The Easiest Way To Connect Your Computer To A Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV has changed the way of watching television, as it offers virtually unlimited access to all types of audiovisual content, such as movies, series, video clips, and even video games, all this thanks to the internet connection. However, in some cases it is necessary to connect the Smart TV to your computer, so in this article we show you how to do it correctly through Miracast.

One of the difficulties that arise when connecting these two devices is when the computer operating system update occurs, as in the case of Windows 10. This new version has an intuitive interface that allows more efficient use of the internet, Among other improvements. As we can see, they are two last generation technologies, however, some users have encountered difficulties when trying to link both products.


How to know if my computer has Miracast?

Miracast is a new technology created by the WiFi brand, which functions as a peer to peer network, to share the screen of different devices with a smart TV, but not only the 1080 pixel image but also transmits high-quality audio, including 5.1 surround sound.

Usually, most new computers with Windows 10 preinstalled come with Miracast technology, while if you have a previous operating system and upgrade your computer, it may happen that you do not have the Miracast system activated, so it does not allow you to see the computer screen on the smart TV.


Use the Directx diagnostic tool

There are two ways to find out if our computer has Miracast. One of them is through the operating system command box while pressing the Windows + R keys. In this case, the Run dialog box opens automatically, where we will type the word dxdiag and then press enter.

The DirectX diagnostic tool will open immediately, giving you access to system information. All you have to do is press the Save information button so that you automatically have a text document with all your computer settings on your computer’s desktop.

An easy way to view this document is to use the notebook. There you will look for the Miracast system and check if it is activated, in this case, the word Available will appear. This means that you can see the screen of your computer on the TV without major setbacks.


Go directly to the operating system configuration menu

Another way to know if your computer is compatible with this technology is by configuring Windows 10. You can do it in a few steps, to start, you must click on the start button, then you just have to look for the gear icon, to open the menu Also, you can access by pressing Windows + I keys simultaneously.

Once you are in the Settings menu, you can click on the System, which allows you to access all the possibilities of the screen. You should find a title that says Several screens, in addition to the link to Connect to a wireless projection. This is precisely the option we are looking for. If you have it, you just have to click and all the devices connected via WiFi will appear, in this case, you must make sure that the Smart TV is connected to this wireless network.


Prepare your Smart TV to display the computer screen

Although not all Samsung Smart TV models are the same, most have the same configuration system, therefore, the first thing is to turn on the device and look for the video input, then select the option Screen aspect, where you will find A button to share the screen. This way, your TV will be available to play content from your computer.

Some computers and smart TVs can be connected in an even simpler way, just by entering the Settings menu, by pressing Windows + I, to select the word Devices. In this menu you only have to select the option of Add Bluetooth or other devices, so that the computer detects the Smart TV. When it appears on the screen, press on the name of the TV to pair the devices.

If you cannot make the connection, check the user manual of the TV, as it is probably a model with a different feature. Also, it is advisable to enter the specialized forums by placing on the internet the specific model of your equipment, since the experience of other people will give you information about the capabilities and limitations of your Smart TV.

It is necessary to add that if you are thinking of buying new equipment, it is good to know that the best Smart TV is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that best suits your needs. In the case of Samsung, it is a brand that offers many models capable of screen sharing with other devices, so it offers different options for sizes, features, and prices.


How can I connect my computer to the Smart TV if the TV is old?

In some cases it is useless to try the aforementioned options, since these are new devices. However, it is also possible to see the computer screen on the old TV, but not through Miracast, but through Google Chromecast, which supports the most commonly used applications, such as Spotify and Netflix. For this, you should only purchase an adapter with USB or HDMI technology to connect it to your TV.

There are both Chromecast and Miracast devices on the market, the latter being more expensive, but also better in terms of screen duplication. On the other hand, Chromecast can be cheap, but the transmission of data from one device to another is a bit slower.

It is important to know that Miracast is compatible with Windows and Android, while Chromecast works with Android and Apple, leaving Windows users aside. As we have seen, each one has its pros and cons, so you have the last word.

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