What Is The Best Antenna Cable For TV Of 2021?

Although we have YouTube and the Internet today, television is still an important part of our lives. What we have come to is wanting to enjoy it with the highest possible quality. And to do so, what we need is to have a proper team.

But even if we think otherwise, the only important thing is not television, but it is also very important that we have a quality antenna cable.

With this component we have the opportunity to make a difference in the way we watch television, since the effect of using good cable can be enormous. If we make a good choice we will notice a clear improvement the next time we watch TV.


10 Best Antenna Cable For TV

Recommendations summary

If you are thinking of buying a TV antenna cable, our first recommendation for you is the deleyCON model , a Full HD HDTV cable that meets the quality levels that we have to demand from this type of component.

 It is available in different sizes and is optimized with the intention of providing an image quality consistent with what we are looking for when we acquire a new cable that can provide us with something else.

Another good recommendation is the premium and thin TV antenna cable from the Primewire brand , which has received hundreds of positive reviews from users who have been satisfied with it. 

And as a third option we recommend the 1aTTack , a good cable that simplifies the experience, packaging and everything else, but is efficient within what we ask.

Rank #1: deleyCON: Image quality for a perfect experience

Many users talk about how their way of watching television changed radically from the moment they installed this satellite dish cable. The first thing that happens is that the channels with pixels disappear and the tuning problems also end. Everything looks smoothly as it should. It is easy to install and resistant, a black antenna cable that can be purchased in different extensions from 1 meter in the smallest model to 20 meters in the longest of all.

We have to look at how the heads are golden, this detail indicating that the highest quality male and female antenna cable is provided. It is also an antenna cable for 4K TV, so we are sure that we will not need another one in the near future to take advantage of the new broadcasts. The metal of the cable is gold plated and is compatible with all terminals that have a coaxial connection, from television to TV card.



  • Channel tuning effectiveness
  • The gold plated
  • Many extensions to choose from


  • The assembly could be of higher quality

Rank #2: Primewire: Rugged Metal Shielded Connectors

What has stood out the most about this cable is the way in which the manufacturer has endeavored to provide the component with a level of robustness that is above average. 
That gives the cable a fulcrum, since it makes it more efficient and resistant on a day-to-day basis.
 It transmits the signal effectively, allowing us to connect our HD television to all kinds of reception terminals, such as satellite receivers. 
As usual, the requirement is that the devices we connect have coaxial input.

It supports analog and digital signals, it is compatible with FM radio tuners in its analog mode, and the cable has been coated with the use of high-strength PVC for better results. 

As with the previous cable, the contacts are also gold plated.



  • Its insulation is of high quality
  • It has an elegant design
  • 90 degree angle connectors


  • It’s a little stiff

Rank #3: 1aTTack: Cheap and effective on your land

For users who prefer a cheaper antenna cable and adapter, we also have a recommendation. 
It is the antenna cable for DTT of the 1aTTack brand, which complies with the standards in terms of its function and which tries to reduce costs as much as possible to be offered to the public economically.

 In short, it is a good cable, but it shows that the materials chosen are cheaper and that this affects the power level that the television itself will use.

One of its great advantages is the wide range of measures that is available, the smallest being 0.30 meters and covering measures that go in the longest cable up to 30 meters, so it can become a good resource for users with very specific requirements.



  • Cheap
  • Variety of measures


  • Not as durable as other models
  • It does not tune to the highest quality

Additional sources and information (OCU etc.)

In addition to the information summarized on our page, we also recommend that you directly consult the OCU website and look for the test reports for Cable De Antenna For Tv.

 Here is a list of the web pages with the best information and articles on the subject and the products.

Why should you consult the mentioned sources on the topic Antenna Cable For Tv? 

There are several reasons: as an independent consumer organization, OCU evaluates a large number of products under laboratory conditions under objective test criteria. 

As a result, the test results are pretty strong , so take a look at the winners and the best products.

On the other hand, you can also find useful information in the question and answer forums (eg gutefrage.net). 

Various customer reviews and recommendations are already available for the TV Antenna Cable product group .

 Since this is the opinion of real buyers with practical experience with the product, this is very valuable information.

Here are other useful and relevant articles on the subject, written by our experts.

  • Tv Antenna Connector
  • Indoor Tv Antenna
  • Satellite dish

Useful YouTube Videos for Tv Antenna Cable

Currently, OCU also publishes product test videos on YouTube regularly, that is, test reports for Cable De Antenna For Tv in video format. 

Above we present a video review according to the theme. Our recommendation: to find high-quality content about this product category, search for “Test Cable Antenna For Tv” on YouTube.

Summary & conclusions

When looking for the best Cable Antenna For Tv, the winners of the Consumer and User Organization tests (see occup.org) are a good recommendation that is worth considering during your product comparison. 

Due to the large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend that you read several testimonials before making your purchase. 

In addition to the OCU test reports, in most cases you can also find evaluations made by specialized magazines (such as Stiftung Warentest).

 If you come across multiple test reports, it makes sense to make a comparison of the best Tv Antenna Cable from the practical tests for each list.

Don’t forget to check the date of the best product lists (they must be current). If you use out-of-date lists, it may happen that outdated information prevents you from finding the best product . 

Hence our last recommendation: always look for information about the winner of this year’s test and, if possible, with a detailed test report.


Guide to buying antenna cables for TV

There are many cases where we think of a cable as “just a cable”. But in reality there is much more background to the margin of such a simple definition, since the content viewing experience can change dramatically in the case that we use a quality cable.

 Now, which HD antenna cable is the one with the highest quality? What factors do I look at to know which one to choose? 

There are several elements that we always have to stop to consult.


Visually we are not only going to see if the cable is nice or not, we will also appreciate the coverage it has. 

Manufacturers bathe their cables with different components that lead them to act in a more convenient way when they are working.

 Gold-plated is very common and one that identifies the best cables, through which the television signal circulates better. We also identify the physical cover, which is what helps the cable not deteriorate at an accelerated rate. 

The use of PVC, for example, has become a base in this sense and something that helps to always have the best cables.


We understand impedance as the level of sensitivity offered by the cable. And we can tell you that it is better for the cable to have more impedance, because it will mean that it will act in a convenient way even in cases where interference is occurring for external reasons.

 If we have a high impedance cable, we can rest easy knowing that even when the signal is not good due to rain, storms or other similar phenomena, we will have the opportunity to watch TV without complications.


The extension will be influenced by the distance that we need to cover in our house when connecting the device through the TV cable to the television.

 If we buy a very long cable we will have to use an antenna cable stapler so that we can leave the rest of the cable fixed to the wall. 

But it is not a very comfortable measure, so it is important that we try to acquire the cable with the dimensions more or less adjusted to the needs we have.

Elegance and design

Finally, although the cables may be gathered and not seen, this is not always the case, so we will feel more comfortable if we get a cable that shows a good design. 

The simplest ones are limited to the most generic minimal finishes, but there are really nice cables that give a taste for the design they show off. 

Even so, if sometimes buying a nicer cable means paying more money, you may be interested in opting for the cheap one. It all depends on what you have in mind.

Frequent questions

How to put an antenna cable?

The process has no mystery whatsoever. If we want to know how to connect an antenna cable, we start by placing one of the two cable inputs in the space corresponding to the signal socket.

Then we put the other part inside the television in the space of the antenna. Then we enter the television options menu and select the option to tune in through the antenna. That will lead to starting to search and find the channels to enjoy high image quality content if we have purchased a good cable.

Can a cheap cable work for me?

Each television and installation is a world. There are people who with a cheap cable enjoy a high quality in the tuning, while others do not receive anything beyond image jumps. There are factors that are difficult to measure that influence and lead to the experience being of one quality or another. But what we have clear is that the cables have a significant weight, hence it is always recommended that we get a quality one so that we have that front covered.

Why are 90 degree connectors interesting?

Its objective is that we can gain space. As they have been manufactured in that position, it is easier for us to place the cables and the antenna structure. It is one of the changes introduced in recent times and something that helps a lot while we are in the installation process.

Buying guide: Buying tips and recommendations for Antenna Cable For Tv

We have written a small list of tips ( buying guide ) for anyone interested in buying Antenna Cable For Tv. 

This list of tips contains the most important criteria in the form of a checklist that are worth considering when choosing and purchasing a product. 

If you stick to this list made by our experts, we are sure that you will find the best product in the Tv Antenna Cable category.

  • Manufacturer: Are there renowned manufacturers or well-known brands for Tv Antenna Cable?
  • Test reports: Are there substantiated and informative test reports on the subject?
  • Customer Ratings and Reviews: Are reviews available from people who have bought and tried the product?
  • Product measurements: What measurements are necessary and what sizes are there?
  • Consumer and User Organization: What current test results has the consumer organization published about Cable De Antenna Para Tv?
  • Test Results: Which models were the test winners of the Cable Tv Antenna product group?
  • Price: What is your budget for Antenna Cable For Tv?
  • Comparison: At this point, we recommend doing an extensive price comparison to find the best one.

The most important item on the checklist above is the OCU test results . Consumer organization test winners and reports on Cable De Antenna For Tv can be very helpful in finding the best product. 

Our recommendation: to evaluate the products it is useful to buy several products at the same time, so that you can compare them with each other.

 This way, you can run your own comparison tests at home and determine your own winners.

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