5 Best Budget 4k TV For Gaming – Reviews, And Buying Guide In 2021

You’ve undoubtedly seen a decrease in the cost of 4K televisions. Any TV you see for a good price these days is almost certainly a 4K one. That’s fantastic news for anyone looking to buy a 4K TV, but it also means that 1080p and HD TVs will be much cheaper. With a buffet of cheap gaming TVs and even some 4K TVs in front of you, it’s not a bad idea to consider getting a quality gaming TV to enjoy your favorite Xbox Series games, PS5 games, or PC games on a large screen.

However, not all cheap televisions are created equal when it comes to gaming. If you buy a cheap TV, you might notice that it has a lot of input lag, which can make a game unplayable, or that turning on the TV’s game mode undoes the processing that makes its imagery appear excellent outside of games. You can put your concerns to rest, as we’ve compiled a list of TV models in a variety of budget price ranges that will suffice for your gaming needs. If you’re looking for gaming TVs in the UK, go here to find out where you can get the best deals.

If you want to enjoy your sports, your cinema or your series with the highest quality currently available, it is essential that you use the best budget 4k tv for gaming. These are the product that is capable of presenting high-quality images, which is accompanied by HDR technology with which to improve lower-quality sources and even the 3D functions that some teams maintain.  You can enjoy without forgetting the usual Smart TV capability to peek into the digital world and enjoy your favorite series and movies in streaming. Something you can do with models like the LG Electronics 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV.

This TV has modern OLED technology, which offers the highest image quality, along with a sound of 40 watts of power and everything you need to enjoy more television. Another interesting model, especially prominent among cheap equipment, is the Hisense 50H8C  4K  Smart LED TV. This 50-inch 4K TV and 4K resolution is a good proposal to look into this world, without spending too much and without giving up basic elements such as HDR technology or the Smart TV system

5 Best Budget 4k TV For Gaming – Reviews In 2022

When it comes to enjoying the best picture quality on your TV and on any broadcast, the 4K format is your goal. It is a considerable level of quality with which to see everything clearer, with higher resolution and better image definition. A task in which it is key to decide which the best budget 4k tv for gaming that we can access, depending on the size and budget we are handling. That is why our selection includes models with different diagonals and prices, so you have more variety when choosing ..

The LG 55EG910V TV is one of the strongest candidates to become the best 4K Smart TV on the market. And it is that this product incorporates the modern OLED technology, typical of the brand, with which the conventional 4K resolution takes a step forward in terms of image fidelity.

It is A 65-inch 4K TV with the highest technology, which eliminates the traditional LED backlight, so you can enjoy pure and bright blacks. A complete television that also includes the WebOS 3.5 system with which to access the most efficient Smart TV functions of the brand, with an improved security system compared to other models.

And so that the sound is not a problem, the team also has a total power of 40 watts in a 2.2 output mode and highly enveloping. A complete and first level model that could not be missing among the best budget 4k tv for gaming of 2020.

If you have not decided if this is the best budget 4k tv for gaming of the moment, discover some more features of this model in case you could be the winner of that particular title.

 LG Electronics 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV


  • OLED Technology: The OLED technology of this TV eliminates background brightness, so you’ll see more pure and clear blacks with less light invasion.
  • Audio output: The model has a sound output of 40 watts in total, with a 2.2 system that generates surround sound with powerful bass and clear and fine treble.
  • Smart TV: Smart TV technology of this model uses version 3.5 of the WebOS system, with improved security and efficiency.
  • Game mode: Thanks to its high refresh rate, this model is very suitable for playing your favorite games without lag or any delay.


Optimization: In order to get the most out of the image, it is necessary to devote some time to the process of configuring the different device options.

LG Store: The included Apps depend on what LG offers, so there may be some delays and inconveniences when you have some of them.

Hisense 50H8C 4K Smart LED TV

Accessing a 4K quality screen without spending too much is possible. And, among the cheapest models we have found there are also worthwhile options. We have the test on Hisense 50H8C  4K  Smart LED TV.

This model has a diagonal of 50 inches with 4K technology, so you can enjoy a remarkable image quality in any broadcast. A complete model that also incorporates Smart TV functions based on the Android operating system, so you will not have the compatibility problems that other models have with their own operating systems.

It is a complete proposal that, due to its economic price, is close to being the best Smart TV 4K of value for money that we have analyzed. And by the way, if you need it, this model also includes the functions of USB recorder, so you can see any content at the time you want it.

If you do not know what Smart TV 4K to buy and do not want to spend much, know some more details about this interesting model of TD Systems.


  • Resolution : The equipment offers you the modern 4K resolution with an adequate level of quality on its 50-inch diagonal screen.
  • Smart TV: The Smart TV features of this model use the Android operating system as a base, which gives you full compatibility with any app you want to use.
  • USB recorder : The device is finished with the functions of USB recorder, so you can record and play all kinds of content.
  • Connectivity: In addition to the Smart TV function and everything that allows you to connect, the equipment panel includes 3 HDMI ports, VGA port or 2 USB ports, among other elements.


  • Installation of the legs: According to some user, the process of mounting the legs is somewhat more complicated than it should and requires some patience.
  • Audio output : The audio output has a fair quality, although if necessary you can always use additional speakers or a soundbar.

Sony X800G 49 Inch TV

The 4K Sony KD-49XF8096 TV is another interesting model, which condenses all the brand’s own technology to give you a picture of considerable quality. Among these technologies we have the Triluminos system, which gives a new dimension to color, or its high refresh rate with which to perceive images of high quality and performance.

Something that generates a pleasant image on its 49-inch screen, both in the reception of conventional and satellite signals, through USB playback or even its Smart TV functions. Features based directly on the Android operating system, so you save the compatibility problems that other manufacturers have with their own operating systems.

A complete equipment that, in addition, you will be able to control both with the conventional control and with the voice, as you prefer. Something that broadens your possibilities and gives you extra comfort.

If you still have doubts about whether this model is what you need, know it in greater depth and make a decision with all the available information.

Sony X800G 49 Inch TV


  • Additional technology : In addition to the 4K resolution, the model has Motionflow technology and the Triluminos system, which give images more life and quality.
  • Android TV: So you don’t worry about Smart TV functions, this model uses Android as a reference, which guarantees you high compatibility with any App.
  • Voice control: With this equipment you can forget the remote control, since you can use the voice to control all available options.


  • Gray level: As with conventional LED panel models, the black level is quite limited, by including more light than desired in the image.
  • Recognition : The process of recognition of USB devices is more complete than would be desirable, according to some user.

In the world of 4K TVs, there is also room for smaller models. The test is found on the Philips 65PUS7304/12 4K UHD Android Smart  4K TV, which has a diagonal of 65 inches and is very interesting for those who do not need large diagonals for not having space for it.

This adjusted measurement does not affect the image quality, which exceeds this Ultra HD standard, further improved with its P5 engine with which to gain in color and contrast. Something that also helps the Ambilight system, which uses LED lights in the back of the TV to illuminate the wall according to what you are watching.

A large number of improvements, available both for use under DTT and Smart TV broadcasts, whose compatibility with Android makes everything much easier.

Let’s see some more details about the characteristics of this model, with which to have all the necessary information to make a reasoned decision.

 Philips 65PUS7304/12  4K UHD Android Smart TV


  • Ambilight : This model maintains the famous Ambilight technology, which takes the image beyond the screen with lighting on the wall in line with what you are seeing.
  • Android Compatibility: The device uses Android as an operating system for your Smart TV, thus offering greater versatility when using any App.
  • Remote control: So that you do not worry about the comfort of use, the remote control includes a keyboard and trackpad area, to make it easier for you to use the Smart TV functions.


  • Foot support: The foot of the TV is somewhat more bulky than what is found in other models, which occupies more space on the furniture.
  • Update : It is essential to update the TV once it is installed in order to access all the functions that Android and the equipment offer you.

Although it is still an incipient technology, the curved 4K Smart TVs are already among us. The test is in the 4K TV Samsung UE65MU6505, which offers this curved design on a screen of 65 inches diagonal and this resolution of high quality.

The best thing is that the curved screen generates more enveloping and pleasant images when watching any program. Something that helps the high refresh rate of the product, so you can enjoy any content as you like. Some contents that, as usual in these 4K TVs, can come from both conventional signal and any streaming broadcast, using the Smart TV function available on the device.

All this in a device that also improves control, since it includes a voice-controlled remote control and the latest version of Samsung’s already known Smart HUB, with which it is easier to access what you need.

If you want to make the leap to the modern world of curved 4K TVs, we leave you the characteristics of this model and everything it offers you.

Samsung  4K UHD Smart LED TV


  • Curved screen: The TV screen has a curvature of 4,200 R, which gives the image a much more pleasant appearance and better visual sensations.
  • Auto Depth Enhancer : So you don’t break your head setting options, the automated adjustment system is responsible for optimizing the image output for you.
  • Voice control : The voice control function makes it easy to access any device function without worrying about finding the remote.


  • Control system : The voice control system, although efficient, requires a certain period of learning, so you will have to be patient at the beginning.
  • Slow : Due to the large number of items that the equipment must load during startup, this may be somewhat slower than desirable.

When it comes to price, you may not need all of the bells and whistles of a high-end TV, but you can still acquire a QLED panel for a good price. For about $500, the TCL 5-Series offers a huge, vibrant QLED display. That panel has a 10-bit color depth, which adds to the richness of the pictures. It even boasts 48 local dimming zones to increase the display’s contrast and support HDR.

When it comes to gaming, the TCL 5-Series lacks some premium features such as VRR and high refresh rates, but it does have a reduced input lag, ensuring that your games are responsive. This TV will keep up if you want to game in 4K/60 on your gaming PC or console.

 TCL 55

Getting the best TV isn’t always a priority, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the best TV you can afford. The Vizio V-series 43-inch TV reaches a high standard of quality while costing significantly less than you’d anticipate. This TV costs a little less than $300, but you’ll get a good large screen with 4K images.

The picture is further enhanced by the display’s use of full-array illumination, which helps to keep the picture’s brightness consistent — no oddly bright corners or edges. A number of HDR codecs, including the premium HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, are also supported by the panel. In addition, an Auto Game Mode will help reduce input lag for a more responsive experience.

Sony X90J 50 Inch TV

The 55-inch Hisense H8G is a terrific example of how Hisense knows how to put a good price tag on an excellent screen. This 4K TV is available for under $600, and if the appropriate discounts are available, it may be even less. Normally, you wouldn’t expect a TV this cheap to have the most flashy display, but Hisense didn’t skimp.

The 55-inch H8G features a bright LED display that can reach 700 nits, ensuring that HDR highlights sparkle. You won’t be losing out on formats with Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG. Even more, Hisense uses local dimming to make its HDR seem even better, with 90 zones – amazing for the price. Even when there are bright elements on the screen, these local dimming zones assist make dark sections of a scene appear darker. You won’t need any additional media devices to get started because the TV runs the Android TV operating system.

Hisense 55-Inch Class H9 Quantum Series Android 4K ULED Smart TV

TCL knows how to produce a budget-friendly television, and the TCL 50S535 is an excellent alternative for gamers seeking for a larger screen on a tight budget. This 50-inch TV costs $400, which is less than typical 4K gaming monitors, which are about a quarter the size.

The TCL 50S535 lacks speed, but that’s about the only thing you’ll be missing out on (although, let’s be honest, you’d need a graphics card more expensive than this TV to achieve 60fps at 4K without making additional visual compromises). With its 4K panel, TCL has you covered in terms of resolution. Furthermore, you’ll be able to run at 60Hz for reasonably nice images. You’ll receive more than just resolution, as the QLED screen on this TV has the brightness and color to deliver an HDR picture that many budget TVs lack. The broadcast-friendly HLG, as well as HDR10 and the more premium Dolby Vision, will all be supported. With four HDMI connections, you can connect a variety of gaming devices to this TV, and the TV’s Auto Game Mode will help guarantee that input latency is kept to a minimum.

TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku LED TV

TCL 55-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV

TCL is known for producing high-quality cheap televisions, and the 2020 TCL 6-Series is no exception. When compared to the more expensive options among the best gaming TVs, the TCL 55R635 makes very few compromises. For under $700, you can acquire a 55-inch 4K TV. While there are cheaper 4K TVs available, they will lack some of the higher-end capabilities seen here. The addition of a QLED screen with Mini-LED backlighting to the TCL 55R635 enhances its capabilities, providing an excellent color palette and high contrast performance thanks to 240 local dimming zones. You’ll enjoy stunning images with everything from HDR10 to Dolby Vision.

However, when you’re gaming, you gain some additional benefits. When you want the most beautiful gaming experience, stay to 4K and games that operate at 60Hz refresh rate. However, if you want to get a competitive advantage, you can reduce the resolution and run the display at 120Hz. This is true in both 1080p and 1440p, making it a good match for the Xbox Series S.

TCL 55-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV


All you should know about the 4K TV

With a 4K television, higher picture quality and thus razor-sharp resolutions are possible. Our team has viewed various tests on the Internet for a list of the best and was, therefore, able to include ratings for resolution, tuner types, dimensions, and much more.

What is 4K TV?

A 4K television is a device with an unusually high resolution.

The 4K standard requires 4,096 x 2,160 pixels here, but most manufacturers also speak of 4K televisions at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.


How does 4K TV work?

The functionality of a 4K television in the practical test corresponds precisely to that of a standard HD television. In addition to the resolution, there is but sometimes differences in the hardware in the interior.

The decoding of material in 4K resolution is a complex process that requires appropriate components.

That is why it is not uncommon to find powerful multi-core processors with a lot of RAM in UHD devices. Such equipment is also available on standard TVs, but they are rarer to be found there than on a 4K TV.

Content reaches a 4K television either via a TV connection or an external device. Any supplier can be connected via HDMI, component or scart, for example, receivers, Blu-Ray players, game consoles, computers or even smartphones.

Here, too, there are no differences from a standard television in the practical test. However, it should be noted that content in Ultra HD resolution requires an HDMI input according to the 2.0 standard for the best possible quality.

Only then can the full resolution be used even at high refresh rates . Especially with a new purchase, this is a not to be neglected detail.

Advantages & application areas

The most significant advantage of a 4K TV is undoubtedly the higher resolution in a practical test. Even with substantial devices, even with short viewing distances, there are no more individual pixels.

The picture of 4K TV appears even brighter and sharper, and small details can be seen better in the test. This is most noticeable in sports broadcasts or panoramic shots, but in principle, all content benefits from the increased resolution.

At the moment, content for a 4K television is, unfortunately, few and far between. The TV broadcasters are still partly busy with the switch to HD and are not expected to upgrade to 4K anytime soon.

Only the public broadcasters have announced that they will broadcast some selected games of the 2017 European Football Championship in Ultra HD.

Also, there are series and films in high resolution at some streaming providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Finally, there are also Blu-Rays in 4K, but these also require a 4K-capable player. Old devices can no longer play the new media because they have increased storage capacity.

Fortunately, 4K TVs can display content in lower resolution without any problems.

TV channels in HD and SD, as well as picture information from a computer or a game console, can still be enjoyed.

In many cases in the practical test, 4K televisions even offer a function for extrapolating the image data. With this as upscaling known technology which calculates television from a picture in low automatic Resolution material in full Ultra HD resolution.

The bottom line is that a 4K television can be used as a full replacement for an HD television without any restrictions.

With a new purchase, such offers the device in comparison to a full HD TV also more future-proof, since the 4K-8K successor without a doubt still many years will be long in coming.


What types of 4K TVs are there?

There is a wide selection of 4K televisions, with something suitable for almost every requirement.

Simple 4K TVs only offer a higher resolution, but otherwise do not differ from a conventional TV in the test.

This has the disadvantage that under certain circumstances and no interfaces are installed, and so not all sources of material in 4K can be used.

But such devices are already very cheaply available and sometimes even cheaper than some Full HD televisions with extensive features.

Anyone with a 4K TV primarily films and series would enjoy and not so much on the use of apps and similar services are interested, maybe such devices readily closer look.

In the middle class, 4K TVs already have significantly more robust hardware than most HD TVs in the test. Also, these are almost exclusively smart TVs.

This means that the 4K TVs, similar to a smartphone, can be connected to the Internet and run apps. In this way, television can play services such as Netflix or YouTube without any additional equipment.

In addition to these functions, the picture quality is already noticeably better than with very cheap 4K TVs in the practical test.

Although the resolution is the same as with cheap 4K TVs, show differences in the gradients, the sharpness and several other properties. Overall, price and performance are very balanced in this area.

In the upper class in the test, there are differences not only in equipment but also in the user panel. Here, too, put some manufacturers on LED technology, as with all other TVs to use comes.

There are also models with a so-called OLED display. It is a technique in the organic components for use come. These are self-illuminating and do not require a backlight.

This has the advantage that the black levels are unmatched and the image quality also knows how to please. However, corresponding devices with 4K are costly and therefore not necessarily unusual for every budget.

In terms of size, interested parties can also look forward to a wide selection of 4K TVs in the test. From 40 inches to 80 inches, there is something for every taste. Which diagonal is the best depends on the requirements of the user.

Above all, the seat spacing is an essential topic in the test for 4K TVs. In principle, a 4K television is always sharper with a smaller size. Individual pixels are more modest and closer together, which means that they can hardly be recognized in the practical test even at a short distance.

For this reason, smaller 4K televisions in the test are of interest to anyone who sits no more than two meters away from a device. Larger screen diagonals only make sense with appropriately large rooms and seat spacing, which was proven in a test.

A 60-inch television offers 4K resolution about even with four to five meters distance in a test nor a crystal clear picture and pleasing screen size.

4k TV news 2020

If you are interested in the latest 4k TVs, we can recommend the YouTube channel 4K films. Maker “Dominik” travels to all trade fairs and events for this channel and shoots short “Hands-On” shots of the latest 4k models, which give you an excellent first impression and the most important technical data.

In 2019, 4K films showed new releases from Samsung, LG, and Sony.

At the Samsung EU event in February 2019, Samsung presented, among other things, the affordable entry-level 4K TV Samsung RU7100. With this series, the UHD premium products from Samsung should begin. That is, this is the most affordable model. It will be available in 43, 50, 55, 58, 65 and 75 inches and has a PurColour filter in addition to the UHD processor.

At the LG Road Show in March 2019, LG presented several entertaining 4K televisions, such as the 4k TV LG SM90 Nanocell IPS TV. This TV has FALD (Full Array Local Dimming Pro).

The entry-level model in the OLED range from LG is the 4k television LG B9 / B97 OLED TV. It has HDMI 2.1 and Alpha 7 processor.

Sony may have seen the following models at the Sony Roadshow in February 2019, which are due to go on sale during the year.

4k TV Sony XG89 Bravia: A small model in 43 or 49 inches which, according to the expert, comes with “good equipment”. The 4k TV Sony XG84 with X1 processor and multi-audio is in the middle price category.

The flagship of Sony in 2019 is the 4k TV Sony XG95 with full array led backlight and X-Wide-Angle. According to the first “Hands-on” report, contrast and sharpness should be “great”, even from a steep angle.


How the 4K televisions were tested

In a 4K television test 2020, all devices have to prove themselves in an extensive test course. Only when a TV in each category can convince the practical test, he can compete for the coveted title 4K TV compared winner compete.

In the following, we will tell you what is particularly important in a 4K TV in the test. Category Description:

picture quality

If you buy a 4K TV, you usually expect excellent picture quality. For this reason, this category is undoubtedly one of the most important in the test. Every single 4K television is put through its paces in a practical test.

The colour values also play a role, as do the illumination, the black levels and many other details. Also, tested it, the TV was not only material in 4K quality, but also checked how well they low -resolution content to deal.

Sound quality

Quite a few users do without their home cinema and instead rely on integrated loudspeakers in a television set. In one test, therefore, is precisely belongs and reveal to what extent in this one particular device aspect is convincing.

Different sources such as music, games and films are used in the practical test. Treble and midrange should be distinguishable from each other and should not overdrive at any time, while bass should sound as robust as possible.

Also, a certain volume level is desirable so that residents in bustling areas can easily understand everything with the windows open.



Even the best 4K TV is of little use if the user can not handle the device properly. Therefore the menu navigation and other components were also analyzed in the test.

In the best case, we find our way around easily and can completely do without help with a manual. It is essential for, among other things, a good translation, which is cryptic terms waived.



This category is all about how to connect a 4K TV to external devices. For this purpose, it primarily requires suitable connections. At least two HDMI ports should have inexpensive tools themselves, but more is always better.

Integrated tuners for cable and satellite, with which an additional receiver is not required, are also positive. We also check whether the connection with Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes, game consoles and other devices works smoothly and how good the picture quality is.

Finally, we will also tell you how you can connect a particular 4K television to your home network and thus to the Internet. For example, WLAN or Ethernet can be used.


Features and functions

There is hardly a 4K television without additional functions with which the viewing experience should be even better . Smart TVs want to enchant the user with various apps, for example.

Others offer built-in functions such as picture-in-picture that allow two different programs to be enjoyed at the same time.

The test not only keeps an eye on how well such features work but also whether they are useful and well integrated at all.


Power consumption

It is like things that a 4K television needs more energy than a comparable full HD television. Nevertheless, the devices should be as economical as possible with the power from the socket.

This not only protects the environment but ultimately, the purse of the consumer. The test measures exactly how high power consumption is in different scenarios and can extrapolate a comparable result.


Quality and artistry

At this point, we turn our eyes away from the display itself and instead turn to the case . We attach particular importance to the highest quality materials and excellent and stable artistry with few gaps.

Ethical values in this category not only have an optically positive effect but in most cases, also ensure a significantly longer lifespan for a device.

Many a cheap television can turn out to be an expensive wrong decision if defects in the processing result in an error after a short time. Therefore, nobody should neglect this point when buying.



Especially in televisions with LCD technology which is brightness a significant factor. Only if users can perceive an image will they benefit from good image quality and high resolution.

For operation in a brightly lit room to be possible without problems on a sunny summer day, every television must exceed a specific value here. There are bonus points if TV can automatically adjust its brightness to the environment.

This means that the user does not have to readjust, and the overall use is much more comfortable and more relaxed.


Price-performance ratio

No matter how good a 4K TV may be in the test, the price should always be about the offered performance.

For this reason, we compare the price of individual devices with similar models and can use the results to tell you where you can get the most for your money.



What should I look out for when buying a 4K TV?

First and foremost, a 4K television must fit your own needs. There is no device that would ultimately be the most suitable for every type of user.

The image quality should, of course, be as high as possible, but if you don’t want to spend too much, you naturally have to live with compromises. In terms of size is especially the seat pitch of interest, such as in the test.

Depending further away from your TV set, the higher should screen diagonal fail.

Conversely, it makes little sense to buy a 65-inch 4K television if the couch is only two meters away from the TV.

The features also depend on your requirements. Smart TVs are versatile devices that offer enormous potential for everyday use. Nevertheless, it is not worth paying the extra charge for such a 4K television if such functions are not used at all.

So who with his 4K TV primarily television and now and then a Blu-Ray wants to enjoy, with a conventional device excellent advice and is happy about the lower cost.

In any case, before buying, make sure that a 4K TV works well with all of your devices. These can be receivers, Blu-Ray players or older devices such as VHS recorders.

If these cannot be connected to a new 4K television, frustration quickly arises with the user. So study product reports and data sheets and make sure you can compare all the components from your home living room to a specific TV.

Finally, of course, price is always an important issue when buying a 4K TV. In the meantime, some models are already available at an affordable price, so that the technology is no longer reserved for wealthy users.

However, caution is also advisable with cheap 4K televisions. In some cases, the picture quality of 4K TVs cannot be recommended, and the advantages of 4K are hardly noticeable due to poor colour properties and less than optimal illumination.

But some 4K televisions have made an astonishingly good picture in various tests despite a low price.

Conversely, some brand manufacturers ask too much for their high-end televisions. Alone in terms of price, you can hardly make any conclusions about the actual quality of 4K TVs.

Therefore Study in each case strictly product reports and take only 4K TV into the closer selection, which a certain minimum level of the quality meet.


Brief information on leading manufacturers

Almost every major manufacturer of televisions has the 4K standard already discovered for themselves and provides appropriate 4K TV on. We would like to introduce you to the leading brands in more detail below.

  • Sony

Opened in 1946 in Japan, founded company Sony is one of the leading brands worldwide in the field of consumer electronics.

The most famous product was the Walkman, which revolutionized the way people listened to music on the go in the 1980s. For the first time, it was possible to take cassettes anywhere in a compact device. Before this development, people primarily listened to music with ghetto blasters.

Sony rests on his success at no time off, but always surprised with innovations and win numerous markets to conquer. In the area of television were Japanese long leader. Also, they have with the PlayStation one of the most successful video game consoles created ever. In recent years that had Japanese but increasing problems with the competition from Korea. The TVs from there are not qualitatively better than that of Sony, but they offer comparable features at a lower price. Here the financial crisis simply makes Japan noticeable and the long time extremely high Counting yen.

Under new management, Sony was able to recover at the beginning of the 2010s and build on previous successes. The range has been purged, and those responsible are now concentrating on areas that are running successfully and generating profits. In the field of televisions, Sony now focuses almost exclusively on the high-end sector.

The 4K TV of the company’s delight with excellent image quality and many useful features. For Smart TVs, Sony uses the Android operating system, which means that a wealth of apps can be used. However, the devices are only recommended for users with high demands. If you are looking for a real bargain, this is the wrong address.

  • Samsung

There is hardly an area of Elkeronik, in which Samsung would not be active. From washing machines to refrigerators to sound systems, computers, smartphones and televisions, there is next to nothing that Samsung does not have. Success undoubtedly proves Samsung to be right with this behaviour. Although one or the other division is making losses, the company as a whole is in a perfect position and is pleased with profits in the billions every year.

Samsung is mainly known for its smartphones. Especially the Galaxy series is one of the best-selling phones ever and may even with the iPhone from Apple measure. Customers appreciate the high quality at a comparatively low price. This applies not only to cell phones but to almost all Samsung products. With a few exceptions, top quality is offered at fair prices.

The 4K TVs from Samsung can also convince in this regard. Thanks to a large selection, there is something for every taste. Enthusiasts will find devices with extensive functions and excellent picture quality, while bargain hunters can look forward to cheap, yet high-quality televisions. Samsung knows not only to convince with inner values but above all with the design.

The 4K televisions from the Korean company offer the narrowest edges with a skinny design. Some people might confuse a Samsung 4K television with an oversized digital picture frame. The bottom line is that the devices are absolutely recommendable; there are rare outliers with low quality. In a 4K TV Test 2020 you can, of course, read at any time which Samsung TVs did particularly well in tests.


  • LG

LG has an astonishing number of parallels with Samsung. The company also comes from South Korea and offers products from almost all areas of electronics. Although LG is not quite as successful as Samsung overall, it is still a significant player in the industry worldwide.

The products of LG are enjoying because of the high quality at fair prices great popularity. Especially with TVs Koreans were in the 2000s capture much market share year. The 4K TVs from LG inspire with unusually high picture quality. LG was one of the first manufacturers to rely on OLED technology and was thus able to offer better black levels than the competition and also outperform them in terms of contrast.

In addition to the expensive OLED TVs, LG also offers 4K TVs for smaller budgets and devices with numerous features. There is a large selection for every taste and, with a few exceptions, the quality can always convince.


  • Philips


The Dutch company Philips is one of the largest technology companies in Europe and is also a major player worldwide. Initially, the company was to manufacture of incandescent founded. However, those responsible did not rest on their initial successes, but always tried to win new markets and convince customers with innovations. Thanks to these tireless efforts, Philips has been able to continue to grow and today offers an astonishingly broad product portfolio. These include, for example, electric toothbrushes, headphones or 4K TVs.

However, Philips is no longer responsible for the production of the TV. Towards the end of the 2000s, Philips faced increasing pressure from Asian suppliers with their low prices. As a result, the kriselte business with TVs and some years later, finally the ripcord was pulled. The entire television production was sold to a Chinese company, which also acquired rights to the Philips brand name. Today’s 4K TV with the Philips So the logo no longer comes from Philips itself.

Nevertheless, the devices still harbour many innovations from Philips. This includes, for example, Ambilight, which automatically adjusts the ambient light of the television to the displayed image content. In terms of quality, too, the devices do not have to hide from the competition and are always worth a look.



Panasonic, which has existed since 1918, is known worldwide for high-quality electronics products. The company history falls not least through the Second World War made very moved. In the beginning, the founders had to struggle with problems and barely avoided bankruptcy a few times. The first collapse occurred after the end of World War II. The victorious powers classified Panasonic as an armaments company at the time and smashed it into several small companies. This resulted in brands that are still known today, such as Matsushita technics. Over time, all of these companies could be reunited under one roof.

The range of Panasonic includes CD player, TV, Digitakameras and smartphones. Those in charge cannot always be very successful in all areas, but they are still working on innovations to survive in this fast-moving market. For a long time, Panasonic relied on plasma technology for televisions, which reached its peak in the early 2000s. For a long time, Panasonic devices in this class were considered to be unrivalled. As a plasma, however, Panasonic lost the production of such televisions and concentrated on classic machines with LCD instead.

Today’s 4K televisions from Panasonic attach great importance to convincing picture quality. In addition to the high resolution, users can also enjoy excellent contrast values and all kinds of technologies to improve the image. Additional features are also not neglected, and those who are looking for a high-quality Smart TV with 4K resolution will almost always find something suitable for their own needs at Panasonic.



Internet vs Specialist trade: where is the best place to buy my 4K television?

When buying a 4K TV, it is not just a question of the right 4K TV. It is also not unimportant where the 4K TV is purchased. This may involve some significant differences arise, such as when price, the safety and the comfort in purchasing.

You can find out who has the edge in this regard between specialist retailers and the Internet in the following.

The Internet already offers numerous advantages in terms of convenience alone.

First, here no one needs to have any opening times worry because of online shops on every day around the clock opening.

So you can shop precisely when it suits your life best, whether at the weekend, on public holidays or in the middle of the night.

Also, you are not tied to a fixed location. With a smartphone or tablet, shopping is possible from anywhere. If you want, you can easily order a 4K TV from the bathtub or use the lunch break in the office.

The TV finds its way up to the after ordering doorstep. Many providers also offer an additional service for installation and commissioning, so that users no longer have to worry about anything.

If you are not at home, you can also have a television sent to an alternative address and, for example, arrange for delivery to a neighbour or a friend.

In the specialist trade, on the other hand, buyers have to address fixed times and locations.

Many probably know how little fun it after closing time in the crowded downtown area a parking lot to look for and then for a long time in a queue to stand, only to be allowed to pay. On the Internet, you will all save.

For many, it has personal advice in the shop is still a high priority. In fact, it is also an advantage to be able to view a device directly on site. In theory, the image quality can be assessed before the purchase.

In practice, however, this should be treated with caution. The showrooms are ultimately the private living room in no way comparable. Due to the sheer size of the shops, televisions appear much smaller than would be the case at home.

Some people, therefore, choose a device that is much too large. Also, the illumination is anything but optimal. Most electronics retailers want to illuminate their store as well as possible so that customers can find their way around quickly and recognize all products.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, but this extreme lighting falsifies the image of a 4K TV enormously. In your own four walls, the picture can sometimes differ dramatically from the impression of a retailer.

The advice by a seller is now also not outdated. Especially with large electronics chains, many employees often do not have the necessary expertise to be able to help customers comprehensively with decision-making.

From this, it can also be observed time and again that sellers have more of their sales than the needs of the customer in mind.

Expensive 4K televisions are then recommended, which are not at all suitable for the individual requirements of the individual.

Of course, this is not always the case, and there are also enough kind and honest sellers. The problem is, however, that buyers cannot distinguish them from black sheep at first glance.

On the Internet, everyone can find out about the qualities of 4K televisions on independent sites and make their own decisions based on tests. We are also not dependent on a particular manufacturer or a dealer and can report on all products completely freely and easily.

The selection also plays a role that should not be underestimated when buying a 4K TV. The specialist trade is usually limited to a few current 4K televisions that sell particularly well. It is rare to find more than ten different 4K televisions in one shop at the same time.

On the other hand, on the Internet, you can quickly find a suitable offer and a test report for almost every 4K TV. In this way, you can sometimes save cash. Older models are not seldom very cheaply available and still adequately meet the needs of many users.

Such 4K televisions can be found almost exclusively on the Internet. Even if a particular 4K tv is out of stock at a retailer, every one can simply switch to another online shop and almost always find the 4K television they want.

The Internet offers a selection of shops all over Germany, all of which are just a click away. On the other hand, if you buy from a specialist retailer, you either have to rely on a few shops in the immediate vicinity, or you have to go long distances to find an alternative.

Contrary to public opinion, buying a 4K television on the Internet is even safer than in specialist shops. As with any retailer, buyers benefit from the full legal guarantee and a possible manufacturer’s guarantee.

In addition, the allowed Fernabsatzgesetz but within 14 days, a return of purchased products with no ifs and but.

This does not even have to be justified by the customer. If an ordered 4K TV, so time is not their own expectations match, you can add it easy again return. If there is no impairment, for example, due to damage to the housing or the like, you will be reimbursed the full purchase price.

In the specialized trade, there is this possibility usually not. There is a similar service at some shops, but it is only goodwill. There is no legal right to redemption in local trade.

For many, the most critical factor when deciding between specialist retailers and the Internet is the price.

Here, too, the Internet is persuasive. With very few exceptions, 4K TVs are always cheaper to buy online than in local stores.

There are also good reasons for this. On the one hand, mail order companies have to bear significantly lower costs. You do not need expensive sales personnel, and instead of nicely decorated salesrooms, a simple warehouse is sufficient.

In addition, quite a few providers can offer lower prices due to the sheer mass. A low sales margin isn’t wrong with millions of items sold, but it can break a trader’s neck if he can only sell a few hundred devices.

All these advantages give online shops often directly to their customers. They also have little choice. After all, users can compare current prices online with just a few clicks. Only when a shop delivers reasonable offers does it appear at the top of the price search engine results and can thus secure the interest of surfers.

Retailers are not subject to intense competition and thus enjoy more freedom in setting of prices, which for the customer but usually of disadvantage is.

Overall, the Internet offers too many advantages to be avoided when buying a 4K TV.

The specialist trade is the right choice, especially for those who are in a hurry. Finally, you can have a here TV buy, and it just takes. But if you have at least 1-2 days, you should definitely prefer the Internet. The purchase is there cheaper, more convenient and even safer.


Interesting facts & advice

If you are interested in more detailed information around the topic 4K TV interest, can be found at this point some interesting facts and useful tips for use in everyday life.

The history of 4K televisions

4K TVs can look back on a relatively recent past.

Only in 2012 was appropriate standard decided the first device; however, appeared only in 2013. In particular, Sony made early on with their own devices to attract attention, but was able to the mass market does not reach.

This was mainly because the devices were costly at the beginning. Paying 10,000 euros or more for a 4K television was not uncommon at the time. For most users, this did simply not make sense because while still at all, no content in the high resolution was ready.

Most TV stations have only a few years the transition to HD managed while offering in many cases, not even the full HD resolution. At 4K there’s not thinking.

Blu-rays, on the other hand, did not have enough storage space to display films in high resolution. So not only new TVs were needed, but also new devices.

Through constant new developments and optimizations, the manufacturers managed to significantly reduce the price for 4K televisions in the following years. Regions have now been reached in which the devices are also affordable for the average user.

The right content is now finally available. The first native 4K Blu-Ray players appeared in 2020, which can now also play media with 200 GB of memory. In addition, many streaming providers such as Netflix or Amazon, offer selected content in 4K resolution.

The success of 4K TVs can hardly be stopped now. The prices will continue to fall as more new content added. From day to day, the high resolution becomes interesting for more people. In addition, standard HD televisions are becoming obsolete.

They are currently still being manufactured, but it is only a matter of time before the manufacturers sort them out. Already today, high-end devices are almost without exception 4K televisions. There will undoubtedly be a few more years before the changeover has arrived in the last budget.

But it is still an excellent time to buy a 4K television . Especially friends of the highest image quality are happy about the even better experience. In the future, we can look forward to further improvements, such as a higher frame rate.

Numbers, data, facts about 4K TVs

The 4K standard is always a source of confusion for consumers. Again and again, we find the claim that it would be the doubling of the full HD resolution act. But that is not correct.

The only thing that doubles at 4K are the number of pixels in height and width. Instead of 1920 pixels in the horizontal, 3840 pixels are now used, in the vertical it is 2160 pixels instead of 1920 pixels as with Full HD.

But if you calculate the number of pixels, you will find that it is a quadrupling. Full HD has to fire a total of about two million pixels, while 4K ultimately has more than eight million pixels.

The abbreviation 4K has nothing to do with Full HD at all. It is neither a reference to the total number of pixels nor a multiplier. 4K only refers to the number of pixels in the horizontal. So means nothing more than a kilo, which translates to thousand.

Strictly speaking, the vast majority meet 4K TV the standard so not once, since this 4096 pixels would be needed. For this reason, quite a few manufacturers prefer to use the abbreviation UHD, which stands for Ultra HD.

The slight reduction in pixels is in turn related to its predecessor, Full HD.

With 3840 x 2160 pixels, the image is quadrupled precisely, which is particularly advantageous when upscaling. Content in Full HD using only four pixels for a pixel in the output format.

This prevents artefacts or other undesirable phenomena, and the image always looks convincing even with non-native material. This is particularly important in the early days when many users still enjoy countless content in Full HD because there is simply not enough material available in 4K natively.


4K TV vs conventional television

There is always a debate about whether the difference between 1080p and 4K is visible to the human eye. As is so often the case, it all comes down to the circumstances. 4K is not the same as 4K. Many vendors use a firm compression, streaming over the Internet to allow.

4K videos on YouTube, for example, are often already satisfied with less than 10 Mbit / s, even with Netflix, such a data rate is usually sufficient. However, usual Blu-Ray films in Full HD can already achieve very similar values.

It can only be expected that the image will suffer due to the low data rate, despite the 4K resolution on paper. Therefore, when comparing, it is always essential to choose the right sources. There are differences between a Blu-Ray in 1080p and a Blu-Ray in 4K.

At least if the seat spacing is correct. If you sit several meters away from a Full HD television, you will of course no longer notice individual pixels. However, 4K can show off its advantages, especially when there are small seating distances.

In a practical test, it is only possible with 4K to position a television to fill the eye without affecting the picture quality.

The differences between 4K TVs and HD devices are not limited to the resolution. Some technologies have so far been withheld from 4K devices.

This includes, for example, HDR, which ensures more natural colours with cleaner transitions. The bottom line is that a 4K TV often offers better picture quality than a comparable HD TV, even with lower resolution material.

Still, 4K is n’t always better automatically. If you compare cheap 4K televisions with a very high-quality full HD television, you will quickly find that a better picture can be produced despite the lower resolution. For this reason, everyone should ask themselves exactly what the priorities are before buying.

For high picture quality, much more needs to be paid attention to than just the resolution. On the other hand, if you do not have any special requirements and only want to be on the safe side in terms of future security, you can also watch cheap 4K televisions.


What devices can I use with a 4K TV?

In principle, with a 4K TV, all devices use the previously even on a high-definition television for use came. The only requirement is that the appropriate connections are available.

However, the television will, of course, only receive content in the appropriate resolution. With a regular Blu-Ray player, only a full HD image is then inflated. Dedicated devices such as a 4K Blu-Ray player are required for native content.

Can 4K TVs also output material in SD?

Nothing stands in the way of that. Every 4K television can easily handle content in SD, for example in PAL resolution.

Thus, it is also not a problem, for example, digital television services in low resolution to enjoy. Like HD content, these are automatically extrapolated so that the screen is filled.

What HDMI standard do I need for 4K?

For a 4K resolution at least the HDMI standard, 1.4 is required, which however does not yet cover all details.

Although playback at 2160p is possible, this is limited to only 30 frames per second.

Sixty frames per second are only possible from HDMI 2.0. When buying a new product, you should make sure that television has at least HDMI 2.0.

It should also be noted that in addition to the television itself, connected devices and the cable itself must also support HDMI 2.0 in order to enable playback of native 4K material.

Can I connect a computer or notebook to a 4K TV?

As long as the respective PC has an HDMI output, nothing stands in the way. However, the full resolution can rarely be used.

The graphics card in a computer must support 4K for native playback. This is often not the case with many notebooks with integrated graphics units.

In addition, demanding applications such as games in 4K require enormous computing power. So it still makes sense to switch from time to time to a 1080p resolution to enable smooth operation.

What does the Ultra HD logo mean?

If a TV via an Ultra-HD logo, so are some basic requirements in terms 4K ensured. On the one hand, such a device always has the corresponding resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels.

In addition, at least one HDMI connection according to standard 2.0 is available and the copy protection HDCP is used at least with version 2.2.

For the customer, the logo is an easy way to check a TV for compatibility.

If a corresponding sticker is available, it is possible to connect to a 4K Blu-Ray player, for example.

When is the right time for a 4K television?

4K is currently a nice gimmick for enthusiasts, but it is far from being a must.

If you still own a working Full HD TV and are satisfied with the picture quality, you don’t have to upgrade yet.


Users are thus prepared for the future and do not have to buy a new device in just a few years.

The switch may also make sense for those who still use an HD-ready television.

These only have a resolution of 1280 × 720 or 1366 × 768 pixels. 4K televisions are an enormous and noticeable improvement.


Useful accessories

The currently most useful accompaniment for each 4K TV is a Blu-ray player with support for native films in 4K. Thus can be content in the best possible quality to enjoy.

Although there may be on the Internet already some content in 4K, which a Smart TV without additional hardware can fetch, these are high with a Blu-Ray can not be compared.

Robust compression methods are used to reduce the bandwidth. The result is lower image quality, which does not take advantage of all the possibilities of 4K.

For smooth operation under are circumstances the purchase of a universal remote sense. In comparison to a supplied remote control, this offers the advantage that they are often free to your taste configure can.

For example, small dials can be created for specific processes with which the colour of the image can be influenced.

In addition, a universal remote control allows multiple devices to be operated simultaneously. Then only a single remote control is necessary for the living room.

Of course, suitable cables are required for the correct connection. Existing HDMI cables are still sufficient to connect old devices with Full HD specification.

However, if you want to experience native 4K, you need an HDMI cable with the 2.0 standard or better 2.0a.

Fortunately, such cables are available quite cheaply. By the way, gold-plated connections are not a must. Although they offer significantly higher longevity, they do not provide any advantages in terms of transmission quality.

When enjoying films and series, not only the image plays a role, but also the sound. For this reason, a good surround system is always a good companion for a 4K television. Sounds and music resound throughout the room and give a viewer a much stronger immersion than when using the television speakers.

The overall sound quality also improves. In a good system, highs and lows do not overdrive even at high volumes, while powerful basses are not only audible but can be felt.

Such a system can be connected directly to the television, which can then automatically forward all incoming audio signals. In this way, you can connect all your devices to the system quickly and easily, from the game console to the receiver and the computer.

Alternatives to the 4K TV

If you are looking for the highest possible picture quality, you do not necessarily have to resort to a 4K television. Some full HD devices must be in this relationship did not hide and above 4K TVs even offer some advantages.

The technology is mature now, and there are numerous contents for disposal. Also, high-quality devices are available here much cheaper than in the area of 4K televisions.

HD Ready devices are no longer an option. They still do their job without any problems and are therefore not a case for the bin. But if you are currently looking for a new TV, you should not be satisfied with it.

This is also because Full HD TVs are no longer more expensive than devices with a resolution of 720p.

Away from the TV can be content in 4K principle also on a computer enjoy. This only requires a suitable graphics card and of course a monitor with 4K resolution. There is already a wide selection of them, some of them even exceed the specifications of 4K televisions.

Moreover, even some are complete units available such as the iMac from Apple. There is also a variant with 5K resolution.

The main advantage of a PC is its versatility. The computers can be used for much more tasks than just watching films and series or surfing the Internet.

However, the corresponding displays are also significantly smaller than on television.

 The screens rarely reach more than 30 inches diagonal and are therefore not even half the size of the most massive 4K television.

This is no more dramatic if you are mainly using the monitor anyway. However, the picture can quickly turn out too small for a cosy TV evening with family or friends.

Smartphones with a corresponding resolution are not a sensible alternative to 4K televisions.

Although these are already available, the display is much too small to find any difference to 1080p.

In everyday life, 4K even has disadvantages here, since it uses the battery a lot more and can, therefore, shorten the runtime enormously.

For this reason, the high resolution is often only used for video playback, while games, apps and menu navigation are only scaled up, which further diminishes the advantages.

Smartphones with such an extreme resolution are only really useful in the area of virtual reality, where individual pixels catch the eye much faster because the display is placed directly in front of the eyes and reinforced by lenses.

For such areas of application, however, appropriate content is required again, so that this can in no way be compared to a standard 4K television.



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