The Best External Android Smart TV- Buying Guide, And Reviews In 2020

Having a Smart TV with the built-in Android operating system is very useful because it offers you a series of functionalities and applications that will maximize your entertainment experience. To contribute to your selection process for this equipment, we have reviewed a good number of available options and found two models that, according to their technical specifications and the user experience provided, are recommended by users as good purchase alternatives.

The first is the Bqeel M9X MAX model, which has various options for connecting to the network and other devices, using Bluetooth, Ethernet, and wifi. Its processing capacity, its compatibility with image, audio, and video formats, as well as its relaxed configuration, have also been praised. The other option promoted is the Zenoplige T98PRO model, which incorporates the Android 7.1 system, has a lightweight and wireless connection options.


What is the best external Android Smart TVs on the market?

Currently, almost any electronic device gives you the possibility to surf the Internet in real-time and use mobile applications in addition to that. Still, there is one that allows you to have the best of smart TV technology on your plasma TV. Several manufacturers have developed a device capable of not only incorporating this innovation that improves the quality of the image and its sharpness in the reproduced contents but also to have other systems available to you that your TV cannot regularly support, to extend your experience in the use of various advances exclusive to other electronic devices. 

Some details that must be taken into account when acquiring one of these prototypes are its memory capacity, knowing that you will need enough space for downloading applications, files in various formats, and online browsing of a comfortable and straightforward way.

The USB ports, card slots, and other inputs for the connection of conventional devices are also essential aspects to take into account to link the device with other devices. 

There are also fundamental connectivity features such as wireless connection via wifi and the option of accessing processors similar to those of computers and mobile phones so that users can enjoy any online content with the quality and clarity offered by these devices on a larger scale. 

Rate those models with 4K playback to optimize the images that are reproduced and support multiple multimedia formats, so you can import any file without complicating yourself with the use of converters or other tools to enjoy these contents.

Most of these devices allow you to incorporate other components such as mice, keyboards, controls for video game consoles, and other devices that will make your experience a lot more comfortable. If you want to find a suitable model for you, know these three external Android smart TV options that users have recommended in the comparison.


What are the best Android external smart TVs of 2020?

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Rank #1: Aqeel M9X MAX Android 6.0 TV Box

With support for Android 6.0, wifi with dual-band 2.4GHz / 5GHz and Bluetooth 4.0, this device makes it easier for users to not only play audiovisual content with better image and sound quality, but you can also import files through of these technologies and enjoy the benefits that the Internet offers from the comfort of your TV.

This external smart TV has 4 USB ports that support DISK and HDD innovations, SD card reader, SDHC, and MMC; and the traditional HDMI input for wired connections so that you can incorporate a wide range of electronic equipment, regardless of its function.

It is also compatible with most applications and social networks offered by Android, without the need to have a smartphone. You can also connect other devices through a wireless USB cable mouse and keyboard with high quality in high definition 4K so that you can have better images on your conventional TV.


Rank #2: Zenoplige T98PRO Android TV Box Android 7.1

Suitable for any lover of Android and all the applications, games and social networks that this system offers to its customers, users can have unlimited internet access from the comfort of their living room, with the quality that this TV can provide external smart TV, thanks to its possibility of wifi connection.

Its 2G RAM and four ARM Cortex A53 cores make this a high-performance device, comparable to the hard drive of a conventional computer. It includes two USB ports, 5V / 2A DC inputs, TF card reader, AV port, an RJ45 Ethernet port, which increase the playback options.

Besides, it has a decoder of 4K, HD formats, and other platforms to improve the image quality and its sharpness during the playback of any file regardless of its type. It has a memory of 16 GB so you can store and enjoy all the videos, movies, TV shows, and any audiovisual content you want.


Rank #3: GZCRDZ Streaming Media Player MX10 7.1

One of the novelties of this external Android smart TV is that it can support the playback of 3D and 4K files so you can watch your programs, movies, sporting events, and any favorite video with high quality and performance.

It offers the possibility of viewing files in multiple audiovisual formats, without the need to use converters. Besides, it provides the opportunity of surfing the Internet with its 2.4 GHz wifi connection speed, which is fast enough to download and enjoy the applications that the Android system allows to use from this Smart Box.

For users’ convenience, it comes with remote control with infrared technology to make the settings. It incorporates 4 USB ports, SPDIF, AV input, and an Ethernet or wifi option, which improves the user experience. Your hard drive can extend to 1 TB, so storing your content will not be a problem.

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