How to use an RCA cable with a VGA monitor

The easiest way to use an RCA cable with a VGA monitor is to purchase a specialized cable.

 At one end of the RCA male connector there is video (yellow), right audio (red), left audio (white), and at the other end is the 15-pin VGA male connector.

Step 1 – Choose an RCA cable

Male connectors relate to an element that connects or connects, while a female element refers to the input or reception of information.

 There are cables that contain male RCA connectors and female RCA connectors. Your need will determine which specialized cable you need. 

The VGA end on these cables will be male, as it is designed as the 15 pin standard. 

If you get a cable that has male VGA and RCA ends, it will only be able to display what you are currently playing on the VGA. 

For example, you would use the male RCA ends to connect to the speakers to listen to the sound coming from the VGA output.

There may also be cases where you need to document images on the VGA monitor. Make sure the cable is connected automatically,

Step 2: check if you need a converter

If you need to change the VGA to the output and the RCA to the input, you need to get what is called a VGA converter.

 I would do this if you wanted to display video game consoles, security cameras, or DVD players on the VGA monitor. 

Independent filmmakers also used it to display images that are recorded on the camera and on the VGA monitor. 

You can buy a VGA converter at your nearest electronics store or online at various vendors.

 Its price ranges from $50 to more than $500 considering the quality you would like to receive.

 You can also run multiple monitors at once from a single device as long as you have had input and output options.

For example, if the main console of five security cameras has no input / output options,



Step 3: check if you need an S-Video connector

Sometimes these specialized cables are sold not only with a VGA and RCA end, but with other options as well. One of these options is S-Video or Separate Video. S-Video is often confused with Super Video, but it’s really just another, slightly better alternative to RCA video. This is only used if you want to connect your VGA monitor to something that a device already has that is using the RCA outputs or just to receive better definition.

Step 4: check if you need a gender changer

If you already have a specialized cable, but need to change the connectors from male to female, or female to male, you can purchase a specific gender changer connector. Its price ranges from $ 2 to more than $ 10, select the quality and quantity of connectors you want to change gender. There are gender swap options for both the VGA connector and the RCA connector.

After going through all these steps, just plug your RCA cable into your VGA monitor and you’re done.

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