10 Best Buy 3D Projector –Reviews In 2021

Easy handling, excellent workmanship and sharp images promise 3D projectors. 

After reading countless tests and comparative reports on the Internet, our team has drawn up a leaderboard that also includes ratings for resolution, brightness, connections and much more.

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3D is (not) dead

At the largest knife for television technology, the CES in Las Vegas , 3D was declared dead in 2019. The first 3D televisions for household use were at the same trade fair that the CES was presented in 2010, but is actually from the 3D fever at that time nothing left. Almost 10 years later it turns out that the market for this was overestimated. According to ZEIT ONLINE , it is logical in retrospect that it simply does not correspond to the viewing habits (and the comfort factor) to sit in front of the screen with 3D glasses. And without 3D glasses there is no 3D effect with the 3D projector .

Interestingly, the 3D projectors seem to hold up for the time being anyway. After all, there is still a wide range of models and providers. Worth mentioning are the 3D projectors BenQ, 3D projectors ViewSonic, 3D projectors Acer and 3D projectors Optoma, which all have several models on the market. Some of them have only been available on Amazon since 2018 .

As the evaluation of customer reviews shows, the 3D function rarely uses anyone. Of the 47 reviews for the 3D projector Toumai , which is supplied with 3D glasses, only 4 respond to the 3D function: three of them write “3D I have not yet tested”.

Only with the 3D projector Acer H6517ABD DLP projector does an absolute 3D fan speak, who particularly praises the new glasses and can now enthusiastically watch all of his 3D films on screen. However, 3D films are also (almost) dead, as you can read at “3D lives (no longer)” at heise .

Our recommendation: If you love 3D films, treat them carefully, because at least in the latest development it does not look as if many 3D films will be produced.

If you want to buy a good projector that can do more than just 3D, you will find it with the 3D projector test winner and the best models in our 3D projector test . Who knows, every hype repeats itself and maybe you will still regularly use 3D offers.


What is a 3D projector?

At first glance , most are 3D projector hardly any other video projectors to distinguish, with the help of the content of Blu-rays or DVDs on a screen are projected.

However, the common 3D projectors can not only play classic 2D content in high-resolution image formats .

They can also be used for playback of 3D movies use.

In recent years , numerous manufacturers have expanded their range because they have included 3D projectors in their production range.

Therefore, there is now a large selection of 3D projectors that the consumer can choose from.

While with previous models often technical detours in purchase to be taken had to make three-dimensional content on the screen came correspond today’s models often the current state of technology .

They use a “ Full 3D ” technology so that three-dimensional content can be played directly without the need to add an additional transmitter .

For this reason, can current models often by laymen in operation will be taken in future 3D films want to enjoy.

In the  test compared to conventional projectors that can only display two-dimensional content , the 3D models  in the test are hardly more expensive. The small surcharge can be worth it because the special flair of 3D films can now be experienced at home .

Common 3D projectors that are easy to use often use DLP or LCD technology to throw the content onto the screen . So far, there are only a few models that work with LED technology .

The experts agree, however, that all three options for playback are suitable for creating a professional home cinema system. While the models hardly differ at first glance , a second glance reveals serious differences in a test.

Therefore, you should carefully inform yourself before making a purchase . Also note the functionality of the projector, which creates different uses . We therefore explain in the following section how the current devices create three-dimensional images .


How does a 3D projector work?

The today’s 3D projector for home use work similarly as the projectors, which in large theaters are used to the latest blockbusters on the screen to bring.

They use the so-called shutter technology, in which two images are projected one after the other onto the white wall , which creates the three-dimensional effect that can be experienced with many films in recent years .

In the past , projectors were hardly able to throw the many pictures onto the screen .

The current models but have generally no problems, the 48 frames to project that in a film with 24 frames per second on the screen must pass in order for the 3D effect is created.

So that the three-dimensional content can also be experienced, viewers need a tool that is used in a similar form in 3D cinemas . What is needed is a shutter glasses, as a visual aid is used.

There are many advantages to using the glasses that are required for many 3D projectors for home use .

The viewers who use the glasses , for example, benefit from the high color fidelity that cineastes in particular appreciate.

Regardless of the inclination of the head of the observer one can three-dimensional images splendor be experienced when a shutter system is used. There are other projectors that can be used without such glasses .

These models, which are considerably expensive , work with a special polarization process. Therefore, these projectors only work with additional accessories that can cost a lot of money .

Finally, the special process requires an additional projector, a polarizing filter and a metallized screen. The time-consuming synchronization required for initial setup takes a lot of time. Therefore, a shutter system is recommended for domestic use , which costs less money and time .

Shutter projectors are either DLP or LCD projectors that can record and play signals via an HDMI input . Often are current projectors with one or multiple HDMI 1.4a ports provided that the connection of 3D Blu-ray players, game consoles or TV receivers make possible.

Older models often only have a 1.3 HDMI connection, which can only process signals from a PC graphics card and does not work with other devices .

In our  test  list,  which experts have  created, you will find numerous models from a test that are equipped with one or more HDMI connections of the latest generation .


Pros and cons of 3D projectors

If there are various connection options, users of the 3D systems benefit from the many advantages that current projectors offer. Ultimately, the device can even replace the TV .

Users benefit from excellent picture quality, which brings the cinema into the living room . However, there are some disadvantages to using it . After all, a large projection area and a little space are necessary.

The huge screen takes up more space than many modern smart TVs. In addition, glasses required for three-dimensional content are edible. If several people want to look, these visual aids have to be purchased, which creates additional costs .

Some users also report of unsightly rainbow and fly screen effects, the image quality compromise. With the right settings and a suitable canvas , the effects quickly become a thing of the past , which has been shown in a practical test.

There are no further disadvantages if a powerful 3D projector is used. These can not only display three-dimensional content, but also videos in Full HD . Then the numerous advantages of the devices become particularly noticeable.

The large display of content inspires not only film fans , but also sports fans. Finally, the 3D device can also be used to watch sporting events . Thanks to numerous connection options, there are basically a variety of possible uses.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Huge projection screen
  • Diverse uses
  • Transmission of different video signals
  • Connection of receiver and consoles possible
  • Often suitable for playing HD content

Possible uses of 3D projectors

The devices can not only be used as a TV replacement , but also often score with a variety of connection options, so that the projector can be combined with numerous end devices .

Almost all projectors can be connected to a computer so that presentations and slide shows can easily be put on the screen . Of course, game consoles such as Xbox One or Playstation 4 can also be connected to such projectors . This way, these devices can also be combined with the projector , creating great fun .

Most people combine their projector , however, not only with a console. They connect the devices to a 3D Blu-ray player that is suitable for playing three-dimensional content .

Sometimes such projectors are also connected to classic DVD or VHS players , because the contents of such data carriers can also reach the screen in 2D . In this way, modern 3D projectors can be connected to a variety of end devices , which increases the possible uses immensely.

Because the better projectors, their prices in recent years have fallen somewhat, also with receivers and TV boxes combine let them replace in some households even the television.

Finally, some 3D projectors can be easily connected to a DVBT, cable or satellite receiver via an HDMI interface .

Then a high-resolution TV signal can reach the screen . TV boxes can often also be integrated so that the content of media libraries and online video providers can be easily projected onto the large area .

Some projectors have additional USB ports. These inputs can USB sticks and other data carriers can be connected. Ideal for playback of photos. So the device can be used for slide evenings with friends and family , which increases the possible uses .

The multimedia projectors can therefore be connected to a variety of end devices . They are not only ideal for sociable cinema evenings, but also for enjoying sporting events or great gaming fun with the console .


Overview of the types of the 3D projector

A basic distinction is made between three different types of construction that are currently able to project three-dimensional content onto the screen . In addition to DLP projectors, there are also LCD and even LED models.

In particular, the DLP and LCD versions are for playback of 3D content suitable. However, the design leads to different results in the reproduction. For this reason, you should carefully inform yourself about the model types before buying a 3D projector . We therefore explain in this section the types that you can currently purchase.

The DLP projectors are primarily known for a high-resolution image . Experts also point out that the saturated color image that reaches the screen looks very balanced. Controlled use DLP projectors tiny mirrors, in a second round 5,000 times in motion are, while the image of the lens transmitted.

This lens is used as an amplifier that throws the image onto the canvas . The so-called “ digital light processing ” technology is often used to create a sharp image that is bright enough to meet cinematic requirements .

About three percent of all people who have a DLP projector use, see in the use of an unpleasant rainbow effect, of just the consumption of 3D content can be disturbing.

When the eyes of the beholder not on the screen focuses are, are flashing colors to be seen.

However, the right settings can minimize the effect . Especially when the brightness is increased, the image disturbances are hardly noticeable in the three percent of those affected .

Basically, a high number of lumens, by which the brightness is quantified, is recommended for the DLP projectors . Then the 3D projectors can also be used well in daylight .

Another advantage of DLP devices: the lights keep longer than other projectors. This results in lower costs for long-term use because the necessary lamps of the 3D device usually have to be replaced less frequently.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Sharp image at high resolution
  • Can also be used in daylight
  • Lamps last longer than other projectors

The operation of an LCD projector is reminiscent of the work of a slide device. In the inside of the LCD projector , precautions working liquid crystals, through which the material to be projected image created, and on the lens is transmitted.

The tiny crystals are switched separately on the better projectors . The liquid elements are responsible for rendering blue, yellow or red colors . In cheaper models of the 3D projector , the LCD elements are used for all colors , which makes the color display less clear. Then the image quality suffers , which is particularly noticeable with high-resolution content .

When the LCD crystals but separately are connected, there is no danger that the image quality suffers, which would show in a practical test. Such models, of which we have checked some versions , are already available at reasonable prices . In terms of acquisition costs , these variants of the 3D projector are usually somewhat cheaper than DLP versions. With these LCD models , image disturbances like that are rare Fly screen effect experienced.

In comparison with the DLP projectors , however, have almost all LCD versions in the brightness beaten. Many LCD projectors can hardly be used in bright sunlight . But the contrast of 3D LCD projectors is usually a little better . This is noticeable when cineastes enjoy a classic film in black and white .

Finally, the black tones and grayscale are reproduced excellently when a high quality LCD projector is used. In this point, the projectors with the liquid crystals are often superior to the DLP variants .

Basically, the colors are displayed vividly . Realistic reproduction is one of the advantages of modern LCD projectors. However, the dyes of the LEDs wear out over time . The image quality can suffer from many years of use , which means that long-term replacement of the device can not be avoided.

The exchange of the lamp must – as with the DLP appliances into – regular intervals are performed. However, with the 3D LCD projectors, the change of the lighting element is required more often than with the DLP projectors.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Mostly lower acquisition costs
  • Higher contrast is advantageous for classic films

A further design, the consumer can purchase currently are, the LED projector, which, however, especially in offices and other work places are needed. There, users benefit from the extraordinary life of the lamp, which is located in the projector .

On average, the light element of the LED devices lasted about 20,000 hours in a test without the image quality suffering . However, there are only a few 3D models because the devices have a clear disadvantage .

In contrast to the DLP and LCD projectors , the brightness of the LED projectors is much weaker . Therefore, the 3D LED projectors can only be used in very dark places . The LEDs are mainly found in compact short -throw projectors and mini projectors that are used in schools or offices.

This is the reason why there are hardly any 3D versions of the LED projector . These models are also more expensive than the other types. We therefore recommend DLP or LCD versions of the 3D projector.


What should I look for when buying a 3D projector?

It is not always easy to discover the projector that will be used to enjoy three-dimensional content in the future . Finally, the offer manufacturers a number of models , which significantly differ .

However , the 3D projectors can be easily classified using certain values that you need to know . In this way you can immediately see whether the device is suitable for your needs . We’ll tell you what to look out for when buying a 3D projector .

Before buying the 3D projector , you have to choose a model . The manufacturers offer three different types . In addition to the active 3D projectors , passive devices are also offered.

Cheaper are the active systems, as LCD and DLP variants are offered.

Both require so-called shutter glasses, which serve as visual aids to visualize the different image levels that the projector generates. The glasses can also be used by many people with visual impairments .

After all, common shutter systems fit over conventional glasses . Often only shutter glasses are supplied with the projector . It is advisable to purchase the appropriate visual aids at the same time so that several people can enjoy the screen .

Passive 3D projectors are much more expensive . These work with a special polarization technology, in which two projectors generate the image . The viewers need so-called pole glasses that guide the light .

These glasses do not require electricity, which means that wiring, which is required for many active beamers , is not necessary. However, this is clearly noticeable in the price of the passive projector . These are usually much more expensive than the active versions.

This is why experts mostly recommend the 3D projectors that work with active shutter glasses . However, both designs can be used well, which would be shown in a practical test. All systems can easily be viewed in 2D mode . Then no glasses are required.

An important factor that should be considered when making a purchase is the resolution that the projector can produce. A minimum resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, which is referred to as Full HD , now corresponds to the current state of the art.

Your future 3D projector should at least offer this resolution , because otherwise the device would no longer be up to date. Other projectors can do even more. They offer a resolution of 4,096 by 2,160 pixels, which corresponds to the Ultra HD mode . However, these devices are still very expensive .

The image that appears on the screen is projected with the help of one or more lamps . Therefore, pay attention to the value by which the brightness is numbered. Finally, you can use the projector better if the brightness value is higher .

Basically, a higher light or lumen value expands the possible uses of the 3D projector . If this has only a low number of lumens , you must darken the rooms so that the projector can work. 3D projectors with a high lumen value can also be used in daylight .

The contrast is a further factor which in the purchasing decision should be considered. This value is used to quantify the maximum difference in brightness between black and white colors . It is true that a higher contrast leads to a sharper picture and richer colors .

The projectors for the 3D home cinema should therefore have a high contrast value, because otherwise the black and white tones do not come into their own . This is particularly noticeable in film classics , whose picture quality suffers noticeably when the 3D projector has only a low contrast value.

Therefore, your future projector should have at least a contrast value of 10,000 to 1 . This means that the brightest point is a thousand times brighter than the darkest pixel that the projector can produce.

Be sure to pay attention to the minimum and maximum diagonals of the picture before you purchase the projector . The diagonal of the picture is quantified in inches , as is the case with televisions, monitors or laptops . Depending on the size of the available standing wall is to be projected onto the can, a suitable 3-beamer be selected.

If in doubt, measure again . With this diagonal value you can easily determine the maximum possible image size of the projector. This significantly reduces the risk of a wrong buy .

Current 3D projectors can be equipped with different end devices . The common projectors not only harmonize with 3D Blu-ray players, but also with different game consoles, TV boxes and receivers.

Some models can even be combined with a data stick so that photos and videos get onto the screen . This requires the appropriate connections , which manufacturers are happy to save. So make sure that the favorite model has enough inputs. The best are the models that have several HDMI inputs of the 1.4.a standard.

One or more USB inputs, to which portable hard drives and USB sticks can be connected, are also advantageous. Practically is also an SD input, the memory card slot provides. After all, your projector could even replace the television because it can take over all functions .

If you want to combine a smartphone or a tablet with the 3D projector, you should make sure that the desired model has an MHL port or can be integrated into the home network via WLAN . Then the phone or tablet can be easily connected to the projector .

This makes it easy to bring different content onto the big screen , even though it is actually on the small tablets or smartphones .

Basically, it is recommended that you exactly about the offered Beamer to inform. We help with our leaderboard, which was created after extensive device tests by experts . In the following section we therefore explain the test conditions that were used to test the 3D projectors .

In the endurance test: This is how the 3D projectors were tested

The experts  have analyzed a large number of 3D projectors, which are produced by different manufacturers , as part of a detailed examination .

They tested certain values by which they could classify the projectors . They also took a tape measure to hand, the maximum and minimum screen size to consider. In the context of the tests examined  experts also the connection options.

After all, only the 3D projectors that can be combined with different end devices should pass in the test series , so that the flat-screen TV can be replaced.

In the past, projectors could only be used for simple presentations because the resolution of the devices was still very low . The times have changed. Today’s 3D projectors offer much sharper resolutions, which make the cinema film, the TV series or the console game a graphic pleasure .

For this reason, the maximum resolution of the projector was also examined. It had to be at least 1,920 by 1,080 pixels , which corresponds to the Full HD resolution . In the test series only could Beamer exist in the HD mode work. The 3D projectors , which even work with 4,096 by 2,160 pixels , were able to achieve even better results . However, these models are still very expensive.

Another important value, which played a role in the tests , quantifies the performance of the lamp that is in the projector . We examined not only the life of the replaceable component, but also its power. So we analyzed the lumen or light value.

In our test series , only the 3D projectors that had a high lumen value could pass . After all, these projectors can also be used well under brighter conditions . However, if the projectors only had a low lumen value , they could not pass the test series . If the projector could not be used in daylight , it had no chance during tests and examinations .

The contrast was also determined  , which can have a significant impact on the image . Finally, the 3D projector should have the highest possible contrast value, so that a sharp and high-resolution image is created that is characterized by rich colors .

Otherwise there is a danger that black and white tones not suited for application are what significantly to the image quality impact. In the test series , therefore, only the projectors that had a high contrast value were able to achieve good results . They basically assessed  the image quality, which affects the cinematic and playful pleasure .

They also took a measuring tape to hand to the maximum diameter of the projected image to be determined. So they analyzed the screen diagonal so that they could classify the projector . Other important factors such as the quality of workmanship and clear menu navigation also flowed into the  judgment .

Of course, the number of connections was also examined. In analyzes only could devices prevail, with at least one HDMI 1.4a input feature. The models that only had an outdated VGA or 1.3 HDMI input had no chance .

Thanks to the important USB port , the 3D projectors were able to collect further plus points. Finally, in this case USB data carriers can be connected directly to the projector . Basically, we also checked whether the devices work with common TV boxes, receivers and consoles .

This enabled them to check very precisely whether the projectors are suitable for playing different 3D and 2D content . Especially the delighted WLAN function in a test by the content very easy to Beamer get that into the network is integrated.

Through extensive investigations , the experts discovered  high-quality projectors that replace the television . But they also came across weaker models that they  cannot recommend.  You can find excellent 3D projectors that were discovered during the analyzes and tests in the leaderboard, which is now published on this website .

There you can surely discover a projector that will be used in the future for relaxing film evenings in which blockbusters appear in 3D in 3D on the screen .


From Acer to Sony – the best manufacturers at a glance

3D projectors are produced by various companies that specialize in the manufacture of technical devices for consumers . The company Acer , which is best known for its laptops and monitors , produces projectors for three-dimensional film enjoyment .

Similar devices are also created by the manufacturer LG , which is primarily known in Germany for its smartphones . The Japanese company Sony , whose TVs, consoles and Blu-ray players enjoy an extremely good reputation , also produces 3D projectors. We present the best manufacturers who often produce excellent projectors .

Acer: brand quality from Taiwan

One of the best-known manufacturers of projectors comes from Taiwan. The Acer Group resides in the capital Taipei on the island off China . The company was founded there in 1976 by Stan Shih , who is still the honorary chairman of the world-famous technology company .

The company, which became known through PC technology , still manufactures notebooks, floor-standing computers and tablets . The production range also includes monitors and LCD televisions, which often ensure a pin-sharp image .

The experience that employees have gained in the production of LCD televisions will certainly flow into the development of the modern LCD projectors that Acer has been producing for several years . The nearly 8,000 employees of the manufacturer that is also created projectors, some of which are high-resolution 3D content can play.

The projectors often generate an image with more than a billion colors. Of course, the current models from Acer can also be combined with a game console . The integrated MHL interface also enables wireless transmission of HD content .

Basically, the 3D projectors from Acer did very well in many test reports . They are very popular with consumers . The projectors therefore also contribute to the huge turnover that the company generates. In 2014 there were more than 325 billion euros, the Acer through its products followed it.

LG: projector from the Far East

The LG company was founded in 1958 . At that time, LG produced radios and TVs as a subsidiary of Lucky Chemical Industrial Co. The production range also included refrigerators and washing machines.

Even vacuum cleaners were produced in large quantities by the South Korean company, which was then still called Goldstar . It wasn’t until 1995 that Goldstar was renamed LG Electronics . The LG was subsequently translated as Life’s Good . The slogan of the good life was henceforth often next to the company logo.

The LG logo was emblazoned on popular devices in the 90s , which were also created for European consumers . Already at that time, were high-quality tube TV buy, which is characterized by a for that time proportions good image quality excelled.

Even better known is the company by portable phones, which the today’s smartphones preceded. With its smart phones was LG announced a little later around the world. Today the company is one of the world market leaders in this segment.

As a manufacturer of flat panel displays , the has company from Soul also made a good name. The production spectrum also includes 3D and plasma televisions. Complete home theater systems that perform well in many tests are also created by LG .

These systems also include excellent 3D projectors that delight many consumers. This can also use the ray Blu players combined are that the manufacturer is also offering.


Philips: Beamer from the Netherlands

High quality projectors are not only created in the Far East . They are also produced in the production facilities of the Dutch company Koninklijke Philips NV ., Whose headquarters are located in the vibrant metropolis of Amsterdam . Some of the more than 80,000 employees work there on new products.

It is important to build on a long history . After all, the company , which was founded in 1891 , has developed numerous innovations in its history that have changed the world. Thus the presented manufacturers already 1,927 radio with separate speakers, made in 1938 by his television for a stir and led in 1950 one of the first tape systems a.

Philips became known for the compact cassette , which the company was able to present in 1963 . This was followed by a color television and VCR, through the early home theater for movie fans was realized. The first CD players followed in the 1980s , before the DVD system was brought to market in the 1990s .

In this decade Philips produced its first projectors, the successors of which have been continuously improved. Today’s 3D projectors from Philips score with integrated loudspeakers that generate an output of 25 watts . The integrated 2.1 sound systems that some of the manufacturer’s projectors have are not the only advantage.

Consumers who choose a projector from Philips can integrate the newer models of the manufacturer into the home radio network with just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes . Then the WLAN can be used so that data reaches the projector .

Otherwise, some projectors also have USB and SD inputs, so that different data carriers can be integrated very easily. So the 3D projectors from Philips can be used even when no 3D Blu-ray player is available.


Sharp: projector from Japan

The Japanese company Sharp was founded in 1912 . At that time Tokuji Hayakawa founded the manufacturer ” Hayakawa Metals “, which initially produced pens . The first radios to be purchased in Japan followed later . Already in the 30s of the 20 . Century the engineers of the company dealt with the television.

However, several decades passed before the first models were ready for the market . It was these televisions that were sold under a new company name . The name Sharp, which was to become known all over the world, was emblazoned on the first devices .

From the 60s of last century was Sharp by desktop computers and calculators known. As early as 1973 , the first LCD pocket calculator was introduced, which was to revolutionize computing . Later, the increased business in the production of computers a. This experience was used in the late 1980s to create portable IBM laptops that sold well.

The good reputation that Sharp developed, this has company to this day. In the presence of the Japanese operating company branches in 30 states . Sharp products are also sold in 164 countries around the world. Sharp does not only sell consumer electronics. The range still includes televisions and audio systems, but the manufacturer also produces memory cards and solar modules.

When Sharp introduced a new type of LCD TV in 2001 , he laid the foundation for the smart TVs of the coming decades. The technology that inspired the experts at the time can now be found in many flat screens that are not just created by Sharp .

Meanwhile, LCD televisions are the top-selling devices that the Japanese company produces. Further sales are achieved through modern 3D projectors , which create some of Sharp’s more than 50,000 employees .

For selection of the manufacturer mainly include projectors for the business area. However, Sharp also produces projectors that are created for the consumer . The current production range includes modern DLP projector, the three-dimensional content created.

These devices can be easily combined with a Blu-ray player or with a TV receiver . The 3D projectors from Sharp are often a cheap alternative that can create a home cinema .


Internet or specialist trade: where it is worth buying

If you have a 3D – Beamer want, you can such devices at different places to buy. Finally, be practical projectors have long not more only in the classic retail offered.

You can also buy some projectors through the branches of large electrical stores such as Saturn, Expert or Media Markt , but the projectors are also sold on the Internet . For example, consumers can purchase the 3D devices through Amazon . The online retailer has added a variety of projectors to its range .

Where is the purchase worthwhile ? Should consumers go to an electronics store or better go to their browser to find what they’re looking for on the Internet ? We both purchasing possibilities compared to find the easiest way through which a high-quality 3D video projector for home arrives. This is how we can present you the best way to benefit from buying a 3D projector .

Those who visit classic retailers have to put up with long journeys . A lot of time is also lost in the search for a parking space , which often costs additional money . Even more money is wasted if the annoyed consumers go to a parking garage because there are no other parking options .

After arriving , a footpath often has to be accepted, which can take a lot of time . Then the consumer moves through the crowds that clog the access routes and the actual market .

In the long, often very confusing aisles of electric markets are consumers will find it. A product comparison shows, however, that even the large markets only offer a limited range of projectors .

So the consumer has to choose between a few models that are available on the market . If you compare the prices , you can experience a nasty surprise . Finally, which are the same products in the network often results in favorable terms available.

When the Internet is used to buy , the time-consuming and tedious search for a parking space is no longer necessary . Instead, one entry is often enough to gain access to countless projectors . Here consumers can choose from a much larger range .

The shipping giant Amazon has included numerous models from well-known manufacturers such as Acer , Sony or LG in its range . A comparison shows that products are available here that retailers rarely offer.

The purchase via the network of with a few mouse clicks is done, also offers the possibility of research. With the help of reviews and product reports , you can find out exactly about the strengths and weaknesses of the respective 3D projector .

In business , it becomes difficult to research this relevant information . You will immediately receive a device there , but the patience of ordering online can not only pay off in terms of price .

By doing your research beforehand, you will ultimately reduce the risk of a bad buy, which is currently threatening the electronics market . For these reasons , we can only recommend buying through a renowned online shop such as Amazon .

There you will definitely find a high quality projector that can be easily delivered to your home after you have ordered it with just a few clicks of the mouse . Then the new 3D device is brought to the front door so that it can be used directly.


Cleaning of 3D projectors and shutter glasses

3D projectors and the associated shutter glasses are particularly sensitive devices that require a lot of care if they are used for many years .

For this reason , it is particularly important to regularly remove dust and other particles from the 3D projector and the glasses , which otherwise can not only affect the image quality . Finally, one can greatly polluted Beamer lasting even damage assume that no longer repairable is.

To damage to avoid You should, however, not only to the cleaning and maintenance care, which we in this article explain. Pay attention to the right location from the start . The 3D projector should be set up in a location that offers sufficient air supply .

Otherwise there is a risk of heat build-up that permanently damages the fragile components of the projector . Therefore, should Beamer on no case of Blu-rays or DVDs framed are. Give the device space so that it can exchange air .

Make also sure that the smoke of cigarettes and fireplaces to the unit effect. Through the smoke that could Electronics in glue inside. It is therefore advisable not to generate smoke during use in order to protect the device .

Despite correct installation , frequent cleaning of some components is highly recommended because the service life is extended. This work is explained in the following section . In connection also explains how the glasses of the projector to be cleaned.

Clean the projector gently

Basically, most of them are 3D beamer not for a useful life of less than 15 minutes to use. Also, the continuous operation of more than 12 hours can such 3D devices harm.

In hours of Nutziung but should no damage occur when the projector is regularly cleaned is. You should completely disconnect the device from the power beforehand. If the projector straight in operation was a brief is cooling phase required in the time of the projector at the current should remain.

If there is no longer a power connection , you can clean the filters of the device . It is best to consult the operating instructions of the projector, which should explain the removal of the filter . However, this element and the ventilation slots can also be cleaned without removal .

The combination of a vacuum cleaner and a compressed air spray, which costs about three euros , works best . While you use the spray to loosen the dust , use the vacuum cleaner to catch the garbage . Make you this but that the vacuum cleaner only to the lowest setting works to damage to be avoided.

Most of the time, the filter can be easily removed. Often, no tools are required for this, which makes removal easier. If the filter is heavily soiled , cleaning with warm water is recommended.

The addition of cleaning agents but you should definitely do without, because the chemical mace the filter would hurt. For particularly stubborn contaminants it may be worthwhile to filter a time in a warm water bath to give in to the dirt to dissolve.

In the meantime, you can use the time well to clean the lens of the 3D projector . Just use glasses wipes or microfiber cloths. Take the cleaning cloth carefully over the lens to debris and dust to be removed.

Do not use chemical cleaners in this case either, because otherwise there is a great risk that the sensitive lens will be damaged. Less caution is required only on the outer case , which you can also clean with a damp cloth before you take on the shutter glasses .

Maintain the glasses of the glasses

When the 3D projector shines in new splendor , you can dedicate yourself to the glasses . Pick up a damp microfiber or glasses cleaning cloth again . If you now clean the fragile glasses of the visual aids , they must under no circumstances exert pressure .

After all, the shutter glasses often consist of two layers, which are located between the glass . If too much pressure is applied, the sensitive interior can be permanently occupied. For this reason, first clean one side. When you have completed this work, you can move on to the other side of the glasses .

Avoid alcohol-containing chemicals that are helpful for other cleaning work . In this case, solvents, thinners and benzene do not lead to cleanliness. Instead, unsightly discolouration or even annoying scratches occur.

Both damages have bad consequences because the glasses are no longer usable. Therefore, you should work carefully. With the help of the moist cloth which are impurities after some time disappear. Then using the visual aids is fun again , because a three-dimensional image is created without disturbing foreign objects .


Find the right canvas: Advice on buying

Some viewers are satisfied with a simple TV picture . Real cineastes love big cinema. You know that the films only unfold to their full splendor on the big screen . Many film lovers therefore use a projector to immerse themselves in distant worlds .

In the last few years are prices steadily declined. The 3D projectors that form the center of modern home cinemas have become particularly attractive .

Because these devices are often in high definition Full HD work if you are in 2D project, they can also be good for enjoyment of classic movies to use that on the screen shine.

Many people who want to build a home cinema invest money in a high quality projector.

Unfortunately, they skimp on another component without which the projector will not work well. Then you save on the canvas – and use a simple bed sheet instead.

The image quality suffers significantly from this. Proper film enjoyment can not develop with such aids . Here a high-quality screen would be necessary on which the image can be projected well . We reveal what before purchasing such a projection note should, so that the important component of the blends 3D digital projectors.

Your first considerations should be the size of the room and the area where the canvas is to be installed. Basically, the canvas should cover the passive face area. This area describes an angle of 30 degrees that can be seen without turning the head .

In the ideal case , the screen fills at least this passive field of vision. There is a greater cinema feeling when the projection area is even wider. Then unusual image formats can also be played.

The format of the screen should be at least the current cinema – and TV standard match. Almost all content is broadcast in 16: 9 format . The screen therefore needs at least an aspect ratio of 1.78 to 1 so that popular feature films and TV series can be enjoyed.

In the big cinemas , some films are broadcast in other formats . However, these cinematic works are cropped before they appear on 3D Blu-ray . Therefore, you do not need a larger screen for these films. A larger projection area is only required for unusual formats such as 21: 9 or even 2.35: 1 .

Most common image formats have the same image height. Only the width of the format can change. The more unusual formats offer the viewer a larger panorama, which creates the effect of delving deeper into the film . Therefore, the purchase of a wider canvas can be worthwhile.

However, the producers and cameramen know that the important parts of the plot have to be played in the middle two thirds so that the film can also be used on smaller screens and on the television .

If you love epic cinema , you should consider buying a wider screen that goes beyond the 16: 9 standard . Then a broader picture can be experienced, which puts the viewer even more into the film.

Most works from Hollywood, all TV series and all console games can also be enjoyed on the classic 16: 9 screen . Whether the pricing additional expenditure for the wider screen is actually worth, you have to decide.

Before buying a canvas , however, you should not only consider the size . Ultimately, it also depends on the material from which the projection surface is made.

For a detailed reproduction of films , the wall should consist of a material that creates a high-contrast, color-fast and even picture .

In this context , you should definitely pay attention to the gain value , which should be less than 1.5 . Also consider whether the screen can handle diffuse reflection . Only this effect can create a sharp image . Therefore, you should never do without this form of reflection .

Real professionals use transparent cloths made of perforated film that do not absorb the sound , but let it flow. As in the large cinemas , the screen is installed in such a way that it hides loudspeakers that are located behind the projection surface.

This should ensure the ideal interplay of sound and image . In addition, some cineastes rave about the better sound that is supposed to be created by this synchronization of screen and audio system . However, this luxury has a price. A moveable canvas, which is available at much cheaper prices , is usually sufficient .


Questions and answers about the 3D projector (FAQ)

  1. Which 3D projectors are best suited for home cinema?

Movies are enjoyed by many cineastes who create the best conditions . They are building a home theater that consists of a screen, additional boxes and a 3D projector . The projector is the heart of the system. Many devices are now suitable for use .

However, you need in the simpler models often compromising make because of the favorable price to the detriment of image quality goes. Basically, you should ensure good brightness and high resolution . A high-contrast image is also relevant so that films can be experienced in high quality .

You should also make sure that the projector does not become too loud . In our leaderboard you will find some devices that meet these requirements . To find with security a model by the 3D-feeling in the home theater created.

  1. Which 3D glasses should I choose?

Our comparison winner and some other 3D projectors create three-dimensional worlds that are thrown onto the screen . However, the moving pictures can only be experienced if the viewers are equipped with the appropriate 3D glasses .

Most 3D projectors work with the so-called shutter technology. When purchasing additional glasses , you must therefore ensure that the glasses support this standard . You must also take into account the technology with which the 3D projector works.

If you are using an LCD device , you will need LCD glasses. If the DLP technology is used, suitable glasses must also be purchased.

Also pay attention to the weight of the visual aids, which should not have too much of an impact on film enjoyment .

Lighter models, which are often a bit more expensive, are usually preferable to the heavier versions . Sometimes just are spectacles of the manufacturer to use. So some work 3D video projector from  Acer with the spectacles of the company.

  1. Which canvases are recommended?

For a complete cinema that is created in your own four walls , you do not only need a 3D projector. After all, the complex system is only completed by other components through which the film can be enjoyed.

In addition to the boxes or a sound bar , a screen is recommended on which the film is projected. You can also use a smooth wall , but the picture quality suffers . After all, the wall absorbs the light very differently than a suitable canvas.

Films can be played in 3D or in Full HD mode on many screens . The high image quality results from the material from which the canvases are created. This ensures that the light is not absorbed, but reflected back .

An important note: If you want to buy a screen for the 3D projector , you should definitely pay attention to the gain factor . This quantifies the reflection value that the respective canvas has. With a home theater system , the gain values should be 1.0 and 1.5 so that a real cinema feeling can arise.

  1. LCD or DLP: which technology is better in the test?

So that the home cinema can actually be enjoyed, the projector should work with the right techniques . The manufacturers of the 3D devices offer models that work with LCD technology . There are also variants that operate in DLP mode . Experts point out that both technologies can be used in a home cinema .

However, a rainbow effect can be experienced with DLP models , which can disrupt the enjoyment of the film . The 3D LCD projectors there is this not effect, it is image a bit darker.

In a  test  comparison, which lists the ten best models , you will find both variants. So you can safely for a technique to decide by the home theater to the optical pleasure is.

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