The Smartphone: From The Phone To The Multifunction Device

Smartphones are no longer what they used to be. While the first models were only suitable for telephoning, the devices of the latest generation were capable of much more.

In your pocket, you no longer only have a means of communication, but also a camera, navigation device, game console, PC and even a scanner.

Mobile phone cameras that make you happy

The cell phone cameras of the latest smartphone generation are really impressive. Not only do they have an enormous image quality , they also have several lenses.

This enables effects that previously could only be achieved by SLR cameras.

You can play with the depth of field, still achieve excellent results even in the dark or put significant effects directly on your recordings afterwards.

A digital camera is no longer necessary.

Thanks to the large number of apps for image processing , optimizations can even be carried out directly on the mobile phone to improve the result even further.

Reach your destination with your smartphone

Thanks to some apps that will take you to your destination, navigation devices have also become superfluous .

Google Maps in particular, which can either be used as an app or directly in the browser, have proven to be a reliable tool.

With the program you can be navigated to any place in the world–either by car, by public transport or even on foot.

You do not have to download maps first, as with conventional navigation devices , because someone constantly connected the smartphone to the Internet and thus has the latest information.

I adjusted the route, and the estimated time according to the means of transport used. So, even if you are on foot, you know exactly when you will arrive.

The location is much more precise than it can be with a navigation system. You can even enter stopovers–so you can easily plan a complete tour with several stations.

And that shows the next advantage, because you always have your smartphone in your pocket when you’re on the go.

An internet connection is necessary to update the data–but with today’s contracts, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Google Maps has the advantage that other users constantly updated the data and, for example, traffic jam information or blockings are therefore always up to date.


Streaming and gaming via smartphone

Since you usually use the Internet with your smartphone at all times, a vast pool opens up for the pastime.

I can play many games online – even against other users or your own friends. Aside from using desktop there are also many apps download free and to play or even for the streaming of TV + Netflix & Co . can use.

A lot has happened in recent years, especially for streaming. Providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, maxdome etc. offer smartphone support and many TV apps also bring RTL & Co. onto their own cell phones .

Tip : Bringing content from your smartphone to TV has never been so easy.

Solutions like Miracast have been declared the standard by the Wi-Fi Alliance since 2012, and Android and iOS already have very good in-house solutions for pairing the cell phone with the television.

A lot has happened in the games too . From virtual board games like Monopoly to interactive games to puzzles like Sudoku, the stores have everything your heart desires.

You always have your game console with you for quality–because most games are provided in HD quality .

You can actually use all current cell phones to play .

They have a lot of memory, mega graphics and a bombastic sound – even controllers can now be bought for the mobile devices to intensify the gaming experience.


The office for your jacket pocket

While in the past you had to take a laptop with you if you wanted to do office work on the go, today you can do it well with your smartphone.

The new models have a lot of storage space, so documents in most formats can be saved and viewed well.

Thanks to special apps, you can read PDF files and, for example, carry out markings, insert comments and send print jobs via Wi-Fi. This way, you can carry entire books with you in your pocket .

Models like the Samsung Galaxy Note even have a pen with which notes can be entered and saved easily.

This turns the cell phone into a notepad that you always have on hand – and if it is only for the shopping list.

Gadgets such as pens or keyboards can also be bought separately and can be connected externally if you always want your office with you.


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