How To Turn Any TV Into A Smart TV

We live in times when Smart TVs take over the market. But those users who do not have these intelligent functions in their equipment can enjoy them just by buying the right accessory for it.

One of the most useful electronic products in our home is the television. Usually, one of these televisions can last for ten years, being strange whose life does not reach at least 5. This causes many users to have flat TVs at home but do not have the Smart TV functions that are so fashionable they are today since they were not available when they bought those televisions.

Luckily, the market has come to your rescue, to offer you compact and straightforward devices with which to add those smart features to any TV. Something for which the age of the product does not matter since all we need is for that TV to have an HDMI port … and sometimes not even that.


What does a Smart TV Box mean

The device that we are going to use for this purpose, leaving aside its trade name, is the Smart TV Box. This device is a kind of small computer equipment, which can access the network, process images from different sources as well as emit that signal directly to our TV. For this, an HDMI cable is used, the majority, or another type of image and sound connection.

These products usually use an Android operating system, or their system, depending on the manufacturer. In all these cases, we talk about products with which we can install the main app of any streaming platform as well as other exciting applications and programs to access all types of content and functions.


The leading Smart TV Box on the market

Once we know these products, it is time to go into detail to talk about specific models. It may be accurate, such as those we will analyze below, or generic products, to which we will dedicate a separate section.

Google Chromecast: This is one of the devices preferred by users. On the one hand, because it is straightforward to control. It directly from your mobile, simplifying the process of sending content from it as well as choosing YouTube videos and other content to be played straight there. This model is compatible with a large number of current applications such as Spotify, Facebook, or Netflix, with the list expected to continue growing. The product comes in two different versions. The current version has a Full HD image quality and has an estimated price of about 40 euros. Regarding the second, it reaches a 4K image quality and has a cost of about 80 Dollars.

Apple TV: Apple TV is the answer to the brand of apple for this type of device. A product that maintains the approach of Chromecast but without the obligation to have an Apple device and use it to control the device. In all other aspects, the design is the same, offering an Apple system with compatibility with a wide range of functions. And as with the Google device, it also comes in two versions. The conventional model with Full HD resolution is priced at 80 euros, while the 4K resolution increases its price to 199 euros in the 32GB version of storage and over 219 euros in the 64GB capacity.

Amazon FireStick: Another classic in the market is the Amazon FireStick. Visually I could go through a simple pen drive since it is the shape it has. However, the system that houses inside allows us to connect to the network and enjoy a wide range of content, which is not missing Amazon Prime Video. Due to its characteristics, it is one of the most comfortable models to install and also has functional connectivity and control from the mobile, so that everything is easier to manage. As for its price, this is 60 euros, although if you are an Amazon Prime user, you have a discount.


Conventional Smart TV Boxes

In addition to these specific Smart TV Box, we have what we could call conventional Smart TV Box. In this context, we find a large number of manufacturers that launch this type of product. Among its main features, we have an Android operating system, which makes it much easier to install all kinds of applications and eliminates compatibility problems of other models.

As for its configuration, the wide variety means that we have a lot to choose from when it comes to finding the best Smart TV Box for our home Starting with the basic configuration, for example, we have computers with quad-core processors, the most common. However, some eight-core model is already being seen. These are usually accompanied by a RAM of 1 to 4 GB, is recommended to bet on those who have at least 2 GB onwards. Something similar happens with internal storage, which ranges from 8 to 32 GB capacity, setting the recommended minimum at 16 GB. Regarding image quality, virtually all devices emit images in Full HD format, with more and more models compatible with 4K systems.

That said, the options presented to us by these teams skyrocket. Among them, Bluetooth connectivity stands out, which allows you to control your computer with an external keyboard or mouse. Also interesting is the dual-band WiFi connectivity, with which to speed up when we use high-speed WiFi networks. We can not forget the physical connectivity options, which are not missing USB 3.0 ports or card readers, suitable for accessing content or expand the storage capacity of the Smart TV Box—a cluster of functions that undoubtedly top off a quality product.

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