LG 22MT44D-PZ TV –Reviews In 2021

The LG 22MT44D-PZ LED TV is a versatile device that can also be used as a PC monitor, for your video games, connect your Blu-Ray or DVD player and much more thanks to the HDMI connection it has to ensure fidelity and fast transfer of the contents. Its compact size and excellent image quality correspond totally to its cost, making it one of the LED TVs with the best value for money.

Main Features


Picture quality

In any LED TV the supported resolution is one of the most important aspects that determine the acquisition of a certain model and brand. LG LED TVs have positioned themselves in the market as one of the best image quality and the 22MT44D-PZ model is no exception.

This equipment has a maximum resolution Full HD screen that reaches 1920x1080p with which you can enjoy your favorite content and videos in high definition with vivid colors, crisp and more realistic images that guarantee you a complete audiovisual experience within 22 inches of this TV.



The connections a television set has are those that extend its functions. The LG 22MT44D-PZ LED TV has an HDMI port with which you can connect your video game console, DVD player or Blu-Ray to enjoy your favorite movies in high definition with a fast response and high sound quality thanks to the speakers Built-in 10W output that are sufficient to cover a small room.

You will also be able to see the files that you have saved on your pendrive or external hard drive through the USB port built into this TV with great precision in the details of the images, videos and photographs and realistic audio.


Functional design

The best thing about the 22-inch LED TV is its compact size that can be easily located in the kitchen, your room, the games room and anywhere you can think of. The LG 22MT44D-PZ can be fixed to the wall because it has the standard VESA support but you can also place it on a piece of furniture, shelf or any surface by the simple pedestal it brings.

But thanks to its dimensions of 5.3 x 50.7 x 31.5 cm and weight of 2.8kg you can easily transfer it to your friend’s house to watch a game or change the room to watch a movie somewhere else, In short, there are many things you can do with your LG 22MT44D-PZ TV to ensure many hours of entertainment and fun with efficient energy consumption that places it in the Class A of the energy efficiency scale.

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  • The Full HD 1080p resolution offers excellent image quality that in the high-performance IPS panel ensures optimal viewing from any angle. Due to its compact size, it can be easily located in any space in your home or office.


  • Some users lament the lack of touch buttons on the front panel of the TV.

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