10 Best Smart TV For Gaming (2021 Reviews)

If you want to enjoy television more and make the leap to the digital world, what you need is a quality Smart TV. A product that fits the measures you need and with the other parameters necessary to give you a good user experience.

Manufacturers have started developing TVs with better input lag and response time as big-screen gaming becomes more popular, with some models virtually matching monitors. Variable refresh rate (VRR) technology and a ‘Auto Low Latency Mode’ are common features on top-tier models, allowing you to spend less time fiddling with the TV’s settings and more time gaming. TVs are starting to support HDMI 2.1, which means they can play 4k @ 120Hz games, thanks to the recent arrival of next-gen gaming consoles.

We’ve put over 70 TVs through their paces on the newest test bench, and our picks for the best gaming TVs are listed below. Check out our recommendations for the finest HDR gaming TVs, PS5 TVs, and Xbox Series X TVs.

You just have to be careful to choose quality models with smooth operation. Among them, we have the SAMSUNG 55-inch – 4K UHD model, which combines a 40-inch screen and 4K resolution with Smart TV functionality that facilitates access to all types of platforms and content. IF you prefer something simpler, the TCL 65S517 65-Inch 4K LED TV model  also offers a good level, with a diagonal of 32 inches, HD resolution and a Smart TV function based on Android that gives a remarkable versatility.

10 Best Smart TV For Gaming (2021 Reviews)

The best 4K TVs for gaming options are becoming increasingly inexpensive, and we’re still a long way from recommending the exorbitantly priced 8K TVs. This guide includes TVs for a variety of budgets, all of which are sure to make your game collection proud. It all depends on how many future-oriented features you require and, of course, the size of your new gaming television. If you’re seeking to upgrade just for the new-gen consoles, our best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X guide, as well as our best 120Hz 4K TV guide, are also worth checking out. If you’re planning on sticking with current-gen for a while (and you should, given how scarce PS5 stock is), rest assured that these are still some of the best gaming TVs for PS4 and Xbox One, and will perform admirably on newer consoles when you upgrade.

If you’re searching for a TV that can handle not only gaming but also entertainment services like Disney Plus and regular movie and TV show viewing, be assured that the options on this page have been well tested in these areas.

Finding the greatest gaming TVs is more than just looking for the most costly models from the most prestigious manufacturers. We weighed each TV against the competition to give you a mix of feature-rich high-end panels, the best OLED TV screens, best QLED TV screens, and what their special panels offer, and more affordable options that will still leave you gaping at gorgeous graphics with plenty of cash spare to buy more games, or maybe treat yourself to one of the best wireled TVs.

Oh, and if you’re looking for something truly enormous, one of the finest projectors, best projectors for PS5 and Xbox Series X, or top 4K projector would be a better option.

SAMSUNG 55-inch - 4K UHD

If when deciding which Smart TV to buy the image quality is key for you, the Samsung UE40MU6405U model is one of the most interesting options. This Smart TV has a 40-inch screen that, despite its relatively tight size, the product offers you a 4K UHD resolution with which to enjoy the best image quality currently on the market.

A resolution that you can squeeze thanks to the Smart TV functions included in this model, which highlights the Smart HUB function with which it is easier to access your contents at a single stroke of command. And it is that the control is another of the fundamental aspects of this model since you can even control it by voice or control all the devices connected to the TV with a single command.

This is a technologically advanced model that does not lack the necessary connectivity with mobile devices, which also allows you to control the TV directly from your mobile.

Considered by some users as the best Smart TV for gaming of the moment, let’s know in depth its features and functions.


SAMSUNG 55-inch - 4K UHD


  • Image resolution: The screen is capable of emitting images in 4K format, so you can enjoy maximum detail in each program.
  • UHD Scaling: The new UHD scaling system adds extra quality to the image, properly managing each layer of the image for clarity.
  • Control system: The voice control system and the advanced remote control make it even easier to take control of the device and those you have connected.
  • Active Crystal Function: The Active Crystal function gives even more image quality and greater realism to images.
  • Design: The 360 design of the TV changes both the image of the frame and the foot, giving extra elegance to the room in which you place the Smart TV.


  • Brightness: Some user comments that the brightness level is somewhat reduced, so it is advisable not to place the Smart TV in areas where you can sunbathe directly on the screen.

One of the advantages of the boom in the Smart TV TV market is that it is easy to find cheap models, such as the TCL 65S517 65-Inch 4K LED TV . A 65-inch Smart TV with an adjusted cost, but which in return has all the functions of this type of equipment.

Among them, we find an Android 7.1 operating system that is responsible for moving its Smart TV function and that gives you the full capacity to install any type of application. As for its image quality, the model has an HD resolution that, without being the most advanced we have seen, is sufficient for those who prefer a more adjusted price.

This is a complete product where details such as USB recorder or good connectivity are not lacking either. So it is not strange that for many users this is the best price-quality Smart TV television of the moment.

If you still do not know in detail this model, let’s see some more features of this TV, highlighted among the cheapest Smart TVs that we have evaluated.

TCL 65S517 65-Inch 4K LED TV


Connectivity: Despite its adjusted price, this model includes all the usual outputs and connections, with 3 HDMI ports or 2 USB ports and one with recorder function, among others.

Android use: Thanks to Smart TV, based on Android technology, this product is compatible with all types of current applications.

Advanced DTT tuner: The second-generation DTT tuner adds extra quality when it comes to picking up conventional signals.



Sound: The sound could have some more quality, although it is always possible to use a soundbar or similar.

Resolution: The image resolution is HD type, scarce but sufficient for those who do not want to spend more on a quality they do not need.

Sony XBR55X900F 55-Inch 4K Ultra TV

Following the line of growth in the size of Smart TVs today, the Sony XBR55X900F 55-Inch 4K Ultra TV model takes a step forward by presenting a screen of 65 inches diagonally. It is A screen that also has a 4K resolution and the new HDR Plus function, which generates more efficient image processing so you don’t lose a single detail.

Something similar happens with the sound, which has been improved to offer a first level acoustic clarity in any type of content. This is a Content that can be traditional or streaming, for which Philips also offers you a wide range of applications with which to access your favorite platforms directly from the remote.

This is a Applications with a smooth operation thanks to its quad-core processor, as well as the quality of the TV’s WiFi connectivity, also with Ethernet connectivity, if you prefer.

To be clear about everything that this model offers you, we leave you some of its most outstanding features.

Sony XBR55X900F 55-Inch 4K Ultra TV


  • Screen size: This model has a 55-inch diagonal screen where you can enjoy your large programs.
  • HDR Plus: The new HDR Plus function further improves image quality and processing, both in conventional broadcasts and through Smart TV.
  • Advanced Smart TV functionality: Thanks to the wide range of applications that Philips puts at your disposal, it is possible to access all kinds of online content.


  • Channel management: The process of channel management is somewhat tedious than it should be, being necessary to devote more time to it.
  • Instructions: The instruction manual is not too wide in what to report the different functions of the device.

LG 55UK6300PUE 55-Inch TV

The LG 55UK6300PUE 55-Inch TV is another model that could not be missing in our selection. A 55-inch Smart TV that is located in the largest part of the market by size, but also by the image quality, with a 4K resolution with which to not lose the detail of your favorite programs. This is based on its IPS panel technology, which gives high clarity and offers an almost complete viewing angle.

Regarding its Smart TV function, the product uses the LG WebOS operating system in its 3.5 version, which improves system fluidity and also navigation security, to avoid risks. This is Something that also influences the convenience of use, so you can browse, share video and turn this Smart TV into the center of your digital entertainment without complications.

To be clear about everything that this model offers you, we leave you some more details about its most outstanding features.

LG  55UK6300PUE 55-Inch  TV


  • Image quality: The equipment has a high image quality thanks to its IPS panel, with a 4K resolution and a diagonal of 55 inches in which to see everything even clearer.
  • WebOS 3.5: The new version of WebOS, LG’s operating system, gives extra quality and fluidity to the device.
  • Control: Thanks to LG technology you can control the TV from your remote or from your mobile, to make everything even easier.


  • Slow: Despite the improvement of the Smart TV operating system, this device still has some slow navigation and access to the different functions of the equipment.
  • Support: The TV stand is wide, compared to the previous models that feature side supports the design, taking up more space where you place it.

Sony XBR65X900E TV

If we did not include a Sony model in our selection, it would not be complete. That is why we have chosen the Sony KD-65XE9005 Smart TV to complete it. This TV is one of the largest in the range of this manufacturer, with 65 inches diagonal.

A product that is capable of achieving a 4K resolution with the best quality, further enhanced with technologies such as the Triluminos system, which gives greater clarity and color quality.

An image that you can enjoy in both conventional and Smart TV broadcasts, which uses an Android operating system to improve the performance and compatibility of this system. So you will not have problems finding your favorite application or accessing all types of streaming platforms with the comfort you deserve.

So that you have clear the characteristics of this model, we leave you some more details about its characteristics and functions.

Sony XBR65X900E TV


  • Android Smart TV: Thanks to the Android operating system that manages the Smart functions of this device you can install all kinds of applications without the limitations of other equipment.
  • Sound: So that the audio does not unravel its high image quality, this Smart TV has an output of 20 watts of power and the latest audio technologies of the moment.
  • Triluminos Technology: The Triluminos system adds extra quality to the image so that the colors come alive on the screen.


  • Viewing angle: The viewing angle is somewhat limited, so you should look for the most appropriate location when installing the TV.
  • Processing speed: The device suffers from a certain slowness in the navigation of the menus and different elements.

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