10 Best Plasma TV For Retro Gaming-Reviews In 2020

Although plasma televisions had already spent their time, the truth is that their high image quality has led this best plasma TV for retro gaming to return to the front line of the market. This is for more considering that these new products have been updated so that today they offer everything their younger brothers in the same comfortable and straightforward way.

So that you can also equip yourself and know what moves in the market, we present the outstanding model of our plasma TV comparison. We also offer you some guidelines so you know what you should keep in mind so that your purchase provides the best image.

To begin, it is necessary to know the quality of the image presented on the screen. We already know that plasma offers better variety than LEd, but to make the most of it, it is necessary that this image be at least Full HD, since today betting on a lower system is a waste. Also, choose a screen size based on what you need and the dimensions of your room to have a good view of the product.

Another aspect to consider is audio. Due to the characteristics of flat TVs, it is complete to have high power or quality systems. However, it is advisable to take a look to see that at least the product offers enough ability to be able to listen correctly, adapting that broadcast to the circumstances of what you are seeing and of the room where you place it.

The last important aspect to consider is connectivity. This connectivity refers to both the options for connecting other devices and the network connectivity of the product.

Check that the equipment has as many HDMI connections as you need, depending on what you have to connect at home, and that you have the necessary attachments such as RCA or composite video that never go wrong. As for the network, if the TV has a much better WiFi connection, it only has Ethernet, but in any case, the Smart TV is essential today.

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It has USB, HDMI, and WiFi connectivity, making this TV versatile and practical so that you can enjoy your favorite multimedia content with family or friends.


  • Thanks to its plasma format, this TV offers a more significant color richness than modern LED TVs, so that its Full HD resolution has a new extra quality.


  • As with modern TVs, the product lacks Euroconnectors, so you will have to use adapters to connect old equipment.

More Feature as follows

Image quality

To offer you an adequate level of quality, this product is capable of providing images with high plasma quality, including the Full HD resolution that has an excellent level of image quality for any content.

Specifically, this model has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that is also compatible with modern 3D emissions, so you can make the most of any image source you have at the highest quality. All this on a 60-inch screen with 16: 9 format and offering the best plasma image quality, which has more vivid colors and better image definition.

Sound quality

As crucial as watching is listening and to achieve this, LG offers you an audio output system with two 20-watt RMS output channels distributed in two channels. The problem that causes audio output for flat TVs is known, precisely because of its design, so this audio is at the forefront of the market.

However, if this is not enough for you, the product also has several internal interpolation systems that allow you to improve and adapt the audio output both to the circumstances of the room and the content you are watching. And additionally, you also have a digital output if you want to connect an external speaker or Home Cinema.


This model of the best plasma TV for retro gaming, despite being a plasma, has all the elements of connectivity that we can find in any new product. Among these elements, we find three HDMI ports where you can connect everything you need with high quality. You also have traditional connections such as RCA audio or traditional video components, so you don’t miss the basics.

As for the network connection, which activates the functions of Smart TV, the TV has a link through both traditional Ethernet port and WiFi connectivity, so you can easily surf the network and access all kinds of multimedia content.

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