Projectors: Everything You Need To Know

Video projectors are tools capable of transmitting an image or video received from a source such as a PC, notebook, smartphone, and so on, enlarging it and projecting it on a larger surface. The example that immediately springs to mind when talking about these products is the cinema projector, even if compared to the household … Read more

Cinema Without A Projector?

As was the case with many devices of the last technological age, the cinema projector is also about to see the sunset in favor of LED screens. The purists of the rooms illuminated by the light beam of the projection might shiver at the very thought but this is precisely what has been happening in … Read more

Projector: How To Best Use It

Projector How To Best Use It

The projector is a device that allows you to view video on white surfaces through the light of a lamp. This technology has evolved over time and we must not think that these are the old devices that you might see in some vintage movies. Nowadays there are different types, those that are used in … Read more