Top 10 Best HDMI Cable For 4k Gaming (2021 Reviews )

Don’t trust anyone who tells you that the best HDMI cable for gaming and TV is pricey and has the finest gold plating. This is one of those rare occasions where “more” does not always imply “better.”

That’s because on the greatest gaming TV, the best TV for PS5, the best OLED TV, or the best 120Hz 4K TV, you don’t need anything special to obtain a fantastic picture. All of these will see inexpensive cables serving us just as well as premium ones, therefore the best HDMI cable for gaming and TV is frequently the cheapest. You probably won’t be able to detect the difference unless you’re a connoisseur.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t a few things to keep in mind. To begin, keep an eye on the available bandwidth. The higher the number, the better the picture; the lower the number, the worse the picture. For example, a 1.4 grade is acceptable for ordinary 1080p HD. Meanwhile, if you want 4K Ultra-HD, you’ll need a 2.0 rating. If you’re one of the few individuals who has 8K, go for 2.1 instead.

It’s also important keeping an eye on transfer speeds. You don’t want to fall below 18GB per second as a bare minimum. Anything beyond this figure, though, will suffice, and HDMI cables with high transfer speeds aren’t prohibitively expensive. Even an Amazon Basics cord will suffice in this situation.

Oh, and don’t forget to measure the area that your cable will need to cover. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money just to discover that the wire connecting your console or PC to the screen isn’t long enough.

Our Editor's Choice - Best HDMI Cable For 4k Gaming


Product Name

Key Features


  • Oxygen-free bare copper wiring

  • Ethernet and Audio Return Channel 

  • High Purity Oxygen Free Copper cable

  •  Range HDMI A Male to A Male Cable

  • Supports Deep Color

  • Dual Video Stream





  • Supports HDMI 2.0 Ports

  • Oxygen Free Copper Conductor

  • 2.0 Version High Speed HDMI

  • Connect Your Blu-Ray player


  • List Item 1

  • Connects Blu-ray players

  • Meets the latest HDMI standards 

  • HDMI 2.0 adapter cord 

  • HDMI fiber optic cable

10 Best Hdmi Cable For 4k Gaming –Reviews In 2021

If you enjoy gaming and have purchased high-end gaming consoles, PCs, and other peripherals such as a gaming mouse, you will undoubtedly require a good HDMI cable that can give the greatest viewing experience. 

Although all HDMI cables appear to be the same at first glance, they are not. As a result, finding the best-quality HDMI cables is critical if you want to maximize the gaming capabilities of your PC, PS4, Xbox, the recently announced PlayStation 5, or any other next-gen console.

Some may claim that the finest HDMI cable is pricey, has gold-plated connectors, and must have plenty of high-speed bandwidth to provide the best gaming experience imaginable. 

But be careful not to be taken in by the hoopla. In actuality, HDMI cables are far from fancy, and buying a good quality HDMI cable that suits your TVs and gaming monitors does not require a large sum of money. 

Having said that, it’s also critical to understand which cable you’ll need for your gaming setup. Before you add that “recommended” HDMI cable to your cart, you should know about its quality, durability, speed, resolution, cable protection, and installation type.

Orei Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

If you want to buy a 4K HDMI cable that has good references in terms of value for money, we recommend that you keep this product in mind among your options.

Orei Fiber Optic HDMI Cable


The highlight of this product is its compatibility with the ARC system, having the benefit of reducing connections in just one cable for the enjoyment of your multimedia and audio devices.


Some users have had problems with the connector of this product, so they advise that you be very careful when connecting or disconnecting it and do it with delicacy to prolong its lifetime.

More Feature as follows


Before you buy an HDMI 4K cable, it is vital that you evaluate its manufacturing materials, so if you take this into account, you can be sure that you have made a good investment.

AmazonBasics HL-007304 is 100% polyethylene-coated to reduce potential interference from other electronic equipment. In addition, it also has PVC compounds that help strengthen the signal system, protection, and elasticity of the 4K HDMI cable.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this product made by AmazonBasics has two connectors made of metal and coated in 24-karat gold, significantly increase protection against corrosion, moisture, and rust. Besides, the cable has layers of polyethylene terephthalate, which is an alloy of plastic, but with much more resistance, allowing more exceptional durability and reduced interference.


Another aspect to highlight and in which you will have to pay special attention is in the policy offered by the HDMI cable models.

The AmazonBasics HL-007304 has a 4K image quality signal transmission system so you can enjoy different favorite media players and multimedia devices.

Additionally, this product is also compatible with Ethernet, so you can enjoy broadband of up to 18 gigabits per second, allowing you to browse, download and view multimedia content at high speeds, with a stable connection, and without interruptions.

On the other hand, another prominent feature on the AmazonBasics HL-007304, the audio return system, or better known as ARC, should also be mentioned. This aspect will allow you to connect this single cable and avoid using other types of audio cables for the transmission or reception of sounds, significantly reducing the use of several cables in multimedia equipment.


If you plan to purchase this product to connect your TV and your other multimedia devices, we advise you to consider compatibility.

The AmazonBasics HL-007304 is an HDMI type cable that works with multimedia content transmission technology in 4K format, so the images displayed will be of a higher quality. Also, this cable has compatibility with various electronic devices and multimedia players, some of them being PlayStation 3 and 4 video game consoles in different resolutions. And the Xbox 360 and one only in UltraHD 4K format.

On the other hand, this 4K HDMI cable made by AmazonBasics also has compatibility with different HDMI 2.0 ports and systems and lower, working in 4K quality, at a frequency of 60 MHz and in image quality of 2160 pixels for devices with the system 2.0, but decreases a bit for policies with lower versions.



To know which is the best HDMI 4K cable, you should consider the characteristics and compatibility that this model has with other equipment. 

In this sense, you can make connections with Ultra HD televisions, multimedia centers, 3D Blu-ray, XBOX 360, and One video consoles, Playstation 3 and 4, Windows or Mac computers, HD DVD players, Raspberry Pi, among others.

To make matters worse, it is also capable of supporting HDMI 1.4a and HDMI 2.0 standards, as well as previous versions. 

On the other hand, it has multiple shielding with foil and braid; in addition, its conductors are copper to ensure efficient transmission and without losing the signal.

For video, it offers a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels at 60 Hz. However, it is capable of operating at 18 GB per second and allows connection to Ethernet through an additional network channel. 

Also, it has 32 audio channels with an improvement of up to 1536 kHz and is compatible with HD formats, such as Dolby Digital Plus, 8 PCM, and True HD.

 IBirdie 4K HDR HDMI Cable offers you a product that, given its characteristics, could be the best HDMI 4K cable of the moment:

 4K HDR HDMI Cable



This 4K HDMI cable is very eye-catching as it has black and gold braiding that makes it eye-catching. As for its length, it measures 2 meters, but you can also find it in other sizes.


It has a triple foil and braid shield to guarantee good transmission quality, as well as adding robustness to the cable.


With the purchase of this product, you can enjoy 2160p, 3D, ARC, CEC, and 4K or Ultra HD content on your television or projector.


The connectors implemented in this unit are both 19-pin and have 24-karat gold plating, thus improving the transmission of images and sound.



Among some comments, it was noted that, for the taste of individual users, the cable is very rigid, and it would be good if it allowed higher malleability.

KabelDirekt 4K HDMI Cable

It meets the latest compatibility standards, so it works well with 4K HDR, Ultra HD, Full HD, 3D, CEC, and ARC devices. In addition, it is an affordable device, which has Ethernet with HDMI 2.0 functions, at a transmission rate of 18 GB per second, which is why it is considered by many to be the best 4K price-quality HDMI cable of the moment.

Also, it provides an efficient connection with any device that has an HDMI port, such as HDTVs, AV receivers, projectors, PS3, PS4, Xbox One video game consoles, among others.

On the other hand, its covering is made of flexible and resistant PVC. It has a shielded braided aluminum foil and Mylar. Also, it has high precision connectors, which prevent signal loss and prevent corrosion.

In order to intelligently invest your money and obtain a right quality product, you must consider the pros and cons of different models. Here the references to 157:

KabelDirekt 4K HDMI Cable



KabelDirekt 157 cable is simple but attractive to the eye, and you can buy it in black with blue or white.


It has a total height of 1.5 meters, although, if you wish, you can also check if there is availability in other sizes.


You can use this cable with practically any device that has an HDMI output or input, such as PS4, PS3, Xbox One, projectors, video players, and more.



It was mentioned that the longer the cable, the thicker it will be, and this can complicate its location.


This model should also mention stiffness as a negative point since it affects its installation.

BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable

This cable has male-to-male connectors and is category two certified, allowing for 4K x 2K resolution, ranging from 1920 x 1200 and 1080 pixels to 4096 x 2160 pixels. Also, it can support all HDMI functions such as Ethernet, 4K video, 3D, and Audio Return Channel or ARC.

It is worth mentioning that through this cable, the Internet connection can be shared with other devices, without the need for a separate Ethernet cable. In addition, it complies with HDMI 1.4 specifications, which provide 48 bits of color depth.

Its exterior design offers excellent durability since it has a nylon cord that protects the casing for a long useful life. Also, its gold-plated connectors prevent rust and corrosion. Moreover, it is compatible with smart devices such as televisions, AV receivers, Blu-ray players, and game consoles.

When you don’t know which HDMI 4K cable to buy, evaluate all the physical and connectivity aspects you can. Rankie offers an attractive option:

BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable



Rankie Brand Cable has good build finishes and a length of 1.8 meters to give you freedom of movement.


The casing that protects the internal components is made of aluminum, and the braid is nylon, being robust and durable.


You can work with various resolutions such as: 1080p, 1920 x 1080p, 2560 x 1440p, 4096 x 2160p, among others.



Some indicate that its price is a little high since it is a medium-class 4K HDMI cable.


Others had stability problems with the transmission, but these may be faulty units.

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

It is a 2160 pixel HDMI 1.4 Ultra HD 4k cable with a high range, backward compatible with all previous versions such as 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Also, it offers multiple shielding inside with foil, braid, and copper connectors separated from each other; in this way, it complies with HDMI specifications and transmits a signal of the highest quality.

It provides one of the highest bandwidths with 18 Gb per second, through an Ethernet connection, making it capable of achieving 3D quality with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels at 30 Hz. Besides, it allows up to 32 channels of Audio compatible with DTS HD and True Dolby HD 7, with a quality of up to 1536 kHz.

This makes it a model compatible with Ultra HD, Full HD, HD Ready, Blu-Ray 3D devices and televisions, multimedia hard drives, and HD-DVD players. Also, it can be used on XBOX, Playstation, Raspberry Pi game consoles, DVB, AV or TV receivers, and TFT monitors.

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable can make the best brand of 4K HDMI cables on the market, thanks to the fact that its products are of quality. Here are the pros and cons of this model:

 Fiber Optic HDMI Cable



The design is attractive, modern, and features gold plated connectors to deliver good quality transmissions.


You can buy this cable in two different colors: black or white, in addition to other sizes depending on resources.


It is also highlighted that the cable has capacity for 3D transmissions and so you can enjoy home theater.



If you decide on this cable, you will have to invest much more money compared to the other models mentioned.


This model works with 1.4 HDMI technology and not the 2.0 Premium that is updated.

Snowkids 4K HDMI Cable 6.6ft

It is one of the cheapest HDMI cables in the selection, which has male A connectors with corrosion-resistant contacts, thanks to the fact that they are gold plated. Besides, it has multi-core conductors made of copper to minimize resistance and protect the integrity of the signal.

As it is an HDMI 2.0 cable, it is compatible with 4K video at 60 Hz, for broadband of up to 18 GB per second and earlier versions. It also offers compatibility with 3D televisions, 3D Blu-Ray players, Ultra HD and Full HD AV receivers, Playstation 3, 4, and Xbox One.

It should be noted that to guarantee stable data transmission and reduce signal loss, and this cable has a 100% polyethylene coating and two layers of braided metal terephthalate, capable of preventing signal interference and isolating the external signal. , which is why it is considered the best HDMI 4K cable of the moment by some users.

Being this model one of the cheapest, some buyers would also say that it could be the best HDMI 4K cable for 10 euros or less:

Snowkids 4K  HDMI Cable 6.6ft



The HDMI 4K cable that AmazonBasics offers you has a length of 90 centimeters, but you can opt for longer ones depending on their availability.


The connectors on this cable are plated with 24-karat gold, which dramatically improves transmission quality to avoid mismatches or mishandling of colors, contrast, and brightness by the display team.


If you are interested, you can also buy this model in packs of up to 24 units, again, depending on availability in the store’s warehouse. In this case, we present the pack that includes a single cable.


With this cable, you can transmit content in Ultra HD or 4K, as well as 3D, Ethernet, and ARC content, being practical and useful for different needs.


It is also highlighted that the cable has two layers of polyethylene terephthalate combined with braided metal to protect the internal cable from any fracture.



For some buyers, this cable is very thick, making it difficult for malleability in case you want to place it in a specific position.

Monoprice Certified Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable

This HDMI cable from Monoprice is designed to meet and exceed the highest performance in any gaming system, whether it’s 1080P or 4K. The PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and other next-generation gaming consoles benefit the most from this HDMI cable. It has a bandwidth of up to 18Gbps and is well-built, with gold-plated connectors to optimize speed and decrease interference.

This HDMI cable comes in three lengths: three, six, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, twenty-five, and thirty feet, and it supports 4K 60Hz and HDR10 resolution. In addition, the cable enables 3D video, dual video streaming, deep colors, and superb audio quality.

Monoprice Certified Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable

Zeskit Maya Gbps Certified Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

The Belkin HDMI 2.1 Ultra High-speed cable is a dependable HDMI connection that delivers blazingly fast performance on the latest streaming and gaming devices, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as other high-end devices. This HDMI cable supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, as well as a wide range of colors for outstanding realism and depth.

With a stable connection between the output device and the screen and a faster refresh rate, the cable gives one of the greatest gaming experiences. It’s one of the best HDMI cables for next-generation gaming consoles and high-end gaming PCs (4K/6K/8K).

Zeskit Maya Gbps Certified Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable

With triple shielding and 24k gold-plated all-metal pod connections, the BlueRigger 4K HDMI cable is dependable and robust. The wire is designed to resist extreme physical stress while also reducing interference and maximizing signal strength and video quality. Because of its 240Hz refresh rate capability, it is the most cheap HDMI cable for gaming with high refresh rates.

This cable is available in a variety of lengths, making it suitable for wall installation. BlueRigger cables are HDMI2.0 compliant, which means they can handle 4K video at 60 frames per second, 3D video, ARC, 48-bit deep color, built-in Ethernet, and are backward compatible. These BlueRigger cables also offer 32 independent audio channels and provide a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience. All PlayStation and Xbox owners should give this HDMI cable a try.

BlueRigger 4K HDMI Cable

Light-Link HDMI Cable by Sewell

The Vivify Arquus W73 is the first 4K optical fiber HDMI RGB gaming cable in the world. It has a 4K UHD 60Hz resolution, HDCP2.2, HFR, HDR10, HDMI 2.0b compliance, and eight lighting effects. This is the first HDMI cable with a built-in RGB lighting system. VIVIFY Vnode software allows you to customize RGB lighting effects, and Razer Chroma allows you to synchronize your entire gaming setup.

This HDMI cable works with any device that has an HDMI port and provides graphics up to 4096 x 2160 resolution, allowing you to enjoy your gaming experience. It provides up to 18Gbps of bandwidth as well as high-resolution audio.

This HDMI cable comes with a two-year warranty, with an additional one-year warranty available on the Vivify website.

Light-Link HDMI Cable by Sewell

How To Use - Best HDMI Cable For 4k Gaming

HDMI 4K cables are electronic tools that allow you to maintain a stable connection between your TV and media player devices to enjoy high-resolution images. Therefore, if you have acquired a 4K HDMI cable, in this space, you will find a small guide with steps to follow so that you can use your HDMI cable and get the most out of it.

Know your product

In order for you to get the most out of your product, you must know all its functions and features, so the first thing you should do is unpack the product and read the user guide that is included in the box of the 4K HDMI cable that you purchased. In addition, by reading the guide, you will be able to know which electronic equipment has the highest compatibility index of its functions.

Use your cable

First of all, prepare the area near your TV and try to remove the other electronic devices that are connected to avoid the clumping of cables. Then, turn on your television and also the electronic equipment you want to connect using the respective remote control for each one. Take the 4K HDMI cable and connect it to the corresponding HDMI ports on the TV and the other multimedia device you want to link.

General recommendations

So that you can give a longer life to your HDMI 4K cable, it is vitally important that when you connect it, you avoid in any way that it is taut, bent, or stepped on by other electronic equipment. Since this could cause breaks in the cable, resulting in poor image, interference, poor image quality, and even damage permanently. Therefore, we recommend that you keep the equipment you want to connect to your television close by so that you can organize your entertainment center in the way you want and without interfering with each other.

In addition, if the cable you purchased is not compatible with one of your electronic devices, you can also choose to get an HDMI adapter so that you can correctly transmit the signal from that equipment to the TV. Also, if you have several electronic equipment and need to connect them simultaneously, you must choose to purchase an additional 4K HDMI cable so that you can interact with them.

On the other hand, if you want to hide your HDMI 4K cable from the view of people and enjoy a tidy environment in the area near the TV, you can choose to install gutters on the walls and insert the cables you want to hide in them.

You should also bear in mind that, when you are going to connect an HDMI 4K cable to any of the HDMI ports of the different electronic equipment you have, you must be careful, since you could bend its connector and this could cause it to break internally, thus damaging the transmission mechanism of the connection system. Therefore, before you make any connection, you must verify the position of the HDMI port on the device so that you can connect properly.

Shopping Guide - Best HDMI Cable For 4k Gaming


If you are making a comparison of HDMI 4K cables, you should start by reviewing the different types of connectors that exist, because according to this difference, it will be its compatibility with various devices. In this sense, it happens as with other types of cables, in which the sizes of the connectors vary.

The standard or type A is the available size most used for its compatibility with the equipment at present since it is the most common and generally works with televisions, screens, video players, game consoles, or any other device that has this connection. However, there are also other connectors, but they have more specific functions.

Another aspect to consider concerning the type of connector is its two ends since the same type of connector will not always be needed on each side, so it is necessary to pay attention to the devices you need to connect to choose the most suitable one. However, the most used are cables that have a male to male type A connection.


The internal and external design of this type of cable can give you an idea of how much one of them costs because depending on the quality of its materials, it is possible to find one cheaper than another. Firstly, its coating should be taken into account, since some only have PVC or high-density polyethylene to isolate the signals from the outside that may cause interference.

Also, others may include a braided nylon mesh coating, which extends its useful life, as it gives it more flexibility and resistance, protecting the exterior of the cable from possible damage from footfalls or other damages. As for its interior, they also offer a shield that can be made of metal or braided aluminum, plus two layers of polyethylene, which allow a much more stable and continuous transmission.

We can say that in most cases, the cables are made of high purity copper to transmit images of the highest quality. In addition, they usually offer multiple shielding, which results in a solid sheet, plus a braided sheet. Also, the connectors that come apart from each other were designed to provide the highest quality and comply with HDMI specifications.


Being a cable specifically designed for the highest quality audio and video transmission, you should consider the playability of each before making a decision, as well as the type of resolution it can transmit.

In this sense, some can support resolutions of 1920 x 1200 and 1080 pixels 3840 x 2160 pixels, up to 4096 x 2160 pixels. On the other hand, others are capable of reaching between 30 and 60 Hz, with a bandwidth of up to 18 GB per second. Regarding Audio, they must transmit at least 32 channels with a quality of up to 1536 kHz.


These cables must have compatibility with the most used formats, such as Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus, True HD, True Dolby HD 7.1, ARC, 8 PCM, DTS, MPEG, SACD, and DVD Audio.

Also, they are usually compatible with a series of audio and video equipment, which can offer different results according to their characteristics and specifications, as in the case of smart playback devices, 3D Smart TVs, Ultra HD, 4K, Blu -3D ray, laptop or desktop computers, Mac, Raspberry Pi, among others.

Also, they could be used for video consoles of different resolutions, such as the Playstation 3 or PS4, the Xbox, Xbox One, or Xbox 360, as well as video projectors, TV receivers, DVB and AV, TFT monitors, among others.

All you should know about the HDMI cable 

An HDMI cable is virtually essential for first-class video and audio transmissions. For the best product list, our team checked countless customer reviews, comparisons, and tests on the Internet to be able to present ratings for cable lengths, compatibility, brands, and much more.

What is an HDMI cable?

The acronym HDMI stands for the English term High Definition Multimedia Interface. This is a cable connection between multimedia devices, whereby the best possible video and audio transmission in digital form are understood by the current state of the art.

HDMI cables are available in different lengths, whereby the conventional models are between 2 and 10 m long. The cable itself is either made of robust yet flexible plastic or a textile fabric sheath. Many wires are still equipped with a wire mesh on the inside, which is intended to protect them from external interference. The plugs themselves are welded in plastic and gold-plated for better signal transmission.

Interestingly, HDMI cables are much smaller than, for example, the old SCART cables with which the television and DVD player or receiver have been connected. This makes it easier to route these cables behind the devices and to keep them closer to the wall.

How does an HDMI cable work?

In our HDMI cable test, we would also like to explain how this new transmission technology works.

From version 2.0, HDMI achieves a data transfer rate of 14.4 GBit / s. The current 2.1 version is even designed for 38.4 GBit / s.

Also, incredibly high pixel resolutions of up to 7680 × 4320p at 60 Hz can be achieved. Dolby True, DTS-HD, and 4k 3D are possible without any problems. For this reason, modern HDMI devices are also suitable for video resolutions above Full HD.

It is essential that HDMI differentiates between different formats. This includes specifications that an HDMI-capable device must meet and so-called optional sizes.

However, an unusually high resolution and many audio channels are not a prerequisite for being described as HDMI-compliant. The basic requirements are always sufficient.

An HDMI cable should not be longer than 15 m. The longer such a cable is, the faster errors in data transmission can occur. A maximum of 10 m is recommended for domestic use, whereby the quality of the cable is also outstanding. You can also use inexpensive HDMI cables up to 5 m in length.

There are a total of four different connector types. Types A and B have a cross-section of 4.5 x 13 and 21 mm.

  • Type C is a miniplug mm with a cross-section of 2.5 x 10.5. There is also a smaller type D connector with an even smaller cross-section.
  • The types A, C, and D are used as the so-called Singel link connection referred. Here three signal line pairs are available for data transmission at the same time. Type B is called a dual-link relationship and has six signal line pairs. This enables a double data transfer rate.

Advantages & application areas

Regardless of whether you choose one of our HDMI cable test winners or another model listed here, HDMI cables are part of every stable connection between two multimedia devices.

With an HDMI cable we can:

Thanks to the high-quality plugs, a reliable plug connection between the devices is provided. You don’t always have to use straight plugs. Angled HDMI plugs are also available for tight spaces.

Advantages of an HDMI cable

  • connect a modern flat-screen TV to multimedia devices,
  • benefit from Full high HD or 4k picture quality,
  • enjoy first-class Dolby Surround sound quality,
  • enjoy a secure plug connection,
  • benefit from a high data transfer rate.

What types of HDMI cables are there?

Before you are interested in a specific HDMI cable, we would like to introduce you to the different types in more detail.

HDMI standard cable

While version numbers still differentiated the first HDMI cables, in 2012, it was agreed to abolish the numbering. Instead, all HDMI cables have to list all the functions they support. A version number does not indicate what such a cable can do.

The HDMI standard cable is equipped with type A connectors and offers a transmission speed of up to 1.782 Gbit / s and an image resolution of 720p or 1080p at 60 Hz each. This format is referred to as HD. However, these cables do not offer Full HD. This category also includes HDMI cables with an Ethernet network channel.

Advantages of an HDMI standard cable

  • HD capable,
  • Max. Image resolution of 1,080p,
  • Connector type A,
  • Transmission speed up to 1.782 Gbit / s,
  • is universally supported by most multimedia devices,
  • quite inexpensive.

Disadvantages of an HDMI standard cable

  • not Full HD capable,
  • no 3D support,
  • cheap cables can have transmission errors.

HDMI standard automotive cable

A special HDMI cable for an automotive connection system was developed for use in motor vehicles. Here, a unique connector type E is used, which guarantees a firm hold via a locking system. This makes this cable suitable for demanding applications in motor vehicles. They offer high protection against vibrations and are also cold-resistant.

The maximum transmission speed is 1,782 GBit / s and achieves an image resolution of 1,080p, i.e., HD quality. In rare cases, these cables are also used by home cinema system owners.

Advantages of an HDMI standard automotive cable

  • HD capable,
  • Max. Image resolution of 1,080p,
  • Connector type E,
  • Transmission speed up to 1.782 Gbit / s,
  • offers secure operation with the lock system,
  • It can also be used in difficult conditions in the motor vehicle.

Disadvantages of an HDMI standard automotive cable

  • not Full HD capable,
  • no 3D support,
  • relative expensive.

HDMI high-speed cable

The current HDMI cable is designed for connector A, mini connector C and micro connector D. These cables achieve a data transfer rate of at least 8.16 Gbit / s and an image resolution of 2,160p at 60 Hz. They are Full HD capable and support 3D playback. In addition to full HD, these HDMI cables are 4k-capable and support an extended color space, which is referred to as deep color. Some wires also offer an Ethernet network channel, which eliminates the need for an optional network cable.

These cables are a good investment, even if you don’t have an UltraHD TV yourself. After all, HDMI Hight Speed is the current standard and is almost identical in price to the standard cables.

Advantages of an HDMI high-speed cable

  • Full HD capable,
  • supports 4k playback,
  • Max. Image resolution of 2,160p,
  • Connector types A, C, and D,
  • high transmission speed up to 8.16 Gbit / s,
  • 3D and deep color are supported,
  • attractive price-performance ratio.

Disadvantages of an HDMI high-speed cable

  • no

HDMI cable Comparison between cheap cables and quality cables

Why should you spend 20 or 40 euros for an HDMI cable if you can get such a cable for 5 euros? A good question we want to answer in our HDMI cable test. Generally, the manufacturers state how many gigabytes per second it can transport, but cheap cables are often too optimistic here, as external practical tests have shown. A widespread problem with cheap HDMI cables is that the screen just stays black.

This is especially the case with a large amount of data. For those who want to connect a laptop that is no more extended brand new to a television that is not brand new, it can also be secure and problem-free with a cheap HDMI cable.

According to PCTipp, HDMI cables should only be ancient (older than eight years), and PC and monitor must support HDMI 2.0 – then a connection is not a problem. But according to the HDTV magazine, it is not that simple. In a vivid YouTube video, HDMI cable expert Christian Trozinski demonstrates how cheap HDMI cables behave with 18 gigabytes of data transfer. He ordered the HDMI cable Amazon three times to increase the probability that one of them would work. Two HDMI cables show no picture at all and the third cable only briefly, or only with restricted data transfer. For comparison, he shows an HDMI cable Panasonic 4k 18Gbps. With this, the picture connection with 18Gbps works perfectly, but there are no connection problems while playing computer games with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

The expert recommends not to use cheap cables, but to invest a little more money in certified HDML cables.

HDMI cable with certificate

The HDMI certificate recommended by the experts can be found in the following products: HDMI cable Ultra HDTV 4k, HDMI cable Atzebe 4k, HDMI cable KabelDirekt Premium and HDMI cable Connector Premium.

The cables are available in different lengths.

Tested criteria of the HDMI cables

We have included the following test criteria in our HDMI cable test and should help you find the right cable. Of course, this list does not claim to be complete but should draw attention to the most critical points.

The build quality

If we take a closer look at an HDMI cable, we will find that the cable harness is sometimes somewhat rigid. These are mostly plastic-coated cables. The thinner such a cable, the more flexible it becomes. Unusually thick cables are usually still provided with a wire mesh, which is intended to shield outside interference signals. Instead of plastic, some manufacturers also use nylon, for example.

HDMI cables with textile sheathing are exotic. These look particularly classy and give a connector a professional look. It is not for nothing that ambitious home cinema owners also use these cables.

We paid great attention to the connectors. Regardless of the type of connector, the outer housing is usually made of robust PVC. The connector itself is made of copper for most HDMI cables, as this is still one of the preferred electrical conductors. There are also gold-plated plugs, but they only achieve a positive optical look. Real gold plugs are rare and very expensive. However, they offer the best transmission quality.

If you want to plug an HDMI cable more often, you should pay attention to a high connector quality.

What about backward compatibility?

Most of the HDMI cables listed here are backward compatible with the lower standards. The cable is always trying to achieve an optimal data transmission speed if we use two multimedia devices with different HDMI standards. However, it should not be left unmentioned that the speed is always aimed at the slower method, as this understandably cannot achieve higher data transfer rates.

Advantageously, older HD devices can also be connected with a new HDMI cable with 4k support. We only have to do without Full HD or 4k here. In this case, the purchase is future-oriented.

Straight or angled plugs

We’ll go into the quality of the HDMI cable connector in the purchase criteria below. However, the actual connector design is attractive. Most HDMI connectors are straight. This means that we have to plug them into the HDMI port at full height. This is not a problem for most multimedia devices.

It looks different if, for example, we have our flat-screen TV hanging on the wall. Only a few millimeters of space remained between the rear wall and the wall. Earlier SCART plugs then tended to be bent or damaged. Even with a standard HDMI connector, the actual cable behind the kink protection can be damaged by excessive pressure.

In this case, angled HDMI connectors provide a remedy. These are designed so that the actual HDMI cable is not led out directly to the rear but on the connector’s side. This gives us much more space and enables us to establish an HDMI cable connection, even in confined areas. You should pay attention to this unique design if necessary.

What should I watch out for when buying an HDMI cable?

Of course, the essential purchase criteria should not be missing in our HDMI Cable Test 2020. We have listed them here as far as possible.

The right HDMI cable

When you buy an HDMI cable today, the first step is to choose the right connector. After all, you need to connect two specific multimedia devices securely. In addition to the standard cable with connector type A, there are cables with connector types C and D.

Since today’s cables no longer have version numbers, you must make sure in the description whether the cable is only HD-capable or also Full-HD or 4k-capable. It is better to buy a high-quality 4k cable straight away, as it is downward compatible on one side and supports future multimedia devices on the other.

If you buy a model with Ethernet support, you can also do without an additional LAN cable.

The correct length of the HDMI cable

Of course, you should buy an HDMI cable, which on the one hand, is not too short, but on the other hand, it is not too long. For most connections between two multimedia devices, a length of up to 2 m is sufficient.

In rare cases, you need an HDMI cable with a length of 10 or 15 m. These are almost the maximum lengths, although this can sometimes lead to interference signals. To lay such a cable over longer distances, it is advisable to think of an HDMI amplifier at the same time.

If you only want to connect a Bluray player to the TV, you can use a short cable with a length of 1.5 m. The quality of the cable also doesn’t play a significant role here.

Copper or gold?

HDMI cables with real gold plugs are rare and very expensive. They offer the best transmission speed and are very reliable. However, in most cases, it is sufficient to choose a cable with copper plugs.

Interestingly, there are also gold-plated plugs here. Usually, however, only the outer housing of the connector is gold-plated and has no relevance for the transmission quality. On the other hand, gold-plated cable plugs naturally look more professional. Here you have to differentiate according to taste.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

Before you decide on a new HDMI cable or even one of our HDMI cable test winners, we would like to introduce you to some of the leading manufacturers.


Behind the CSL brand is the CLS-Computer GmbH & Co. KG of the same name with its headquarters in Hanover. The company has become known for its affordable complete computer offers. CSL sells its goods primarily online and covers the entire range of PCs, notebooks, and associated hardware. The range also includes HDMI cables.

CSL HDMI cables are available in many different lengths. The plugs are partly gold-plated and are characterized by reliable build quality. Here you will find not only simple versions but also double and triple shielded cables that are resistant to interference.

In addition to HDMI cables, you can also order the various HDMI adapters from CSL computers. All in all, the CSL HDMI cables are in the lower to medium price segment, whereby length is also essential.


Behind the KabelDirekt label is the German IdelVersandhandel GmbH based in Schenefeld. This well-known online shop specializes in a wide variety of multimedia cable connections. The product range also includes HDMI cables of different lengths.

KabelDirekt HDMI cables initially impress with an exciting and colorful design. Some of these cables are equipped with gold-plated plugs. There are also all standard connector sizes offered and even angled versions. You can also order all HDMI adapters from KabelDirekt.

The high-speed HDMI cables with protective shielding, which are also available in many lengths, are particularly popular. KabelDirekt HDMI cables are in the medium to high price range.



The German Memoryking GmbH & Co. KG, based in Berlin, is behind the labeling delay. The company specializes in hi-fi accessories and high-quality cable connections. Here you will also find first-class HDMI cables.

delayCON HDMI cables are characterized by reliable build quality and modern, timeless design. In addition to gold-plated plugs, you will also find high-speed cables with an Ethernet function.

You can order these HDMI cables in many different lengths. Interestingly, you can also buy a wide variety of adapters, connector sizes, TOSLink connections, and HDMI switches. All in all, the HDMI cables from delayCON are in the middle to upper price segment.



The AmazonBasics label is the house brand of the American Inc. based in Seattle. The massive online department store offers not only many third-party providers the opportunity to sell products on their platform but also has several own brands in their range. This includes the offer from AmazonBasics, where you can also find reliable and high-quality HDMI cables.

AmazonBasics HDMI cables comply with the HDMI Standard 2.0 and thus support 4k playback. These cables are 3D-capable and also able to be used as Ethernet cables. The plastic-coated cables are quite robust and equipped with gold-plated plugs. They are available in many lengths. Overall, AmazonBasics HDMI cables are in the lower to medium price segment.



The German Hama HamaphotHanke& Thomas GmbH & Co KG based in Monheim should not go unmentioned. The company, founded in 1923, is now one of the leading manufacturers of the photo, video, audio, computer, and telecommunications accessories. Of course, HDMI cables should not be missing.

Hama HDMI cables are not only available in many different lengths, but also with straight and angled plugs. In addition to plastic-coated high-speed HDMI cables, you will also find exclusive designs for game consoles, such as the Xbox. The cable was also optically based on the green-black color of this console. With the textile sheathing, such a cable is an eye-catcher.

Hama also offers a wide variety of HDMI adapters. The SCART to HDMI adapters are very popular, for example. Overall, you will find the Hama HDMI cables in the lower to medium price segment.


Internet vs. Specialist trade: where is the best place to buy my HDMI cable?

If you are looking for a new HDMI cable, you can do it in any useful way:

  • Electronics specialist store, in larger department stores, in supermarkets and also at discounters.
  • These cables are even offered in hardware stores.
  • Of course, you can also order your HDMI cable over the Internet. We would like to present the advantages and disadvantages of these shopping options below.

Buy an HDMI cable in the electronics store.

A manageable selection of HDMI cables can usually be found in an electronics store. Many customers also buy one or the other multimedia device here and also use the appropriate HDMI cable. Unfortunately, most electronics stores are not right on your doorstep, so you often have to put up with longer journeys.

Even if these markets offer many cable connections, the exact length of the HDMI cable is usually missing. Sometimes only simple versions are offered, but they are sold far from cheap. If you ask a seller about a specific HDMI cable, they won’t be able to help you.

Different versions also pose problems, such as HDMI cables with an angled plug or even a particular adapter. Many shops have to fit here. If you have nevertheless decided on a standard cable and find at home that it does not meet your expectations, it will usually be difficult to return it to the dealer. You will only be helped with reasons for goodwill. Sometimes, instead of a purchase price reimbursement, you will only receive a shopping voucher that you do not currently need.

Advantages when shopping in the electronics store

  • You can take the cable with you immediately
  • You can ask a seller
  • HDMI cables are purchased with a new multimedia device.

Disadvantages when shopping in the electronics store

  • Directions and crowded shops on weekends,
  • partially annoyed sellers,
  • limited choice,
  • the desired length and the type of connector are missing,
  • often expensive,
  • Difficulty returning due to dislike.

Order an HDMI cable over the Internet

Avoid travel routes and shop opening times. On the internet, you not only have the largest selection but also find your HDMI cable to the best prices. You can place an online order from home at any time. Most online portals offer you sufficient product information.

Orders can be placed with just a few clicks of the mouse and are secure with certified retailers. In many cases, you will even receive your HDMI cable within 24 hours. Often you do n’t also have to pay shipping costs.

If you should not like the cable or it does not fit, you can simply send it back to the dealer as part of your right of cancellation, and your purchase price will be refunded. Shopping over the Internet can, therefore, be recommended.

Advantages when shopping on the Internet

  • vast selection of HDMI cables,
  • relatively low prices,
  • here you will find all lengths, connector types, and sizes,
  • secure and straightforward ordering process,
  • short delivery times, sometimes within 24 hours,
  • often no shipping costs,
  • Right of withdrawal.

Disadvantages when shopping on the Internet

  • You don’t get personal sales advice,
  • You cannot take your HDMI cable home immediately.

Interesting facts & advice

After you have already informed yourself in detail about HDMI cables, we do not want to withhold further background information in our guide.

The history of the HDMI cable

HDMI is intended for home entertainment. In this regard, the well-known electronics companies Panasonic, Hitachi, Philips, Sony, Silicon Image, Toshiba and Thomson in 2002so-called AV connection standard HDMI developed as a successor to the proven DVI standard. HDMI is fully backward compatible with DVI, but allows a much faster transmission speed and is also suitable for the transmission of audio data.

HDMI version 1.0 has a smaller connector than DVI. The new standard supports the YCbCr color model, which was developed for digital television according to the PAL standard. As previously mentioned, DVI was only able to transmit video data. Now with HDMI, it is also possible to transmit audio signals at the same time. The chip manufacturer Intel also developed the HDCP 1.1 copy protection for the HDMI format so that video and audio data cannot be tapped between an HDMI connection.

In 2003, the first Pioneer HDMI-capable devices came onto the market. These were DVD players and DVD recorders. Pioneer also presented the first plasma television with an HDMI connection. The HDMI standard has been continuously developed over the years. This can be recognized by the consecutive version numbers.

In 2014, Pansonic introduced the first Bluray player with an HDMI 2.0 connection. This made it possible to play videos in 4k resolution. This was an important milestone for the so-called ultra-high-definition television televisions.

Today, at least one HDMI port can be found on almost every multimedia device. This standard has also become established in the PC area in addition to video players, televisions, receivers, and camcorders. Most modern TFT monitors are equipped with an HDMI connection.

Numbers, data, facts about HDMI cables

We would like to delve deeper into the matter with the following data and facts about HDMI cables.

The correct length should be ensured.

The developers of the HDMI standard generally provided cable lengths of up to 15 m. For the commercial and professional area, there are also HDMI fiber optic cables that allow a range of up to 100 m. To ensure error-free data transmission, HDMI cables must have excellent high-frequency properties. This places high demands on the cable quality, on the connectors, and the HDMI receiver in the multimedia device.

For relatively short connections up to 5 m, you can use inexpensive HDMI cables. If a malfunction should occur, this can easily be determined based on the so-called TMDS coding. TMDS is the term Transition-Minimized Differential Signaling, a single interface standard for serial video signal transmission. This procedure is tailored for DVI and HDMI interfaces, whereby a maximum transmission rate per data line of 1.65 Gbit / s is made possible.

If an HDMI cable is too long and has interference, this is visible through pixel errors on the screen due to the TMDS coding. With the help of an amplifier or repeater, the signal transmission can be partially doubled. Short HDMI cables should primarily be used for home applications.

What does the current HDMI standard 2.1 offer?

Since January 2017, the new HDMI standard 2.1 has been presented at the CES in Las Vegas. Innovations include higher video resolutions, such as 8k playback at 60 Hz and 4k playback at 120 Hz. HDR playback has been improved again. A significant change was the higher bandwidth of up to 48 GBit / s. Even 8k playback with HDR functionality is possible.

Interestingly, the new high-speed standard is also backward compatible. However, the new features are understandably only supported by compliant devices. The most modern audio formats are supported with the ears function. Modern multimedia devices can automatically recognize the correct audio format.

The new VRR mode should not go unmentioned for gamers and PC freaks. This enables a variable refresh rate, which can be displayed by a graphics processor without delay. This feature is particularly enriching for video games.


What does an HDCPa HDMI cable mean?

HDCP is the abbreviation for High bandwidth Digital Content Protection. This is an individual copy protection that is integrated into most HDMI cables. This encryption system prevents video and audio data from being trapped between the sender and receiver. This plays a vital role in particular when it comes to streaming offers from within the company. This copy protection was developed for DVI, the DisplayPort, and HDMI.

  • Are expensive cables better in picture quality?

An HDMI cable transmits digital video and audio data via the TMDS standard. All wires that bear the HDMI logo work with this technology. In this regard, there is no difference between cheap and expensive cables. As has also been found in several laboratory tests, there are no differences in terms of image quality. For this reason, competitive and costly cables can deliver the same picture results in in-home use.

What influence does the cable version have?

In the past, HDMI cables were labeled with version names. Although this is actually no longer permitted, it can be said that the HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 standard represents the current state of the art. These HDMI cables support 4k playback, 3D, HD audio, and deep color. In other words, you should use an HDMI high-speed cable when purchasing. It is essential that the desired features are offered by the cable manufacturer. Studying the function list is, therefore, particularly important.

Fortunately, high-quality, high-speed cables do not cost more than standard HDMI cables. Since these cables are always backward compatible, you should prefer a high-speed model when purchasing.

Why should you pay attention to a premium high-speed HDMI cable?

Unfortunately, not all high-speed cables deliver a 4k resolution with 2,160p at 60 Hz. The HDMI organization has therefore presented an unmistakable name for HDMI cables, in which the high data transfer rate of at least 18 GBit / s is achieved. These cables are called Premium High-Speed HDMI cables.

These HDMI cables are provided with a corresponding premium label and additional QR code so that you can recognize such a cable at first glance. You can check the authenticity of the name using the QR code. These fast HDMI cables cost a little more than the other cable versions.

Which HDMI cables are 3D capable?

From the old HDMI cable version 1.4, these cables are 3D-capable. Otherwise, these cables are called High Speed. This means that we can also transmit 3D images and 3D videos.

What is needed for a wireless HDMI?

Many may not know that HDMI signals can also be transmitted wirelessly. In some cases, users want wireless transmission when cables are optically distracting. There are compact HDMI adapters on the market that can be plugged into both the transmitter and receiver. These can then establish a wireless connection to each other.

What are the best HDMI cables from our comparison?

From the comparison, the following nine HDMI cables are 1st place with very good, the Belkin Ultra-Highspeed HDMI cable – from 29.99 euros, 2nd place with very good, the IBRA LUXURY GOLD HDMI cable – from 8.25 euros, 3rd place with good, the KabelDirekt TOP Series 2m white – from 7.99 euros, 4th place with sound, the delusion 2m HDMI cable HDMI 2.0 – from 5.99 euros, 5th place with good, the delusion HDMI 270-degree angle cable – from 7.69 euros, 6th place with sound, the KabelDirekt 2m HDMI cable – from 6.99 euros, 7th place with music, the CSL Computer Ultra HD 4k HDMI cable 1.4a 2m – from 6.99 euros, 8th place with well, the AmazonBasics braided HDMI cable – from 7.99 euros and also in 9th place with good, the AmazonBasics high-speed HDMI cable – from 6.19 euros.

Which manufacturers are included in the product comparison?

In the product comparison, HDMI cables from six manufacturers were compared. These include the manufacturers Belkin, IBRA, KabelDirekt, deleyCON, CSL Computer, and Amazon.

How much do the recommended models on this page cost?

HDMI cables are available in various price ranges. The cheapest cable is open from 5.99 euros. The most expensive cable currently costs 29.99 euros. On average, premium cable costs around 10 euros.

Which HDMI cable is rated best by customers?

The KabelDirekt 2m HDMI cable was rated most frequently by the customers of the shipping giant Amazon. A total of about 13,329 times. However, the Belkin Ultra-Highspeed HDMI cable received the best customer reviews, on average, 4.5 stars.

How many “VERY GOOD” HDMI cables are there?

The Belkin Ultra-Highspeed HDMI cable and IBRA LUXURY GOLD HDMI cable were awarded the rating “very good.”

Which HDMI cables have been compared or tested?

A total of 9 pieces were compared for the HDMI cables. The Belkin Ultra-Highspeed HDMI cable, the IBRA LUXURY GOLD HDMI cable, the KabelDirekt TOP Series 2m knows, the deleyCON 2m HDMI cable HDMI 2.0, the deleyCON HDMI 270-degree angle cable, the KabelDirekt 2m HDMI cable, the CSL computer Ultra HD 4k HDMI cable 1.4a 2m, the AmazonBasics braided HDMI cable, and the AmazonBasics high-speed HDMI cable.

Useful accessories

Many may wonder if there are any accessories for HDMI cables. Here we would like to remind you of the vast selection of adapters. It is not always possible to connect two digital devices with one HDMI cable. Maybe your laptop only has a DVI connection or only via USB ports. Other multimedia devices are also equipped with different sized port connections. In this case, an adapter can be quite useful.

HDMI to VGA adapter

Until a few years ago, the traditional VGA connection was one of the most important types of relationships between a PC monitor and a PC graphics card. Even if these monitors and graphics cards are no longer states of the art, we still see them quite often.

With an HDMI to VGA adapter, we can do one connect modern TFT monitor to a PC with an older graphics card. However, it should be noted that VGA is an analog image transmission standard. The full HDMI performance is, therefore not possible.

When purchasing, you should pay attention to which device the HDMI connection and which VGA connection is required. This is because we need a connector on one side and a port on the other. For this reason, there are both HDMI to VGA adapters and VGA to HDMI adapters.

Overall, this enables us to connect modern technology to older hardware. Many still do not want to do without their good old VGA monitor.

HDMI to DVI adapter

An HDMI to DVI adapter is also quite useful. We find DVI connections on both PC graphics cards and PC monitors. The DVI standard is the forerunner of HDMI. It is essential to know that DVI can only transmit digital video signals and no audio data.

However, such an adapter is worthwhile if, for example, we want to connect a modern TFT monitor with an HDMI port to a graphics card with a DVI connection. If you look closely, you will find that the old DVI standard requires much larger plugs. The adapters available on the market can support both HDMI connector type A and C or D.

After all, you can use an HDMI to DVI adapter or DVI to HDMI adapter can connect modern and older hardware.

HDMI to USB adapter

The USB connection is one of the most popular PC interfaces. Here too, in addition to the standard USB connector, there is also a micro version. We always need an adapter if, for example, our computer does not have an HDMI port. Instead, we can also use a free USB port. With the help of an HDMI-to-USB adapter or a USB-to-HDMI adapter, we can connect various HDMI devices, such as a modern flat-screen TV, directly to the computer.

Alternatives to the HDMI cable

Provides for video and audio transmission HDMI with 4k support represents the current state of the art. Of course, some may wonder whether there are also alternatives. First, however, it has to be determined which possible connection cables can be connected to your multimedia devices.

The following multimedia interfaces can be viewed as an alternative, but not all of them can transmit both video and audio data:

  • VGA is an analog image transmission standard,
  • DVI as the predecessor of HDMI can only transmit digital video data,
  • VESA DisplayPort for digital image and sound transmission – similar to DVI,
  • HDBaseT as a competitor of HDMI for digital video and audio transmission, 4k compatibility, 100 Mbit / s Ethernet speed, USB 2.0 compatibility and can be used as a 100-watt power supply,
  • Thunderbolt as a combination of DisplayPort and PCI Express interface for video and audio data, which was developed by Intel and Apple under the name Light-Peak.

Final Talk On Best HDMI Cable For 4k Gaming

If you’re a gamer, you’re undoubtedly looking for the finest possible experience. You don’t want to be let down by a cable that isn’t up to grade if you’ve invested in high-end gaming consoles or other equipment. Of course, this raises the question, “What is the finest HDMI cable for gaming?”

If you simply want the best HDMI cable for gaming and don’t want to worry about having to replace your cables in the future, the answer is simple: acquire an Ultra High-Speed HDMI cable. These HDMI 2.1 cables are the most recent iteration, with a bandwidth of 48 Gbps, which is far more than previous standards. Even if you don’t need everything an Ultra High-Speed HDMI 2.1 cable has to offer right now, you could need it in the future – and you won’t want to replace your cables again anytime soon.

There are several reasons why these cables are the best option. It used to be that it didn’t matter what kind of HDMI cable you bought as long as it was long enough and looked modern. HDMI 1.4 introduced enough capacity for 4K resolution and HDMI 2.0 permitted 4K 60 Hz in 2015, albeit it wasn’t widely used until recently. However, until HDMI 2.1 was available, none of these modifications necessitated the purchase of a new cable.

However, these days, the type of HDMI cable you choose may be important – especially if you have a contemporary console. The PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X both support 4K resolutions and HDR, with even higher resolution standards, such as 8K, on the way. If you want to take advantage of 4K and HDR, you’ll need at least a Premium High-Speed Cable, or HDMI 2.0, which supports 4K and HDR but isn’t nearly as future-proof as HDMI 2.1 – and considering the minor price difference, it’s well worth the upgrade.

Of again, if you don’t have a 4K-capable console and don’t plan on acquiring one anytime soon, you can probably get away with using an older or less expensive cable. However, as previously said, Ultra High-Speed HDMI cables aren’t all that expensive, and investing in the most up-to-date cables ensures that they’ll work for whatever you need them to do well into the future. The cable should last a long time if it is purchased from a reliable manufacturer, such as Cable Matters.

However, as you might guess, the answer to that question is very dependent on your setup and the goals you have for your gaming time. And, in recent years, things have evolved to the point that the type of HDMI cable you choose may actually matter.

This article will teach you all you need to know about choosing the best HDMI cable for gaming.

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