other functions

It is composed of a NetCast OS operating system, an integrated Dolby digital decoder and three processors with which you can install various applications that the user requires, in addition it will allow you to surf the internet through a window, while transmitting your shift programming .

With this device you can enjoy YouTube videos, thanks to its factory application already incorporated, putting at your disposal a catalog of your favorite video clips and the best thing is that you can handle it in the same way as your smart phone, so you will be dealing with A known interface.

You can also enter with your email account to save the list of your favorite channels in an orderly way and to enjoy them whenever you want, as well as play, make video calls, in short, extend the traditional functions of a conventional TV by providing you with a menu of Quick and intuitive setup.


It is a prominent model among the offer of smart TVs , which with its full HD screen composed of two million pixels and 32 ” makes navigation simple and comfortable thanks to the controls it incorporates and the powerful and vibrant sound of 20 W is enough to provide a good range of sound in a spacious room.

Its professional IPS panel offers constant colors from any angle, allowing the user experience to be pleasant from any point you decide to place yourself, or if you decide to invite many friends to a movie night everyone will get an image quality in the same way .

It offers the possibility of mirror function to reproduce on a large screen what is observed from your mobile device, where you can play and share movies, photos and music.


You can download the free LG Remote application and control your TV from any Smartphone, which saves you when buying controls that sometimes are not compatible with the TV or watch your content directly on your Android or iOS mobile.

It works in a versatile and fast way and its multiplatform allows you to connect all kinds of devices from USB devices to DVD, Blu-ray and next-generation video game consoles.

It can be connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to access content download services on demand, media, social networks, and surf the internet interacting easily with this device.


  • This ultra-compact device, with a modern design and with LED FHD technology, will allow you to see 1080 X 1920 images on a 32 ‘screen, which will give you a unique and unforgettable experience when enjoying the programming of your taste .


  • Some customers have reported that when this equipment comes with factory failures, the seller does not respond to warranty claims in the corresponding time, so it is recommended to review the observations made by customers to the company that will provide the item.

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