How Do I Install IPTV On A Smart TV?

First, for users who might be confused by the term IPTV, its meaning needs to be clarified. With this acronym, which stands for Internet Protocol Television, we refer to the possibility of viewing TV channels through an internet connection, thus avoiding having to necessarily depend on the antenna and digital terrestrial which could be subject … Read more

Voice assistants, what are they?

The possibility of communicating with an artificial intelligence was pure utopia until a decade or so, when such interactions were simply limited to the imagination of the writers of the Hollywood world. Giving commands to a computer has always required the use of a keyboard or in any case an interface that acted as a … Read more

What Can Smart Tvs Do In 2021?

Watch TV, work on the computer, listen to music, make calls or play games online. What exactly Smart TV 2020 can already do, we will explain in more detail below. What is a smart TV? A Smart TV is a smart or intelligent TV . It is also known as a hybrid television . What distinguishes the … Read more

Television And Virtual Reality

Seeing a good movie with friends, comfortably seated on the sofa, is always a pleasure but some think it can also be through virtual reality.   Virtual reality is one of the most futuristic technologies of recent years although it has already existed for a long time at an experimental and military level. Just remember … Read more

Watch TV In The Car With A DVB-T Navigation System – How It Works

Navigation devices are an ingenious invention to quickly and easily guide drivers to their desired destination even without accompanying maps. However, modern navigation devices offer their users significantly more functions than just navigating from A to B: There are now devices that can also be used as TVs in the car using DVB-T . How … Read more

Smart-TV: Which Operating System Is The Best?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the new SmartTV . In addition to the size, price-performance ratio and countless additional functions, the operating system also plays a decisive role.The annoyance is great if you only find out after the purchase that the apps you want are not available or that you … Read more