10 Best Blu-Ray Home Theater Systems –Review In 2021

According to external testers, such as from the wirecutter (New York Times), where journalists from the fields of sound and television technology have dealt intensively with home theatre systems, a 5.1. Surround system is sufficient for most (demanding!) People. A 7.1 surround system for a Blu-ray home cinema system is even better, but you can confidently save several hundred euros and do without the sound from the ceiling. However, as our evaluation of customer satisfaction showed, many do not want to invest more than 500 euros for a Blu-ray home cinema system. Here, too, there are recommended products that sound better than the speakers on the television or a soundbar.


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How can you use Blu-ray home theatre systems to create an authentic cinema atmosphere in your own home?

The term Blu-ray home cinema systems usually hide a combination of a Blu-Ray player and a surround sound system that can reproduce several audio channels at once.

For a complete home cinema system with image reproduction, you also need a projector and a suitable projection surface or the largest possible flat screen.

In any case, take a Blu-ray home theatre system test to find out about the countless product alternatives and their features.

After all, simple Blu-ray home theatre systems are of little use if you need a 4-K Blu-Ray system to achieve the desired high-resolution image display.


Whether for examination, analysis or juxtaposition – which Blu-ray home theatre systems are the best?

There are countless variations of Blu-ray home theatre systems. Ultimately, it is your preferences and requirements that decide which product features are advantageous or have disadvantages.

If you need outstanding sound, you should go through every available product test or control and study to determine whether the product actually delivers the promised performance in a practical test.

If you are going to a 7.1 sound system, you have to take into account that you have to accommodate more cables than with a 5.1 system. The Blu-ray player should have upscaling functionality so that you can enjoy media with low resolution without any problems.

Blu-ray home theatre systems – these five leading manufacturers are often involved in the aptitude test, experiment and survey

Samsung Group

The Samsung Group was founded in 1938 and is a global player. Therefore, the manufacturer is not uncommon when testers compare Blu-ray home theatre systems with each other during product testing, trial or test run.

LG Electronics

The Korean company LG Electronics was founded in 1958 and, with its home theatre systems, is also often a guest of inspection and testing when professionals test products for congruence, similarity and differences.

Sony Corporation

The Sony Corporation is in terms of Blu-ray home theatre systems leader. When tests are carried out as part of a comparison, the products of the third-largest Japanese electronics group are often the comparison winners.

Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon specializes in hi-fi products and can also often be found in the evaluation of tests.


Pioneer was founded in 1938. The developments of the Japanese manufacturer are often used as benchmarks in a Blu-ray home theatre system test.

In the test – this is how Blu-ray home cinema systems get a reliable test rating

The best test is a practical test that was carried out according to certain test criteria under realistic conditions. However, even if the test result is positive, make sure that it matches your individual requirements.

Three important comparison criteria for a test

  • Is the manufacturer’s promise regarding the performance data in the test kept?
  • Is the sound of the system good in the test in limit areas?
  • Is the expected image quality achieved in the comparison?

Three common defects in the test

Be sure to consult a meaningful product test before buying. Otherwise, these defects can only be recognized after a purchase :

  • Inadequate surround sound and noise
  • A poor image quality
  • Playing problems

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