Upgrading Your Old TV: How To Make Your TV Internet-Ready

Do you want to replace your old TV with a Smart TV, but don’t have the money to do it right now?

In addition, the technology doesn’t stay up-to-date for a long time anyway and you want to wait until you buy a new TV?

There are many ways you can upgrade your TV and use the functions of the Smart TV .

We’ll show you how to make your TV Internet-ready with a few simple tricks.


What is possible with internet-enabled television?

With smart accessories , you can easily equip your television and expand it with many functions.

Access to the Internet makes it possible to stream films and series online. You can choose between media libraries, on-demand services and many video libraries.

You can also play game apps on the TV screen or show holiday pictures or videos via Dropbox, for example .

With television on the Internet, you decide what you want to see and are no longer tied to the temporal broadcast of the public and private program.

With these gadgets you can turn your TV into a Smart TV

  • Smart TV sticks

  • Streaming boxes

  • Game consoles

  • Blu Ray Player

  • Compute stick

Smart TV sticks or streaming boxes

With the help of HDMI, WLAN or Smart TV sticks or streaming boxes, you can use different apps and services on your television.

The sticks are small and handy. They are reminiscent of USB sticks, but must be plugged into an HDMI slot.

A prerequisite is, therefore, an HDMI connection on your television and a stable WLAN connection. Someone must still connect the small devices to power via USB.

Amazon Fire TV

If you are already an Amazon Prime customer, Amazon Fire TV may be the ideal solution for getting started with online television.

To the range of series and films from Amazon , you can use various other apps such as many media libraries, Netflix, Spotify or games .

Choose between the cheaper stick for around 40 euros with Alexa voice remote control or the twice as expensive streaming box.

Besides voice control , the box offers selected films and series in UHD picture quality. Since your old device probably does not have an Ultra HD function, the stick will be completely sufficient.

Apple TV

With its Apple TV4 streaming box, Apple offers a way to access Internet TV. Besides Apple Music , you can call up any apps .

You can also communicate with Siri and control the box using your language. So you can have films, subtitles or information displayed.

The version with 32GB is available for 159 euros. For 64 GB you pay 219 euros.

Google Chrome Cast

You can make your television smart with the adapter ” Chrome Cast ” or the Ultra version from Google.

UHD and HDR are unnecessary functions for your old television, but they are certainly an excellent investment for the future.

In contrast to the stick from Amazon  , Google does not offer its own services, but mirrors the content of your end devices

Call up the desired program or apps on your laptop, smartphone or tablet and then appear on the TV via Chrome Cast.

Using Chrome Cast costs 40 euros. The 80 euro ultraversion is only worth it if you have a UHD-capable television.

You choose the Chrome Cast program on your end devices. An additional remote control is unnecessary .

If you use the Smart TV Stick from Amazon or the Apple Box, you can operate the devices with another remote control.

However, if you would rather control your technology with a single remote control, then you should a universal remote control .

We can also use several devices with a smartphone via some apps. Read more about universal remote controls and apps here .

With the game console or the Blu-ray player on the Internet

If you have a game console , you can easily use Internet features .

For example, the Xbox or PlayStation 4 offers the option of installing apps, such as Netflix and Co.

Some Blu-ray players are also Internet-compatible and can perform Smart TV functions.

Bring series and films to your TV simply by installing the desired streaming services or library apps .

Compute stick

With the Compute Stick you can turn your TV into a real PC .

They plugged the small device in via the HDMI slot and then offers all functions, like a real computer .

Windows 10 is installed on the Compute Stick as the operating system.

Using an external keyboard and mouse, you can then conveniently watch television on the Internet and call up your desired program.

The small devices from Intel , Asus or Lenovo can be bought from 150 euros.


Upgrade your TV to Android TV

The Shield TV Media Streaming Player from Nvidia offers another possibility to turn your “old box” into a Smart TV .

With the Android Streaming Player , entertainment apps such as Amazon Prime Video , KODI, Netflix , YouTube , Spotify, Plex, Zattoo or TV NOW can be streamed conveniently on the TV screen.

The gaming fans come with the streaming player and the Android operating system on their costs.


Stream with the old TV

Decide which option is most suitable for you. Ask yourself beforehand which services you want to use .

If you don’t have Apple products, Apple TV probably makes less sense.

If you have a game console or a Blu-ray player at home, you can test the television over the Internet right away.

As a Prime customer, you certainly won’t go wrong with the stick.

Shouldn’t the gadgets still be right for you and you are considering whether a smart TV would not be a better option?

Then look at our TV guide .

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