The Difference Between IPTV And Webtv

I consider television over the Internet an alternative to the usual television reception via cable , satellite or antenna .

It is the future of television, and it will bring about decisive changes.

Again and again there is talk of IPTV or WebTV.

These are often used interchangeably, but there are crucial differences between IPTV and WebTV . We clarify what makes the difference.

What is IPTV and what can it do?

IPTV stands for  Internet Protocol Television . Here, someone transmit digitally audio and video signals via the Internet connection.

It is about the transmission of the classic television program of public and private channels.

The prerequisite is a set-top box , which you can imagine instead of a receiver, and a very good internet connection.

I guarantee you a certain quality standard (QOS). IPTV also has a return channel. This means that not only reception is possible but also interactionsthat make it possible for you to take part in quiz shows, for example.

Like many new receivers, the set-top box also enables functions such as recording or pausing programs.

You can find out more about the functions in our IPTV Receiver article.

At IPTV you are bound to a provider like Telekom, where you book IPTV in combination with a telephone and internet connection. This is also known as triple play  .


What is possible with WebTV?

Unlike IPTV, it is not about private and public programs. The primary medium here is not television, but the computer or laptop .

Use the browser to call up the desired pages and stream videos, films or series. The content is often specially created for the Internet .

Of course, you can also watch them on your TV.

The content can be freely accessible, for example via the YouTube video portal, or must be booked for a fee. Amazon Prime or Netflix are the best-known examples.

Another difference from IPTV is that you no receiver required, and if the Internet connection is stable even on the go , can look at the cafe or train WebTV.

They do not guarantee a stable connection and a certain level of quality in this case.


The differences between IPTV and WebTV at a glance

The distinction between web and IPTV is not always clear. Because you can use media libraries and watch the normal program on WebTV, for example.

It is clear–both options take place on the Internet.

We have summarized the properties of WebTV and IPTV again.



  • Television
    classic television program,

  • Set-top box

  • Quality of Service (QOS)

  • Triple play

  • Back channel enables interactivity

  • Laptop / computer

  • Content prepared for the Internet

  • Browser

  • no guarantee of quality

  • Watch TV on the go

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