What Is The Best LG 24-Inch LED TV Of 2021?

  V For those of us who entertain ourselves with what we find in television programming and seek more and more quality and efficiency, LG 24-inch LED TVs are part of those responses that arise when our demands grow. For individual or family enjoyment, these artefacts have improved according to technology without losing their fundamental essence that generates satisfaction when we see good images.

When we are going to make a comparison of LG 24-inch LED TV, we are focusing on a recognized brand that focuses on providing the most exceptional comfort to its consumers. With an extensive experience in the home appliances market, the brand of these televisions has generated satisfaction and confidence in those who enjoy their product.

The possibility of connecting it via Wifi directly to the web, make the televisions that we find in the market, more useful because they stick to that need to keep us online and updated. For the search of videos or other specifications, such an apparatus allows it to be used for entertainment or work purposes.

For work purposes, because we will have maximum efficiency in the images that we work in our environment, there will be sharpness, a better resolution and a remarkable quality of colours. While for leisure and entertainment at home it will work because we can also enjoy a good movie alone, with our partner or in our family.

The 24-inch LG LED TVs will allow us an organization in what we want to see since most have a remote control that will give us even more comfort of not having to get up to change the channel. They are designed to convey to the consumer or instead ratify, that your satisfaction comes first and that you should enjoy it to the fullest. In this way, it is necessary that they have details that make our lives easier.

Rank #1: LG 24MT48S-PZ

The characteristics of this LED TV make it suitable both for work and for playing on the computer, in addition to enjoying television content.

Main Features


It is a practical smart TV that in addition to having a tuner to display HD channels as well as digital terrestrial television DTT serves as a monitor for our computer. The LG 24MT48S-PZ is a TV with a modest design that gives us the possibility to enjoy the quality of images in proper proportions.

Without losing the quality of your image in either the HD or DTT format, this LED TV will provide the satisfaction of a product that responds to the demands of users who are more inclined to design functionality of the product.


The 24-inch LED TV LG 24MT48S-PZ connects quickly to the Wifi without any problem that hinders our enjoyment and entertainment when we get home after an arduous day at work.

Through its remote control, we can select the channels that we are going to tune or the menu that is required according to the plans we have when sitting in front of the TV. This model responds to dimensions of 69x40x13cm and a weight of only 4.5kg.

Additional details

It is a smart TV that has 24 inches equivalent to 1366x768cm where you can see the images on your screen. In general, it is an LED monitor that you can connect from the web connection, from our computer or by tuning in to a TV channel.

The LG 24MT48S-PZ has two speakers to emit the sounds corresponding to what is seen through its screen. It allows you to connect it to an HDMI cable to be able to project the images that we have on our laptop and see it on two screens simultaneously, for the enjoyment of our family nucleus or group of friends.


  • Although it has a simple design, the 24-inch LED TV LG 24MT48S-PZ has clear images and good sound that do not go unnoticed in the room. It has remarkable quality and efficiency, and this accompanies it in addition to its internal functions, in its good finishes and proportions to see images of both the web and cable television.


  • The complexity in its installation and navigation through the programming menu is something in which its buyers have repaired. It is somewhat complicated to organize and sort the channel list on the LG 24MT48S-PZ. However, it is enough to adapt and practice the respective organization of the channels, since this does not lose its quality and efficiency.

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