10 Best LG TV For Gaming- Reviews In 2021

If you want to get the most out of your favorite video game, invest in a larger, brighter television with deeper blacks to fully immerse you in the action.

Before we go into our whole list of the best gaming TVs, let’s go through what makes a great gaming TV and what the acronyms you’ll see in the spec lists represent. If you already know (or don’t care) about all of that, click here to jump straight to the best gaming TVs available.

10 Best LG TV for gaming On The Market-Reviews In 2022

A TV that’s good for watching TV and movies should also be good for playing games, but if you’re searching for the finest TV for gaming, there are a few qualities to look for, especially if you have or plan to acquire a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

The most important is input lag, which indicates how long it will take for your gamepad button presses to materialize as onscreen actions. Lower is better, but anything under 40 milliseconds would go unnoticed by virtually all gamers, and 20 milliseconds or less is lightning fast.

A few next-gen gaming features are also beginning to emerge — Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and 4K@120Hz (also known as HFR or ‘High Frame Rate’) are all part of the HDMI 2.1 specification, but are currently available on many TVs with HDMI 2.0 certification.

VRR synchronizes the refresh rate of the TV with the frame rate of the console in real time, resulting in a smoother, faster gaming experience. The Xbox Series X, Series S, One X, and One S (as well as several PCs) can all produce VRR, and the PS5 will get it via a firmware upgrade in the near future.

ALLM is a simplified term that simply implies that when your TV detects a gaming signal from your games console, it will automatically transition to its ‘game mode’ to eliminate input lag. It’s also smart enough to turn off gaming mode when you watch a movie or TV show on your console, such as through the Netflix app. Most Xboxes currently support this, and the PS5 will follow suit in the near future.

The LG Electronics 49UK6300PUE 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV model is an exciting television that brings together the main features of the brand. Among them, we have a 55-inch diagonal IPS panel and 4K resolution, with 10-bit color depth, HDR 10 technology, and a wide range of options to see everything better.

This is functions that you can enjoy with both conventional broadcasts and Smart TV broadcasts, for which this model incorporates the WebOS 3.5 system, safer and more efficient than the previous methods. It also improves the sound, with a global power of 20 watts and 2-channel output, with Clear Voice III and LG Sound Sync technology, among others.

It is finished off with extensive connectivity, both wired and wireless, to quickly turn the equipment into the center of your digital leisure, and you can connect everything you need.

Enjoy one of the complete LG models with outstanding features, such as the following.


Image quality:

Its 4K screen generates considerable image quality, both in conventional broadcasts and via Smart TV.


The sound also improves its quality, with a 2-channel output and a power of 20 watts, with different improvement systems.

Extensive connectivity:

The equipment offers extensive connectivity, both wired and wireless.



Although the problem has been reduced, the slow response in the TV response is still present.


It is necessary to check the product when it is received, as some user says they have received a model with a broken screen.

 When it comes to looking for the best LG TV for gaming, it is true that each diagonal measure has its featured product. And if we are looking for a 65-inch LG TV, the chosen model would be the LG Electronics 65SK8000 HD Smart LED TV.

This TV has a conventional but improved Full HD resolution, with which it is easy to enjoy good quality in all types of broadcasts. This equipment also allows us to look at the network through its Smart TV function and its new WebOS 3.0 system, which adds new applications and expands the connectivity possibilities of the device.

Among these options we have the mobile control, so you do not have to go looking for the remote control if you are lost. And also, since you can connect it via WiFi or Ethernet cable, you can also access the content of the rest of the PCs and devices you have at home to easily play them on the TV.

If you do not know which LG TV to buy, but you do know that you want a 43-inch model, this proposal may be what you need.


Smart TV:

The Smart TV function allows you to move around the network easily, also having shortcut keys for Netflix or Amazon Prime.


Compared to other older models, this product partially solves the slowness problems they used to have, especially in the Smart TV part.

Mobile control:

Thanks to LG’s own app it will be easy for you to control the different functions of the TV from your smartphone.


Browser and load:

The browser may restart if a page has to buffer, being annoying depending on what circumstances.

Remote control:

The remote control is somewhat fragile, so you should avoid accidental knocks to prevent premature deterioration.

 Although at first glance the LG Electronics OLED55C8P 4K Ultra HD TV model looks like a 55-inch TV more, the truth is that the technology that includes it makes it stand out in a remarkable way. And this Full HD resolution model incorporates a new quad-core processor with which it is possible to squeeze the quality of each broadcast to the fullest.

It also incorporates the brand’s new artificial intelligence functions, which establish a new way of using and relating to the television. This is something that also affects your Smart TV system, where we find version 4.0 of your operating system with more features and efficiency.

And so that sound is not a problem, the TV incorporates the Virtual Surround system of 10 watts of power, with which to enjoy better sensations when viewing any content. This is enough elements to be the best LG TV for gaming for value for money in our analysis.

If you want to know which is the best LG TV for gaming in the 32-inch segment, know in detail all the technology that this new model includes.


Artificial intelligence:

This TV incorporates the new LG artificial intelligence functions, with which you will change the way you control product functions.

Quad-Core Processor:

The new Quad-Core processor greatly improves the image and performance of the device.

Improved sound:

In addition to improving image quality, this model also improves sound with 10-watt output and its new Virtual Surround mode.


Remote control:

Oddly enough, the product is not accompanied by the Magic Control remote control needed to fully squeeze the device’s functions.

HDMI ports:

The TV only has two HDMI ports, which is somewhat poor for a time when there are so many products that use this connector.

Although finding cheap TVs within the 75-inch line is not always easy, the LG Electronics 75UK6570PUB 4K Ultra Smart TV model meets both price and quality. This is an image quality that scales up to 4K resolution, with a panel that maintains high-quality brightness and contrast throughout its surface thanks to its IPS panel. This panel reduces color leaks and, together with the HDR system, offers more dynamic and clear images.

This is A model that also has a quality sound, 20 watts of power in a 2.0 system with which it is possible to dispense with the soundbars. And to finish off the proposal, the model includes Smart TV functions based on version 3.5 of LG WebOS software. This is A version that not only speeds up the process but also adds extra security when moving around the network.

To have a high-quality video and audio, you just have to discover everything that this interesting LG model offers you.


IPS Panel:

The IPS panel generates remarkable image quality in all types of content, taking advantage of the 4K functions of this TV.

Improved sound:

The improved sound doubles the power of conventional equipment up to 20 watts of output with Ultra Surround quality.

Improved security:

The Smart TV Web OS 3.5 version adds extra security to your TV, to avoid risks when moving around the network.


Dual-band WiFi:

Despite its extensive technology, the product does not include dual-band WiFi, with which to take advantage of new high-speed connections.

Screen thickness:

The screen is somewhat thicker than other similar models, which should be taken into account when installing it.

 Located at the forefront of technology in terms of image quality, the LG Electronics OLED55B8PUA Smart OLED TV model is the brand’s business card within OLED technology models.

A technology that dispenses with the backlight of conventional LED TVs, so that pure black and greater brightness in any color are achieved. This is something ideal to take full advantage of its 4K resolution and 55 inches, with which it is possible to enjoy images never seen before.

In addition, this model also improves the sound with an output power of 40 watts, including a 2.2 system with a 20-watt woofer. A new concept within the offer of this manufacturer where we also have the functions of Smart TV, HDMI, and USB ports to connect everything you need and a design that stands out in a remarkable way.

Although not among the cheapest options of this manufacturer, this LG model offers you the latest technology and image quality.


OLED Technology:

Thanks to the OLED technology of its panel, this product dispenses with the backlight and offers more pure and defined colors than ever.

Audio output:

The sound output incorporates a new 2.2 system with 40 watts of total power, of which 20 correspond to the integrated woofer.


The 5 included HDRs fully squeeze any content to give you even greater image quality.



Since these technologies are quite revolutionary, they do not stand out for being among the cheapest, although the investment is worth seeing the quality of the device.


In order to get the most out of the product, it is necessary to spend some time configuring all the options correctly.


While most people will be content with one of LG’s C-class models, which are the company’s most economical sets with all of the company’s best picture processing, the GX takes the same picture and feature set (including VRR, ALLM, and 4K@120Hz) and adds more powerful sound and a stunning design.

This is LG’s ‘Gallery’ model, which is designed exclusively for wall installation. You don’t even get a stand in the package (though feet can be purchased separately), instead getting a low-profile mount. The depth of the set is a consistent 2cm, which is really small. In comparison, the CX measures 4.7cm thick at its thickest point.

In terms of picture quality, LG has improved on the outstanding performance of its 2019 OLEDs in a few key categories, including dark detail, color richness, and motion handling. The sound quality is quite good, especially for a set with basically invisible speakers.


This was something we’d been looking forward to for a long time. LG ultimately released the first 48-inch OLED TV in 2020, providing real flagship OLED TV performance to screens less than 55 inches for the first time.

And it’s a spectacular performance. This isn’t a downgraded flagship TV; it’s a smaller version of one. It has the same performance and features as its larger CX brethren (which, remember, equal the more expensive GX, RX, and WX in terms of picture quality and processing), but in a more compact, lounge-friendly package.

The performance is outstanding. Perfect blacks and near-perfect viewing angles are combined with brilliant, punchy whites and vibrant but natural colors, as we’ve come to expect from OLED. LG’s motion processing is also at its best in 2021, and its OLEDs continue to impress when it comes to upscaling 1080p and standard-def video.

Additionally, approved HDMI 2.1 connectors are included, which support next-gen features including eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), 4K@120Hz (High Frame Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and all current VRR formats (Variable Refresh Rate). It’s the ideal feature set for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X.


The C-class model has been the obvious pick of each new LG OLED range for the previous three years. It has been the most affordable model with the latest panel and picture processing technology until now: move higher up the line and you’ll get better sound and a fancier design, but not a better visual performance.

LG has unveiled a new ‘OLED Evo’ panel for 2021 that promises greater brightness and clarity, but you’ll have to upgrade to the G1 to get it. That’s a little frustrating because you’re also paying extra for a rather narrow design (the G1 is supposed to be wall-mounted, with no stand or feet included in the package) that you might not desire.

Still, if you like the design and don’t mind spending an extra $500, the LG G1 is without a doubt the greatest OLED LG has ever made. It improves on the visual quality of last year’s GX and CX in practically every way, especially in terms of brightness, sharpness, and detail. As a result, it’s a truly spectacular picture performer.

It also has all of the LG OLED gaming features we’ve come to expect: Four 40gbps HDMI 2.1 ports enable 4K@120Hz, VRR, and ALLM (including eARC); an HGIG mode for more realistic contrast in HDR games; a sub-13ms input lag; and a new Game Optimizer that allows for more game-related fine-tuning and puts all settings at your fingertips.

The G1 should be seriously examined if you’ve always planned to combine your new TV with a separate sound system and the design works for you (and you’ve got deep pockets).


LG’s new C1 isn’t a significant upgrade over the CX it replaces, but it didn’t have to be. The picture quality and feature set were already excellent, but LG has improved the former significantly with its new Cinematic Movement motion processing and increased de-contouring tool (which minimizes banding), and the latter marginally with a better menu structure and a more comprehensive app selection.

The C1 has four 40gbps HDMI 2.1 ports with eARC, 4K@120hz, ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and VRR support, as previously (Variable Refresh Rate). All three current VRR formats are supported: the most significant HDMI VRR type, Nvidia G-Sync, and AMD Freesync Premium. In the options, there’s also an HGIG option for HDR games, which provides more accurate contrast.

LG has also added a dedicated Game Optimizer menu, which provides quick access to all of those game-related settings as well as features that adjust gaming picture performance, either based on the genre of the game you’re playing or manually tweaking the detail in the brightest and darkest parts of the picture.

Overall, this is a fantastic television, especially if you’re a gamer. However, the G1 below has a new, brighter OLED panel, so it’s worth a look.


The LG CX is not only a fantastic all-around performer for anything you watch, but it also has all of the gaming credentials you could want.

All three current VRR formats, as well as ALLM and 4K@120Hz, are supported. Input lag is also an almost impossible-to-believe 13ms. When it comes to gaming, there is simply no better TV.

Of course, it has the amazing black depth that OLED TVs are known for, but it also has more shadow detail than LG’s 2019 models, guaranteeing you’re less likely to be caught off guard by an adversary lurking in the shadows. While the display isn’t as bright as a Samsung QLED, it does offer remarkably bold highlights in otherwise gloomy areas, resulting in some stunningly fascinating visuals.

If a 55-inch TV is too big for your space, a 48-inch version of the CX is now available (the OLED48CX, top). If you want to go bigger, there are 65-inch and 77-inch models available; a review of the 65-inch model can be seen below.

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