How to convert a coaxial cable to an RCA cable

If you have an older television or other audio / visual component that is not designed to accept coaxial cable directly, it is likely configured to receive RCA cables. 

I equipped RCA cables with color-coded plastic plugs that insert into the corresponding color-coded connectors on the back of your television or other component.

RCA to coaxial modulators are common, but coaxial to RCA modulators are not. Do not confuse them. 

Unless the RCA to coax modulator works in reverse, you will need to follow the technique below or find the coaxial to RCA modulator. 

The simplest and easiest way to convert a coaxial cable to fit an RCA audio / visual component is by using a VCR. 

later VCRs in the early 1980s will can connect to both coaxial and RCA cables

If you don’t have a VCR, you can get it fairly easily and inexpensively at your local thrift store, pawnshop, or yard sale.

Step 1 – Connect the coaxial cable to the VCR

On the back of the VCR you will find a port labeled “coaxial input.” Insert the incoming coaxial cable.

Step 2 – Connect the RCA cable

Again, on the back of the VCR you will find a port labeled “RCA Out.” Connect your RCA cable to this port.

 You will not be able to mistakenly insert the wrong end of the cable as the component takes only the correct end of the cable.

Step 3: connect to TV or other audio / visual device

On the back of your TV or other component, you will find color-coded RCA input jacks for the RCA plugs coming from the back of your VCR.

 Match the corresponding color cable and insert the plug into the input port.

Step 4: using your changed system

Plug in and turn on your VCR. If you have a TV or video option, you must select the TV option. 

You will use your VCR remote control to change channels.

Alternatively, if you have a cable TV box, you can most likely use the cable box as an alternative to the VCR. 

The steps will be the same. Just check the back of the cable box to see if it has an RCA output port.

Another option that follows the same basic steps is to use an S-Video cable that connects to the back of your VCR or cable box and has RCA plugs on the other end to plug into your TV or other component. 

The S-Video connection looks different from the RCA output. 

The male connector is a 4-pin plug that mates with the corresponding female port. Again, all the steps are the same.

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