What Is The Best Samsung 40-Inch LED TV Of 2021?

If the type format is 29 inches in the old televisions, in the planes, the size is 40. If you are also looking for a brand, we can choose options such as those offered by the Samsung 40-inch LED TVs that we find in the market. Quality models and high functionality, such as the model that users value best from our Samsung 40-inch LED TV comparison. Even so, if you want to know what is essential when choosing, we highlight the most important guidelines when looking for a TV of this type.

Since we talk about televisions, the first key is the screen. This screen should have an excellent image resolution, preferably Full HD type, to achieve the best image quality. If the TV also has additional elements that improve this quality, such as low-quality image enhancement systems or those that offer better color or contrast, much better.

We talk about images, but we cannot forget the sound. Although the music is not usually the best in flat TVs, check that the TV has sufficient quality to be able to hear what you are watching correctly. A sound that you should also configure properly depending on the type of content you are watching at any time.

We close talking about the connectivity of the equipment. The most crucial element in this section is the presence of Smart TV to access the new digital world of entertainment. However, you should also see additional connection options such as the number of available HDMI ports, the presence of a USB port where you can record and play content. Other connections, such as composite video or component, to be able to connect everything you need at any time.


Rank #1: Samsung UN40N5200AFXZA HD Smart LED TV

With this model, you can enjoy clear TV signals thanks to incorporating a DTT receiver in the equipment. That way, you won’t even need to pay cable.

Main Features 

Picture quality

As a prominent Samsung model, this TV has a screen of 40 inches diagonal, with an excellent resolution Full HD type 1080P, which allows you to fully enjoy the quality of any image or content you want to see on screen. A decision that is further reinforced by the Wide Color Enhancer function, which improves the presence of colors on the screen, offering you even more realistic details and fully defined and clear images.

As an extra performance, the screen also has the Samsung Clean View system, with which you can improve the image results on the screen, even when you reproduce low quality or resolution sources, enhancing their reproduction.

Audio output

Although one of the problems of these televisions is the audio output, the SAMSUNG 40 ″ LED UE40J5100A model improves this output with a 20-watt RMS system with which to have an adequate sound quality and output power.

This system is based on the Down Firing and Bass Reflex system that improves the bass output to give a better surround and sound production with which to optimize the results on any source. You have different audio modes depending on the program, such as sports, movies, concerts, and much more so that the audio system adapts on the fly to what you need.


Although this model does not include Smart TV, the product has a wide variety of options that make it the center of your digital leisure. Among these options, you have a USB port in the back area, from which you can connect any memory device to record and play any content you store. It does not matter if they are contents of the TV itself or external materials since the equipment is compatible with this type of images or recordings.

The TV also has two HDMI jacks with which to connect your DVD or any other modern equipment. If the material is older, you also have an optical output, component input, and composite input to connect everything you need


  • The product has a Full HD screen resolution, enhanced with the Wide Color Enhancer function, which increases the intensity and realism of each image’s colors.


  • The product does not have Smart TV, but if you do not need this function, it can be an alternative not to have to spend more.

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