10 Best Indoor Coaxial Cable [2021 Reviews]

In this article, we want to discuss a product that we love: indoor coaxial cable . Especially when they ask us to cut, our warehouse colleagues do not fit in their joy. 

Jokes aside, coaxial cable is a fundamental piece to carry high-frequency electrical signals , and a key product for watching TV at home.

 That is why we have made the following ranking with the five best indoor coaxial cables .

For those who are not very familiar with this type of cables, we will explain a little more about them. 

We can find this type of cable in practically 100% of homes. Since, although the fiber is arriving very strong as we saw in the previous article , we need this type of cables to connect the television.

Coaxial cable was born in the 1930s and allows high-frequency electrical signals to travel through it . 

And it is used for various functionalities, therefore, we can find a coaxial cable on different occasions:

  • The most daily use in which we can see this type of cables is between the television and the antenna to enjoy our silly box.

  • It is also used in cable television networks (although it is gradually being replaced by fiber) and by some Internet operators

  • For radio amateurs, it is also a fairly familiar cable. Since they require this type of cables to connect their radio equipment with their transmitter antenna.

  • Telephone networks and many cables that go under the sea also use this type of wiring.

Our Editor's Choice


Product Name

Key Features


  • Oxygen-free bare copper wiring

  • Ethernet and Audio Return Channel 

  • High Purity Oxygen Free Copper cable

  •  Range HDMI A Male to A Male Cable

  • Supports Deep Color

  • Dual Video Stream





  • Supports HDMI 2.0 Ports

  • Oxygen Free Copper Conductor

  • 2.0 Version High Speed HDMI

  • Connect Your Blu-Ray player


  • List Item 1

  • Connects Blu-ray players

  • Meets the latest HDMI standards 

  • HDMI 2.0 adapter cord 

  • HDMI fiber optic cable

Types of coaxial cable?

There is a wide variety of types of coaxial cables, but so as not to drown ourselves in acronyms. In this article, we will mainly differentiate two types:

  • Indoor coaxial cable: this type of cable is used inside homes, homes and offices and is designed for domestic use. It is not prepared to withstand the adverse weather outside.

  • Outdoor coaxial cable: we can divide this variety of cable into two. Both match to be used outdoors. But on the one hand, there is an outdoor coaxial cable for domestic use, those used outside a home or building. These are “thinner” cables, similar to indoor coaxial cable, but capable of fighting the weather. There are outdoor coaxial cables that are used to carry wiring over long distances. This cable is characterized by being considerably “thicker”

10 Indoor coaxial cable - Ranking 2021

When choosing a coaxial cable we always recommend the chief thing is to know what material they are made of. Without a doubt, we recommend those coaxial cables that are made with 100% copper (Cu).

Another notable aspect to consider is the mesh that covers the cable. Ideally, this mesh should also be copper. 

Although the really important thing is that you have as much coverage as possible to avoid losses. 

This means that it covers the coaxial cable as much as possible, since the signal travels bouncing, forming waves and thus we will avoid losses in the signal.

Therefore, according to quality and price, our technicians have made the following ranking:

Mediabridge Coaxial Cable - RG6 coaxial cable

Considering its volume of sales in our store given its more than economical price, we put the Mediabridge Coaxial Cable – RG6 coaxial cable within this ranking .

It is a copper-plated steel interior coaxial cable with a mesh coverage of 60%.

Obviously, it is not a cable of the highest quality, nor is it 100% copper, but for the price it has.

It is a highly requested option by installers and individuals both in store and on the web. Meet the basic requirements of any installation and save costs.


PHAT SATELLITE INTL RG6 Digital Coaxial Cable

In third place, we find an indoor coaxial cable from the PHAT SATELLITE INTL brand . 

If what you are looking for is something cheap but that maintains excellent quality, this is your cable.

PHAT SATELLITE INTL RG6 Digital Coaxial Cable is a 100% copper coaxial cable and a mesh that reaches a coverage of 40%.

There are other cheaper copper cables, but they do not have this quality. You can purchase this coaxial cable in reels of 100 meters on our website.


PCT International Indoor Outdoor White RG6 COAXIAL Cable

In third place is PCT International Indoor Outdoor White RG6 COAXIAL Cable . It is one cable preferred by installers.

It is a copper cable with a copper mesh that provides a magnificent shielding. Perfect for television installations.

All this with the “made in PCT International” seal, without a doubt a guarantee of quality. As a negative aspect, we can comment that it does not have a very wide mesh coverage.

LOGICO RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Coax Cable

In second place, we have placed the LOGICO RG6 Quad Shield Cable  indoor coaxial cable.

If something we can highlight about this cable is its mesh. Get practically 100% cable coverage, avoiding almost any loss.

In short, it is a very complete cable. Made of 100% copper, with a thickness of 1.20 mm, 100% steel cobra mesh coverage and external PVC coverage.




The number one in this ranking is COMMSCOPE 500FT RG6 COAXIAL Cable .

This coaxial cable is ideal for all the installations we do indoors. 

Obviously it is a cable made with 100% copper but it also includes a copper mesh with a 73% coverage.

 Ensuring the minimum loss of signal.

It also has a cheap price for the quality it has. Undoubtedly a sure hit and with the highest quality offered by the COMMSCOPE brand.


MPD Digital MPD Cable

The Cimple Co’s coaxial cables are also CL2-rated, which means they may be used both indoors and outdoors. 

The connectors on these coaxial cables have a double seal. This will keep water, dirt, grease, and other weather-related effects from interfering with the signal.

The Cimple Co’s coaxial cables are guaranteed by an amazing 10-year warranty because of its endurance and weather resistance.

Furthermore, Cimple Co coaxial cables are manufactured in the United States.

You’re losing out on a lot of free high-definition entertainment if you don’t have an over-the-air HD TV antenna. 

Look at our advice on how to choose and install the ideal antenna for your home. In your residence, what type of coaxial cable do you use? Let us know what you think in the comments!

MPD Digital MPD Cable

Antenna Extension Coax Jumper Cable

The Cable Matters coaxial cables may not appear to be anything exceptional on the outside, but what matters is what’s on the inside.

A conductor is encased in insulation and shielding in all coaxial cables

Data is sent down the conductor from the signal source, which in this case is your antenna, to your television.

The shielding shield from electromagnetic interference that signal. 

Natural phenomena can interfer such as a solar flare or by man-made phenomena such as a mobile telecommunications network.

To defend against interference, many coaxial cables on the market are triple-shielded. Cable Matters’ coaxial cables are quad-shielded.

 This adds an extra layer of protection against electromagnetic interference, ensuring the quality and integrity of the broadcast your TV receives. 

This is useful for those who live in high-density regions, such as cities, where there is a higher likelihood that various electrical gadgets would disrupt a signal because of their proximity.

Antenna Extension Coax Jumper Cable

Digital Audio Coax Cable

The coaxial cables from Mediabridge, like the AmazonBasics cables, have a “EZ Grip” connector.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of trying to weave a coaxial cable through a tiny space understands how difficult it can be to do it with only one hand. 

The EZ Grips make this a thing of the past. The EZ Grip caps may also be removed, allowing you to store them in your toolbox and use them with other coaxial cables that aren’t Mediabridge.

Digital Audio Coax Cable

XRDS -RF 15 ft KMR400 Low Loss Coax Cable

Jeff Bezos’ strategy for global dominance includes selling practically everything under the AmazonBasics name.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that coaxial cables are one of the many AmazonBasics products available. 

The AmazonBasics coaxial cable includes RG6 gauge wires and three layers of shielding, as one would expect from a high-quality coaxial cable.

The AmazonBasics coaxial cable’s CL2 rating sets it apart.

The AmazonBasics coaxial cables have a CL2 grade, which means they may be used both indoors and outside. 

For those who prefer a roof-mounted antenna, the AmazonBasics cable is suitable.

The AmazonBasics coaxial cable also has “grip caps” that make screwing the coaxial connector into your antenna or TV a breeze.

XRDS -RF 15 ft KMR400 Low Loss Coax Cable

What Type of Shielding Should You Get?

I’m not the sort to get butterflies in my stomach just because a product description mentions a triple or quad-shielded coax cable.

While the more shielding layers a cable has, the better it is protected against interference and signal loss, this comes at a cost.

For short cables, shielding is usually not an issue. However, if you need to run long lines through an area with a lot of RF and EM interference, it’s a different story.

Otherwise, a double or triple layer of shielding should suffice. If you want to do an in-wall installation, you’ll need at least three layers. That covers all of your wall’s electrical wiring.

However, three does not equal three, depending on the manufacturer. It is also possible to make a difference in terms of design and manufacture.

Shielding requires layers of dielectric and foils, and it shouldn’t create any gaps throughout the production process.

My Favorite Connectors

Nickel-plated connectors are found on most coax lines. These are often inexpensive, but they do the job.

– What about me?–I’m willing to spend a little more on strong connectors. My favourite connections are gold-plated or brass.

These are more resistant to oxidation and have higher anti-corrosive qualities. Your cable’s impedance may vary because of an oxidized connector, and it may no longer be a real 75 ohm.

Some connectors have waterproof characteristics, such as o-ring seals or specific coatings. If you need to buy coax cables for outdoor use, those might be worth checking into.

What Does a Warranty Say About You?

Not all coax cables come with warranties that will persuade you to buy them. When you encounter a coax cable with a 5-year or longer guarantee, however, think twice.

An extended warranty usually shows a high level of construction quality. Even if that isn’t the case, you can still get it replaced or repaired for free.

How Not to Pick Cables at Random in Architecture

In F-type connectors, coax cables may appear to perform the same function. After all, they plug into the same F-type input connectors, don’t they?

Although coax cables appear to be the same on the outside, the build pattern will vary, and this can make all the difference.

Before purchasing a coax cable, check the impedance rating and the frequency range.

The impedance required to transmit video and digital signals without considerable jitter is 75 ohms.

Final Talk - Best Indoor Coaxial Cable

Coax cables are an essential component of any home, workplace, studio, shopping mall, and so on.

These cables transport signal through a range of devices with the least amount of interference and signal loss possible.

If you need connections to connect your gadgets, I’ve listed some of the best coaxial cables for various budgets above.

Instead of pondering what the ultimate greatest solution is, keep your specific use cases in mind while choosing one.

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