How to install a whole house wireless audio system

A whole house audio system was once the private preserve of the luxury home. But now, wireless connectivity allows you to set up a custom audio system almost anywhere. 

With no cables to bind, someone can place anywhere the speakers without having to worry about the length of the cable, the number of inputs, or drilling holes or lifting the carpet to hide the cables.

Like a radio, the router broadcasts to receivers on certain speakers where they want them. 

However, a wireless audio system has limitations in terms of range and transmission. 

Besides a limited range of 30 to 100 feet, the audio signal reception may experience fluctuations due to barriers such as walls, etc.

Step 1: choose the media device

There are two preferable ways to use the wireless connection: use your computer and your home WiFi, or a wireless wireless network established by a media player.

 If you already have WiFi in place, it makes sense to use it. 

With your home WiFi, you can play music from online music streaming sites, the music playlist downloaded to your computer, from your mp3 player or your CD drive.

If you don’t already have WiFi, a dedicated system is a good option. They come with a media player and several compatible speakers. 

The capabilities of these systems depend on how much you spend, but they range from mp3-only playback to full internet connectivity.

Step 2 – Set up the speakers

Wireless speakers have the freedom to position at will without having to worry about sticky cables, but you need to sync them to the system first.

 To connect your speakers to your Wi-Fi, connect the new speaker to your router and press the WPS button to sync the two devices. 

Now you can place that speaker anywhere in your home. 

Do this for as many speakers as you want, in as many rooms as you want. A dedicated system will come with its own setup instructions.

I must strategically place speakers to create a multi-room music experience. The only problem you have with wireless speakers is battery life. 

Powered, I should specifically place wireless speakers near electrical outlets.

Step 3: set up the music system

A computer is the most widely used multimedia device for the whole house audio system. Using any media player on the computer will do the trick. 

Activate the streaming media functions on your PC and you can use the computer as the hub of your music system. But you can go one step further.

There are free apps you can download that allow you to use your smartphone to control your system, or you can get a compatible universal remote. 

Many of the dedicated systems come with their own remote control

With one of these, you can tap your music from anywhere, without having to touch the computer.

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