What Is The Best Smart TV Wifi Converter Of 2021?

If you are looking for a Smart TV converter with which you can increase the number of functions that your traditional TV performs, you need to know its characteristics well. For this reason, we have developed a small guide through which we explain what aspects to review before choosing the right product.

Every day the applications and contents that are available on the web increase, for this reason, many people want to have devices, smartphones, tablets, computers, and even televisions that connect to the Internet. But not everyone has a high budget to acquire this equipment and replace traditional models that do not have this type of connection.

Smart TV converters are an economical option that will allow you to connect your old TV to the Internet. By using them you can access various social networks, search and download all the files, applications, and games you want.

Each converter has a specific amount of internal memory. It is necessary that this is wide enough, so you can download several files without problems. In addition, your RAM must have a good storage space, as this contributes to the proper execution of all its functions.

You should also consider the type of device connectivity. There are models that have WiFi, for this reason, they access the network without using cables.

Also, certain devices have Bluetooth technology, which facilitates the transfer of information between different devices, have USB inputs, and read Micro SD cards. These features give you the ability to access all your files regardless of where you have them stored.

If you are going to make a comparison of Smart TV WiFi converters, it is necessary that you look at its compatibility with various devices and the variety of formats that you can read, because this will depend on the variety of files that you will be able to process.


Rank #1: Fersay s905x

It is one of the most complete converters in the market, since it works with Android and iOS operating systems, so it offers continuous updates and free download of various applications to take advantage of your TV to a maximum level.

Main Features 

Storage capacity

When it comes to enjoying your images and multimedia files in high definition, it is important that the converter to Smart TV has enough storage capacity to store all your documents and applications securely.

The M9X model of Fersay is one of the most recommended products since it has a total internal memory of 8GB, which will allow you to store various files, as well as programs or applications to improve the experience of using your TV. In addition, it includes a micro SD card to further expand storage. Thanks to its external slot, you can insert your memory card and enjoy your multimedia files easily. It also has a capacity of 8GB of Flash memory and 2GB of DDR3 memory.


Among the main advantages that highlight this model of the Fersay brand, is its operating system, which allows the converter to work smoothly when executing user actions.

The operating system used is Android version 6.0.1, which allows the device to perform the functions quickly without losing the stability of the connectivity. In addition, it offers a higher level of compatibility with other digital devices. Therefore, there is greater fluidity in running and processing applications, video games, and web pages with many multimedia elements.

You can also enjoy the Google Play store, with which you can quickly download applications, connect to social networks, make video calls, and spend a fun afternoon with video games.


This product has the special option to connect your TV via WiFi, allowing you to access without problems all the games, videos, movies, and various applications. On the other hand, it also supports pairing with other devices via Bluetooth. Of course, if you want to have a conventional cable connection, you have the option to network over Ethernet.

It also has two USB 2.0 ports that are very useful for the reproduction of other content from devices with this technology. If you need to play content from other sources, you can do it through a micro SD card, because it has two external slots for it.

Similarly, we must mention that, although it has Android as its main system, it is also linked to devices that work with the iOs operating system, which further increases its compatibility options.


  • By using this device, you have the possibility of storing hundreds of images and multimedia files, since it includes an internal 8G memory and an additional Micro SD card.


  • A possible disadvantage of this model is that it does not include batteries with your purchase. However, this can be solved by buying batteries separately.

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