Disney +, The New Streaming Content Platform

If you are fond of content produced by The Walt Disney Company, we have good news for you: in case you did not know, Disney will launch its platform for streaming content playback on November 12 of this year. In this article, we will offer you the latest news about it, as well as everything that, until now, you can enjoy with Disney +.


A new multimedia platform reaches homes

The platforms to upload content and stream it or not are nothing new. Today, there are several that are recognized worldwide by the millions of subscribers and active users, which are Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Apple TV +, YouTube, etc.

On some of these platforms, which can also be downloaded and installed on the best Smart TV of 2020, it is possible to enjoy some Disney titles, but not all of them. There are so many movies, series, adaptations, and content in general produced by the audiovisual company that, the same directive, has decided to compile much of this material and place it in one place: its content reproduction platform: Disney +.


What can you see at Disney +?

Disney + will be an ambitious project and will offer in its programming catalog all the films that have been produced by the company, as well as all the sagas of the Marvel and Star Wars film universe, two of the most praised and with more fans around the world so that the audience could be assured.

In addition to this, the seasons of the famous series of The Century Fox Company, The Simpsons, also world-famous and with millions of followers, will also be available. As announced by Disney, the goal that has been set is to offer about 500 titles in films and more than 7,500 episodes of series of various themes.


Disney + launch and compatibility

Many wonder where you can see Disney +, and the truth is that the company has taken into account the harmony of its service with the different operating systems used today.

Disney + can be downloaded from the interface of a smart TV, a computer, an electronic tablet, a mobile phone, and a PS4 console. Of course, the team must have the features and components necessary to run the streaming service without inconvenience.

However, you must take into account a detail and is that Disney + will be released on November 12, but only in the United States.

You must wait until 2020 for the service of the platform to reach European lands. Still, at least you know that you can enjoy its content virtually anywhere thanks to its compatibility and variety of reproductive devices.


How much will it cost to subscribe to Disney +?

Based on what was announced, the monthly price for using the Disney platform playback service will be $ 6.99 per month or $ 69.99 per year, depending on how you hire the service. If you consider the price compared to the subscription of other platforms, Disney + is a bit more affordable than others and, if you have children at home, it will be much more useful to entertain them than other options.

On the other hand, probably, as with the other platforms, you will be allowed to associate your debit card, credit or some bank account, so that the payment is made automatically and you should not be waiting to renew the subscription every month and so forget about it without sacrificing the entertainment of your little ones.


The advantages that Disney + will have against the competition

As mentioned, the Disney + application will arrive at a time when there are already platforms for the reproduction of audiovisual content that is rooted in the market and have practically the monopoly of this type of income generation. Still, something that will highlight Disney + will be the exclusive content and that that cannot be found in the other alternatives of subscription reproduction, since although these other platforms have millions of hours of video for reproduction, not all of them offer Disney titles, so users are seen forced to browse unofficial pages in case, they want to enjoy a particular movie or series that is no longer being broadcast on television.

Therefore, thanks to all Disney’s associations with audiovisual companies such as Pixar, National Geographic, Marvel and Star Wars, within your grid you will have access to content that you will not be able to find compiled elsewhere, such as incorporation from a premiere movie from the first day it leaves the screen of cinemas around the world.


Image quality and content in one place

The Walt Disney Company has announced that its Disney + streaming service will offer all kinds of multimedia content in Ultra HD or 4K quality and also HDR (downloadable in some cases) for the optimization of colors, brightness, and tones and thus offer you a visual experience Much more comfortable and pleasant. However, to enjoy these benefits, you have to keep in mind that you must have Disney + installed on a device capable of transmitting this video quality.

To achieve this, verify that your TV is 4K, as well as the screen of any other equipment where you want to enjoy Disney + content. If so, you should not have trouble appreciating the sharpness and quality of the image of any title you reproduce.

If you are worried about the handling of old films for digitalization and later uploading them to storage servers to be able to see them at home, forget about it with Disney +, since they are working with talented people who, as far as possible, will maintain or improve the original quality of the productions so that both old and new generations can enjoy the magical world that surrounds their remarkable stories.

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