How to watch YouTube on an old Samsung Smart TV?

YouTube is the most popular digital platform when it comes to video hosting; for this reason, the leading TV manufacturers have incorporated the application into their Smart TVs. However, many users find it uncomfortable to navigate in the application, primarily through the TV’s remote control; for this reason, we have prepared this article on how to control YouTube from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

To begin, you must define if your TV is compatible with YouTube. Remember that this platform previously worked with Flash, an Adobe brand software, but now uses HTML5 technology, which offers higher graphics power and has more excellent performance on mobile devices. In this sense, some televisions prior to 2012 are not compatible with this new markup language.

If you have a compatible TV, then you have several options to synchronize the YouTube application of your mobile with that of your TV; in this way, you can control what you see on the TV from the phone. One of the easiest ways to do this is through an application if you have devices from the same manufacturer. For example, through Samsung Smart View, you can connect your smartphone to the TV and see all the mobile content on the TV screen, including what you play on YouTube.

However, YouTube also offers a way to synchronize the application through WiFi; for this, it is not necessary that the devices are of the same brand. In this case, the first thing is to connect the two methods to the same WiFi network, and then you have to access your YouTube account both on your mobile and on the TV.

On TV, you can go directly to the Settings menu, where you will find the option to synchronize the screen with a device. Immediately, the platform provides you with a numerical code, a link, and a QR code. At this point, it is time to go to the mobile. In the application, you just have to look for the Settings menu and touch the option Connected TVs or Watch on TV, depending on the version you have. Then, you select Add a TV, and the application will ask you for the code you have on the TV. Once you place it, both devices will be synchronized.

This process is very similar if you want to control YouTube from your tablet, iPad, or computer. In addition, while playing the content on the TV screen, you can also review the comments on the video and even find others comfortably and queue them in the playlist. This is excellent news since from the TV all this can be complicated.


How to watch YouTube on an old Samsung Smart TV?

The change from Flash to HTML5 of the YouTube platform has been a severe problem for many users since it is the most used application in smart TVs. However, there is a way not only to watch the content on an old television, but it is also possible to control the application from the mobile phone.

The TV Cast application is available in both the official Samsung store and the Android Google Play, so it will be easy to install it on both devices. In addition, the two appliances must be connected to the same IP address, in order to synchronize correctly. Once installed on the TV, you can open a TV Cast.

On the other hand, you can go to the mobile, where you must run the YouTube application and play the desired video. Then, you just have to touch the Share icon and search through the TV Cast application options, to open that particular video within the application. Next, you must reproduce the content and click on the Tap here to cast choice. You will immediately see that it appears on the TV screen. As if that were not enough, you can control the video with the remote control of the Smart TV.

This is a way to take advantage of old TVs, but it is also true that videos can not be played in high definition, but in 480 pixels. In addition, every time you want to search and play this video, you must return to the YouTube application on your mobile and share the video via TV Cast.


YouTube: How good is using the mobile phone as a remote control of the Smart TV?

When using any electronic device we need comfort, for this reason, although we do not have the best Smart TV at the moment, it is true that we want to make the most of the television set we have bought. For this reason, there are many people who prefer to control YouTube and other TV applications via mobile, as it is much more comfortable.

Among the advantages of this possibility is the fact that the remote control usually does not have a keyboard, so it is quite complicated to write sentences, for example, in the YouTube search engine. Instead, the phone’s keypad is very familiar to most users. In addition, in many cases, the touch screen of the phone is more pleasant than the classic buttons on the TV remote.

If we take into account the opinions of many users on the internet, another benefit has to do with the speed of YouTube on both devices, since in the case of Smart TV, the application is usually slower, while phones Current smart have excellent compatibility with this application and work very fast.

However, there are also specific points against so many benefits. The first thing that is obvious is that if the user receives a call, playback is automatically interrupted, which means an inconvenience, especially when other people are watching the video.

In general, the large number of applications and the multiple uses that a mobile phone has typically can be inconvenient, but there is also a limit on the phone’s battery. At the same time, the TV is continuously connected to electricity.

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