Top 10 Best Data Cable For Android (2021 Reviews )

Stop stealing other people’s chargers and invest in a set of the best charging cords for Android instead.

While none of these cables are objectively superior to the others, we’ve selected a handful of our favorites based solely on pricing and aesthetics to ensure you always have a cable on hand.

Even though the mico-USB charging standard is growing a touch old, many of users and gadgets still rely on it to charge their devices.

Investing in a few of these will make you the most popular person in the office, whether you require a fancy braided cable like the iSeeker Braided Cable at Amazon or a half-dozen throwaway cables like the Anker PowerLine at Amazon (whenever we can return to work that is).

If you’re interested in learning more about USB cables and how they function, read our guide to USB before purchasing one of the finest charging cables for Android.

Our Editor's Choice -Best Data Cable For Android

Top 10 Best Data Cable For Android (2022 Reviews )

Maintaining adequate data transfer capacity between your devices is essential. Knowing which is the best data cable for android that you can find is sometimes tricky.

Above all, given many options in cables, connectors, measurements, and designs.

So that you do not stay disconnected, below, you will find some models that we have highlighted from our selection of the best data cables of 2020, with which to have an adequate vision of what you can find on the market.

One problem that conventional data cables accompany our mobile have is that they deteriorate.

The advantage is that it is easy to find replacement data cables to keep your mobile charge charged or to transfer data quickly.

You can easily buy a product if you follow the advice in our guide to buying the best data cable, with which to choose the most suitable model for your device and your specific needs.

JSAUX USB A Male to Micro B Cable

JSAUX USB A Male to Micro B Cable is a reliable, durable data cable with a length of 2 meters, so you can use it with the highest possible comfort.

We recommend having it among your purchase options.

Main Features 


When investing in data cables, one of the most important aspects to consider is compatibility.

Not all electronic equipment works with the same ports, so you should make sure that the cable you choose can be linked to your device.

If you work with computers, this JSAUX USB A Male to Micro B Cable may be the complement you need.

This data cable has a USB port and a USB Type-C port, with which you can connect Android devices, such as the LG G5 and G6, the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus, the Google Nexus 5X and 6P phones, the Switch game console from Nintendo, among many others, as well as Apple computers.

The cable transfers the data at a speed of USB 3.0, reaching peaks of up to 480 Mbps.

This capacity will allow you to transport extensive files in a short time and charge your device’s battery faster.


Another significant point that you should evaluate before investing in a data transmission cable is its length.

Knowing how long it is, you can determine the freedom of movement that you will have to continue using your equipment while you keep it connected to your computer or its wall charger.

With the JSAUX USB A Male to Micro B Cable, we find a model that has a length of 2 meters.

These dimensions will allow you to move comfortably if you receive a call on your phone while you have it connected, besides facilitating the charging of your battery when you are in bed or on the sofa in case the plug is remote.

Another of its advantages is that the brand, TecMad, offers a guarantee for a total time of 24 months so that you can claim in case of cable malfunction, either when charging the battery or transferring files.


Finally, don’t forget to study the type of cable construction. Knowing the manufacturing materials makes it easier for you to determine the durability of the cable based on your usage habits, and you can decide whether it is worth investing money in it.

With the purchase of this JSAUX USB A Male to Micro B Cable, you will get an intelligently designed product.

It covers the internal wires that make the transmission of data and energy possible by a criss-cross weave that, besides avoiding kinks that may affect the cables, also prevents them from becoming tangled.

As discussed by its manufacturer, the built-in metal components at each end of the cable can support over 5,000 inserts, showing that you can safely use it without fear of breaking without warning.

 JSAUX USB A Male to Micro B Cable


  • One of the most surprising benefits of this model of the data cable is that it works with USB 3.0 transmission technology, capable of reaching high speeds so that you can have all your files wherever you want in a short time.


  • A couple of users commented that although the battery charging speed is high, it does not exceed that offered by the original cables that come bundled with smartphones.

JETech USB Sync and Charging Cable

If we are looking for the best price-quality data cable at the moment, the JETech USB Sync and Charging Cable is an exciting proposal.

This pair of data cables have a measurement of two meters, which is suitable, therefore offering you an excellent comfort of use.

A cable with a charging power of up to 2.3 amps, with a data synchronization speed that reaches 480 megabytes per second.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about not having adequate performance.

A data cable for V8, Galaxy Note 8, Huawei P10, and another notable variety of devices that are compatible with the type C connector, also having a nylon braided exterior with which to have excellent resistance, thus improving its life Useful.

What makes this product ideal for almost everyone is that, besides being the cheapest, you will also get two data cables when you buy—a recommended set for the savers who want quality products.

JETech USB Sync and Charging Cable



To give you more for less, this purchase brings two data cables for the same price. You can charge two devices simultaneously and at the same speed, thanks to this great set.


You can be 100% sure of the quality of this purchase since Snowkids offers a lifetime guarantee; This means that you can get a response from the company at any time if your cable is damaged.


If you find yourself recharging the battery of a compatible device, then you can enjoy fast charging technology that will give you 40% more speed than ordinary cables.



Some users have had complaints about the rigidity of this cable. An excellent feature to prevent it from breaking, but a significant disadvantage when storing or adapting to the movement and position you give the device.

UGREEN Micro USB Cable

Many people dislike having more cables than necessary and having them in just the right size.

Undoubtedly, the UGREEN Micro USB Cable set is impressive for them.

This set has two different cables of tight dimensions, designed for those who have the connectors at hand.

Specifically, it has a 1-meter long cable and a second 15 cm cable, ideal for connecting your terminal to a PC or any other device and transferring data.

These cables are compatible with many devices that use the Type C connector, such as Samsung mobiles, Apple computers, or even the Nintendo Switch.

As for its resistance, the cable offers the usual braided, durable, and flexible design so that it can be bent up to 3000 times without deterioration.

Something to which the aluminum shield helps, which maintains the structure and properties of the cable easily.

If you are looking for quality in simplicity, then stop asking yourself which data cable to buy, as this Techole alternative may be perfect for giving you exactly what you are looking for.

UGREEN Micro USB Cable



It does not matter how you connect the cable to the port of the device because its reversible connector makes it easy to plug in; This is because it does not have an exclusive side to connect it


The wide compatibility range of this appliance makes it usable with various brands and devices as long as they have C type connection input.Variety: This purchase consists of two USB connection cables of different lengths to adapt to different needs. One of them is 1 meter long, while the small one is only 15 centimeters


With this data cable, you will not have to choose to upload or transfer files since both activities can be done simultaneously without any problem.



Certain buyers have expressed their displeasure that the connector, in some cases, does not fit correctly and may come out when moving the phone or device.

iSeekerKit Short Micro USB Charger

Many times we have such many devices that a single cable is not enough for us.

If this is your case and you also have tools compatible with the Type C connector system, this batch of Short Micro USB Charger is what you need.

Ideal for those who do not have enough with a single charging and data cable, counting in this case with three different cables to connect all kinds of devices.

Among them, we find different teams from Apple, HP, Nokia, or even Google, both mobile and tablets.

These cables are two meters long, making it easy to connect and use the device without worry.

The cables also have excellent performance: they can reach 5 gigabits of data transfer, having a quality external braiding that gives them better resistance.

A set that allows you to buy these cables cheaper than if you purchased them separately.

The best brand of data cables could be Rephoenix since it offers you pack with various products to save you money, and all of them are of excellent quality.

iSeekerKit Short Micro USB Charger



They are not one or two cables; This purchase consists of a bundle of 3 cables so you can have several spare or use them to charge different devices simultaneously.


Each of the cables has a length of 2 meters to give you the freedom of movement you deserve and thus be able to use the device while away from an outlet.


The product’s coating makes it fully resistant, so you can use it and store it comfortably without worrying about it being damaged if you use it very often.


Quick Charge:

Some comments state that this cable does not offer fast charge to specific devices. Therefore, these devices may last longer than they should.

Snowkids USB C Cable

If you want to take care of your Samsung phone with the brand’s original accessories, the Snowkids USB C Cable is just what you need.

A model from the manufacturer itself, with which you can perform all kinds of tasks, both charging and data synchronization, with any compatible device.

Originally intended as a data cable for Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, it is compatible with other devices.

A cable with a length of 120 centimeters, so you can use it in different circumstances without being too close to the plug.

Regarding its exterior, it has the conventional plastic cover of the first team models, so you will not have to worry too much about its breakage, as long as you treat it with care.

It is possible that with this product, you will find the best data cable for android for 10 euros, as various methods can use this device and will offer fast and safe charges at an affordable price for buyers.

Snowkids USB C Cable


Quick charge:

The devices you connect with this cable can be charged quickly, as this product has fast charge technology.

Ideal Fit:

Many people have stressed that this cable manages to fit snugly to the device being charged, making it more difficult for it to come off or move while using it.


The cable is ideally thick to be durable to use and prevent internal components from being damaged.


PC connection:

Certain buyers have commented that sometimes the cable connects and disconnects when plugged into a computer. This can be annoying and can also interfere with file transfer.

Powerline Micro USB - Charging Cable

We are searching for the best data cable for android somewhat complicated.

Fortunately, thanks to models such as the Anker Powerline Micro USB, this task is more manageable.

This cable is compatible with many devices that use the C connector for connection, such as equipment from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and other manufacturers.

Here, the cable offers adequate performance both in terms of data transfer and charging.

Something to which its quality materials help, both inside and outside, thus facilitating sufficient resistance and excellent durability.

A cable that comes in a measurement of three meters, for when the plugs are far.

However, there are alternatives to the same product from 20 centimeters long if you need them.

For added peace of mind, the cable comes with a 24-month warranty, so you won’t have to worry about anything if you don’t respond as you need.

Considering all its innovative features, they could crown this product the best data cable for android of the moment, since it has only generated positive reviews and its novel features make it stand out.

Powerline Micro USB - Charging Cable


Coating :

The cable is completely covered with nylon fabric to make it more resistant to constant use and does not break easily. On top of that, it won’t tangle, and it will be easier to use.

This data cable has SuperSpeed technology to make transfers of up to 5Gbps without any problem. It is ten times faster than other USB 2.0 generation cables.


The company has complete confidence in this product; for that reason, your purchase comes with a 24-month warranty so that you can use the cable without worries.


Various devices from different brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Nexus are fully compatible with this cable so that you can keep all your devices charged.



Although the fact that it long gives you freedom of movement, its 3 meters in length will make storing it takes up more space. This can be inconvenient for those who prefer to carry things in small backpacks and even pockets.

JETech USB Sync and Charging Cable

 Thanks to its compatibility with the USB 3.0 system, if you connect it to a compatible computer.

It will be easier to transfer files at high speed, achieving a performance of up to 480 megabytes per second.

Since these cables are 3 meters long, you may have enough cable in case you do not use it completely.

The good news is that the same manufacturer has shorter cables, from 20 centimeters long.

Designed to transfer data and charge at high speed, performing this cable is remarkable compared to others on the market.

Magnetic Type c Cable

I have manufactured the cable with a high-quality exterior, which can withstand over 5000 bends or turns, without deterioration either from the outside or from the internal wiring that supports it.

Some users commented that the charging speed might be lower than the original cables.

However, it all depends on the mobile you are charging, especially on the type of connector where it is plugged into the wall.

This is a set of two cables of two meters long and of good quality, with which to transfer data and energy efficient.

Hankuke 2Pack 10ft Long Micro USB Android Charger Cable

As a novelty, this package includes a cable of just 15 centimeters long, which is ideal for those cases where you do not want to have cables hanging where you connect them.

The rigidity of the cables is high, so the tension that they generate during the connection process can end up damaging the connectors in the long term if care is not taken.

This is an exciting alternative, with which to have cables of adjusted sizes for when you do not have the plugs too far.

How to use - Best Data Cable For Android

The data cable, more than an accessory, is the most useful and efficient way to charge and transfer data from a PC to a device, be it mobile, tablet, USB key, or camera.

Its use is straightforward; You should only consider the advice that we give you below so that you take full advantage of its functionality.

Verify that the cable is compatible

There are several types of cables in the market, so the first thing you should consider is that it is consistent with the USB system and offer adequate performance when loading and moving data.

Three types of cables can be distinguished: one of them is the micro USB, which is one of the most common, with excellent compatibility with mobiles, tablets, and other similar devices.

There is also the type of lighting recommended for Apple devices, with high speed for loading and moving data and finally there are type C cables, which fulfill the same function, but have an original design,

So you should know what type of accessory you are working on using it correctly.

Check the cable length.

The length is another of the characteristics of the data cables you should check before using them. Its length ranges from 10 centimeters to 3 meters.

Therefore, check that the size adapts to the functionality that you are going to give to the accessory. This feature does not alter its operating capacity, but is a plus for user comfort.
Choose the closest port.

Remember to choose the nearest port on the computer, so that the cable is not so stressed when connecting. Also, you must work in an organized and bright area to avoid falls or blows.
Connect the USB cable to the device

Once you have chosen the port, it is time to check that you have the correct cable according to your needs.

Connect the USB cable to your PC and then to the device.

Enable data transfer option

The charging function is the first to activate whenever you connect a device to the computer via a USB cable.

Therefore, keep in mind that to access the data transfer option, you must enable it on your mobile or tablet, entering the configuration menu.

There follow the corresponding steps, depending on the model of your device. Once the feature is enabled, you are ready to manage files and transferring data.

Disconnect the data cable

Once you finish using the data cable, disconnect it from the device.

Remember to use the device’s eject process, as this will cause the data system to come to a complete stop so that you can pull out the cable with ease.

Also, this contributes to maintaining the excellent condition of the equipment where you have connected it.

Save the cable

Bend it without making many bends, because this way you can extend its useful life.

The most recommended is to store it in a plastic case to protect it from bumps, scratches, and spills.

Shopping guide - Best Data Cable For Android

To look for a data cable, it is necessary to consider what kind of connector our device uses.

A fundamental question because if we do not choose the correct option, the cable will surely be of no use to us.

Therefore, when making a comparison of data cables for your device, this should be the first aspect to consider.

Currently, there are three main types of cables that we can find on the market.

One of them is the micro USB cable, which is the most common on the market, offering connectivity compatible with different phones, tablets.

If what you have is an Apple device, surely you need a Lighting data cable, which allows you to load and move data at high speed properly.

The third option, which has a considerable presence among different manufacturers, are type C cables.

These cables have an original design, which can be confused with micro USB, although it is more rounded.

We insist: do not buy a cable without properly verifying that it is compatible with your device, since if you do not do this check, it may not be useful for you.

Cable measurements

As a second question, we have to look at the size of the cable we are selecting.

It is not something that influences how much it costs, so if we have to choose a longer cable, the price will not increase too much.

And it is something that we will end up thanking, depending on the configuration and location of the devices.

And it is that currently, we can find data cables from 10 to 15 centimeters approximately, up to 3 meters long that offer larger products.

This makes it easier to choose the one that suits us best according to what is necessary. For example, we have to have a cable connected to our PC to transfer data from the mobile.

Here, it is advisable to bet on a longer cable so that you do not have to connect and disconnect whenever necessary.
If we want to connect it to our laptop, a short cable is probably the best proposal, so that the product does not hang or we do not risk hooking the cable and mounting a mess.

Anyway, in case you have doubts, lots of data cables offer a lower price and different measures so that you can use the one that suits you at all times.

Cable quality

To close our tips, it’s time to talk about the condition that the product offers us.

Something important, as these cables, will withstand twisting, pulling, scratches, and other damages typical of use.

Therefore, if their quality is not adequate, their useful life may be reduced, and in the end, we have to change them ahead of time.

This quality affects both the interior and the exterior. Inside, the cabling must be able to perform adequately, offering a high data transfer rate and functional load capacity, if it is a mixed cable.

Typically, the cable has a capacity of about 5 gigabits of transfer, depending on the model.

All this without forgetting the resistance that prevents internal micro-cracks in the wiring.

As for the exterior, many of the data cables we find on the market have braided exteriors, made of nylon or other materials of more excellent resistance, which prevents damage to the cable.

These braids have more excellent resistance than conventional plastic covers, although they are still one step behind these modern covers despite having improved their resistance.

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