10 Best 50 Inch TV –Reviews In 2021

Television is now part of every household. To find out which TV sets are recommended, the experts from goodluckelectronics have taken on the task, sifted through various comparisons and television tests on the Internet, and created a list of Best 50 Inch TV that also reveals ratings for resolution, reception, weight and much more.

A 48-inch, 49-inch, or 50-inch TV used to be regarded enormous; now, many manufacturers (and some buyers) believe it to be almost little, and so unworthy of the latest technology.

The first Samsung QLED TVs in this size were introduced in 2019, while the first OLED TVs in this size weren’t available until 2020 (and they’re really nice, as you’ll see below).


But what if the biggest size TV you desire or can fit in your room is a 50-inch screen? We’ve got some wonderful news for you. You may now not only acquire a real flagship TV (one of those aforementioned 48-inch OLEDs), but you’re also in ideal mainstream territory, where manufacturers and shops sell the most models and competition is strongest. To put it another way, the top 48-inch, 49-inch, and 50-inch televisions should provide exceptional value for money.

When it comes to visual quality, nearly all models of this size are now 4K, and there’s no need to hunt for a Full HD model because 4K TVs are already extremely reasonable.

Expect streaming apps like Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, and others to be included as standard. You can also expect HDR, at least in HDR10 format, but more commonly in HLG, Dolby Vision, and/or HDR10+, to ensure the greatest possible 4K images.

With the LG 2021 TVs, Samsung 2021 TVs, and Sony 2021 TVs all announced and on the way, prices for some of our favorite TVs from last year are expected to plummet, making now a fantastic opportunity to pick up a bargain. Continue reading for our picks for the finest 48, 49, and 50-inch televisions.

10 Best 50 Inch TV –Reviews In 2021

The top 50-inch TVs offer complete smart TV functionality and 4K quality while being slightly smaller than the more popular 55-inch models. This implies that if you want a 4K smart TV but a 55-inch is too huge or too expensive, you may get the perfect size without sacrificing quality or functionality by getting the proper size. You can get enormous quality in a 50-inch TV, from smart home connectivity and streaming services to high-dynamic range (HDR) and 4K resolution.

What size TV should you buy, according to our guide It’s optimal to watch a 50-inch TV from roughly four feet away, according to research. As a result, they’re ideal for a bedroom or a small apartment.

Do you require a larger television? Check out our picks for the finest 4K TVs. TV Buying Guide: There are nine things you should be aware of.
If you buy a 50-inch TV, you may miss out on some of the higher-end features that come included on 55-inch and larger TVs. However, compared to the larger sets available, you will be able to save a few dollars.

We don’t normally test 50-inch TVs, preferring to focus on the 55- and 65-inch models, which offer similar features and performance. When a company develops a terrific 55- or 65-inch TV, we anticipate the smaller model to be just as good, so our 50-inch TV recommendations are based on our experience with the larger models.

Insignia 50-inch Smart 4K UHD - Fire TV

If you’re a fan of Amazon’s ecosystem (or Echo system) and want a better option than the Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition, the Insignia 4K Fire Edition is the way to go (2020 model). The Insignia Fire TV is another terrific value TV in the 50-inch size that exceeds expectations, with good color spectrum and HDR compatibility. The sound quality is also superior to that of many 50-inch televisions. The Fire TV operating system includes all of Amazon’s popular features, as well as Alexa, which allows you to explore and play content using your voice, as well as control other smart devices in your house.

While the color was vibrant, it wasn’t as realistic as we’d hoped, and the unit only has a few viewing angles – it appears best when you’re right in front of it. Unfortunately, the TV interface is littered with advertisements. While it can’t compete with the Vizio M-Series in terms of overall performance, it’s a good option if you enjoy the Amazon experience.

Insignia 50-inch Smart 4K UHD - Fire TV

Komodo by Sceptre UHD Ultra Slim LED TV

The Konka U5 Android TV isn’t from a well-known brand, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly 4K TV with a solid Android smart TV interface, Konka delivers amazing color and brightness as well as a full-featured smart experience.

In comparison to other TVs in this price category, the U5 gives greater performance than we expected for a TV with such low costs, with rich colors and high brightness. Although the contrast could have been greater, and the sound quality would benefit greatly from the addition of a speaker, it’s more than adequate for viewing TV and movies, and the short latency times make for a good gaming experience. The Android TV platform on the U5 may be a touch sluggish, but the large app selection, built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast features, and tons of smart home compatibility easily exceed the little lag we experienced during our tests.

Komodo by Sceptre UHD Ultra Slim LED TV

Hisense 50-Inch Class Smart TV

When it comes to the best value in a 50-inch TV, the Hisense H8G Quantum Series is neck-and-neck with Vizio’s M-Series Quantum. The H8G, like the M-Series, uses quantum dot technology to improve color performance. A full-array local dimming backlight enhances the contrast of this slick-looking set.

Overall, the H8G is bright and sharp, and its short lag time may make it a more inexpensive gaming option than the M-Series. We did notice some blurring during fast-moving scenes, which we believe is due to the 60Hz refresh rate. While it didn’t have the same level of color reproduction as the M-Series, it was still acceptable. Its Android TV implementation is one of the best we’ve seen, and it has practically every app you could desire. You can also use Chromecast to send material from your mobile device to your TV. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck whether you go with the Vizio M-Series or the Hisense H8G.

Hisense 50-Inch Class Smart TV

TCL 50-inch Class HDR Smart Android TV

The TCL 5 Series Roku TV accomplishes what TCL does best: it offers an unexpectedly good balance of features and performance at a very reasonable price. The 50-inch model, which costs less than $500, features QLED’s superior color and brightness, as well as Roku’s user-friendly smart TV interface, which puts hundreds of apps at your fingertips.

The QLED display not only has superb color accuracy and a wide color gamut, but it also has top-of-the-line HDR support, including Dolby Vision as well as basic HDR10 and HLG codecs. It’s also one of the best budget gaming TVs you can buy, with input lag of 13.1 milliseconds. It’s also about half the price of Samsung’s similar QLED TV, making it one of the greatest smart TV deals.

TCL 50-inch Class HDR Smart Android TV

SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal Smart TV

The Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV combines Samsung’s highly developed quantum dot technology with the precise control of mini-LED backlighting to produce one of the greatest television screens ever seen. Samsung combines brilliant color and unrivaled brightness with a plethora of smart TV functionalities and truly clever features, such as a solar-powered remote control that eliminates the need to replace batteries – delivering eco-friendly design and unrivaled convenience at the same time.

The whole thing is housed in a stunning 1-inch-thick design with a slew of smart features, powerful Dolby Atmos audio, and some of the greatest performance we’ve ever seen. For an unrivaled gaming experience, HDMI 2.1 connectivity is included, along with gamer-friendly features and a 12.6-millisecond lag time. It’s certainly one of the greatest 4K TVs available, and the 50-inch model is just right for you.

SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal Smart   TV

VIZIO 50in Class Smart LED TV

With a price tag of less than $500, the 50-inch Vizio V505-G9 offers a lot of value in terms of features and performance. Google Chromecast support, a good variety of locally installed apps, and Vizio’s dedicated channel of free streaming video are all available.

It also performs admirably in terms of performance for a TV at this price point, with a good 4K picture, extensive HDR support, and a very appealing design, making it one of the better budget TVs available.

VIZIO 50in Class  Smart LED TV

SAMSUNG 50-inch Series Class Smart TV

The Samsung RU7100 is a budget 4K TV that strikes the perfect combination of features and price for those searching for something that is neither too expensive nor too inexpensive.

The RU7100 contains three HDMI ports, one of which supports ARC, two USB ports, an optical audio output for older surround sound systems, wireless communication, and Bluetooth connectivity for attaching headphones.

The polished home screen and menus, as well as Samsung’s strong app selection, which includes Apple TV and Disney+, make Samsung’s smart platform one of the best in the industry.

Overall, there’s a lot to like here, from the good picture and sound to the wonderful smart TV experience we’ve come to expect from Samsung sets.

SAMSUNG 50-inch Series Class Smart TV

LG 50UP8000PUR Alexa Built-In 50" 4K Smart UHD TV

The OLED48CX was our first 48-inch OLED TV, and we were (and continue to be) quite impressed.

The picture quality is excellent. Bright, punchy whites and vibrant but natural colors blend with excellent blacks and near-perfect viewing angles. LG’s motion processing improved significantly in 2020, and its 1080p and standard-def upscaling is still among the finest in the industry.

You also receive certified HDMI 2.1 plugs, which enable next-gen features like eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), HFR (High Frame Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and all VRR formats currently available (Variable Refresh Rate). If you’re seeking to upgrade to the PS5 or Xbox Series X, all of these are helpful.

When we examined the bundle, all of the UK’s catch-up applications were missing, including BBC iPlayer, but they should be added in a future update.

LG 50UP8000PUR Alexa Built-In 50

Sony X90J 50 Inch TV

The Sony HX may have a similar appearance to the previous model, but it performs better across the board.

The new X1 Ultimate chip is housed inside, and it attempts to boost resolution and contrast while also speeding up the Android TV interface. You get all of your favorite applications, including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Netflix, as well as support for catch-up TV apps, AirPlay 2, Dolby Vision, and HDR10.

Expect rich, vivid colors, superb handling of quick action, and good dark detail in the picture. With high-quality Dolby Vision and HDR video, it looks amazing, and gamers will appreciate the lower input lag and overall vibrancy. The sound quality has also improved significantly, with an openness and dynamism that is uncommon in a TV of this size and price.

This is still one of the best 49-inch TVs we’ve seen, with superior picture and sound.

Sony X90J 50 Inch TV

Sony X85J 50 Inch Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV

It’s official: the new 50 is 48. You couldn’t obtain an OLED TV smaller than 55 inches before LG released the world’s first commercially available 48-inch OLED set. Sony now offers one of its own, and it’s the greatest TV you can get in this size range.

Sony has embraced the smaller form factor, using thin bezels and a low-profile pedestal support to make the KD-48A9 (XBR-48A9S in the US) as compact as possible. It does have a big enclosure affixed to the back (to hold the speakers, processing circuitry, and connections), but only if you look at the set side-on will you notice it.

Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor produces amazing visuals with tons of dark detail, and it supports pretty much every streaming service you could want. Motion control is still industry-leading, and there’s never been a finer TV at this size in terms of sharpness and detail. If you can afford it, this is an excellent choice, and it’s without a doubt the greatest 48-inch TV we’ve seen.

Sony X85J 50 Inch Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV

What is a 50 inch TV?

A 50-inch television is mainly used for entertainment in your own four walls. However, while the 50-inch television was only suitable for receiving and displaying the well-known channels a few years ago, the situation is very different from today’s 50-inch television. Because more and more functions find a practical place in modern television and make it a real all-rounder.

The 50-inch television, of course, differs neither in appearance nor in the general functionality of the other variants and sizes on the market that are available for you here. Nevertheless, the 50-inch television is a very popular and very special variant. This is mainly because the models from this area make a successful compromise between a comfortable size and little demand for the free parking space. Accordingly, it is no wonder that more and more users are opting for such a television. Because in addition to using in the living room, use in the bedroom is not a problem if desired, so the TV is very well suited for all requirements.


How does a 50 inch TV work?

A modern 50-inch TV works relatively easily today. Because with the modern LED backlight and a high-resolution panel, the 50-inch televisions available on the market ensure particularly good pictures. Of course, today’s modern 50-inch television is not only suitable for an actual television. Many other functions are available for you if you wish.

Almost every modern 50-inch television today has an integrated interface to ensure fast access to the Internet. Thanks to the various technologies that make both cable and WLAN connections possible, there is again the right one for every requirement. As more and more users opt for streaming via the Internet, the large selection and access to the Internet naturally play a very important role.

Because on most TVs and models from the factories of well-known manufacturers, additional apps and programs can be installed in a very large selection. This works with just a few clicks and steps directly over the connection so that the effort for use is very low.

Another function with which almost every 50-inch television can score today is a variety of different connections. In addition to the modern HDMI interfaces, many other standards are represented here today, so that there should hardly be any limits to connectivity.


Advantages & application areas

The two advantages that modern 50-inch television can present today were mentioned in advance. One of the particularly big advantages is certainly the high and extensive functionality that most 50 inch televisions can show today. Among other things, this naturally begins with the possibility of receiving the numerous channels that are freely available today.

Because in addition to the classic receiver for receiving via satellite, there are now also 50-inch televisions with alternative technologies and options that you can use in everyday life without any problems. It looks similarly good with the rest of the equipment, because here too the 50 inch TV leaves nothing to be desired. Access to the Internet is certainly a part of it, as is the possibility of making use of it even more pleasant with external solutions and additional hardware.

And even with the general diversity, the modern 50-inch television can fully demonstrate its strengths. Because among other things, as a user, you have the option here of purchasing both a simple television at a low price and a high-quality version at a correspondingly high price. This selection is, of course, extremely important today, the needs and requirements are completely different from user to user.

The areas of application are very diverse today because the days when the modern 50-inch television was only a good choice for use in your own home and the private sector are long gone. Also in public facilities and many other areas, the 50-inch televisions are a must. On the one hand, this is ensured not only by modern technology in combination with the large variety of different functions but also by the high level of reliability.


What types of 50 inch TV are there?

Hundreds of models and numerous variants are simply waiting on the market to be selected and bought by you. This is of course also very important on the one hand, because after all, the requirements are very different and significantly different than has ever been the case so far.

But what on the one hand is a very big advantage for friends of modern technology, on the other hand, can quickly become a problem for technical amateurs. In this case, as a user with little knowledge in the field of these technologies, you, of course, do not know which variants and options are available to you at all. We would now like to show you the well-known and different versions of the 50 inch TV.

Most models of 50-inch televisions in this area differ primarily in the equipment and scope of functions, which is built into the mostly slim plastic housing. Because on the market today there are both 50-inch televisions for simple use with relatively few functions as well as other variants that offer more functions in daily use than can be used.

As a logical consequence of these facts, there are, of course, further differences, especially in the context of pricing. Because the first models start at prices of around 400 euros, significantly more expensive versions are available for you with prices of thousands of euros and more.


This is how 50-inch televisions are tested.

The 50 inch TV test not only shows you the wide variety of models on the market but thanks to the 50 inch TV test you can see the good versions at first glance. The 50 inch TV test is a good idea if you are not sure which new TV is the right choice for you. Of course, the 50 inch TV test not only takes a close look at the model itself but in the end the 50 inch TV test also creates an evaluation for you

Based on this evaluation, the 5 0 inch TV test also decides whether a recommendation of the corresponding model is really a good idea or whether the technology here leaves so much to be desired that you would rather look at the other models in the 50 inch TV test should. Various aspects and criteria ensure an extensive and good evaluation in the 50-inch television test, which you can then orientate yourself to. We would now like to show you the most important criteria for the 50-inch television test.


The best television with the best quality in picture and sound offers little benefit and comfort in everyday life if the equipment leaves something to be desired. And that’s exactly why the 50 inch TV test deals with this point very carefully.

Among other things, the built-in technologies, including all current standards, are in focus here. Still, of course, the selection of the available interfaces is also included in the evaluation in the 50-inch television test. The better the rating in the 50 inch TV test, the better the rating.

Image and sound quality

On the other hand, the point of image and sound quality should of course not be missing in the 50 inch TV test, and here you should also read in great detail. After all, as a user, you spend some time in front of the new 50-inch television, so good quality is an absolute must. The 50-inch television test takes a close look at the two aspects and ensures a corresponding evaluation if both points are convincing. However, if there are significant weaknesses in the 50-inch television test, this, in turn, leads to a devaluation and the corresponding television does not receive a recommendation in this case.

Price-performance ratio

How much power and equipment does the corresponding TV offer in the 50 inch TV test? The 50-inch television test investigates this question in terms of the relationship between price and performance. Because, of course, not all models offer good performance at a high price, but on the other hand, of course, not all televisions are a bad choice at a low price. So that each model has a good chance in the 50 inch TV test, the price-performance ratio comes into play.

The better the corresponding TV scores in the 50 inch TV test and the better the price-performance ratio in comparison, the better the rating for the corresponding TV. It looks different, of course, if the manufacturer demands too much money for the corresponding model and the performance in the 50 inch TV test is still not convincing. In this case, the price-performance ratio is, of course, anything but good and this, in turn, causes a bad rating in the 50 inch TV test.

50 inch TV in the practical test by c’t and Chip

The technology magazine c’t (Heise) tested six 50-inch televisions ( Smart TV ) in 2020. All have a 4k resolution and cost between 580 and 700 euros. It is interesting in the test from c’t that they report in detail on how to reduce the Smart TV functions (capping from the network, restrictions of the communication partners). Many seem to interfere with the functions of Smart TV, which c’t calls “TV chats”. There are ways in which you can restrict constant communication with various service providers.

Five 55-inch televisions (1.40 meters) and one 50-inch television (1.27 meters) were tested. These are the models

Hisense H55U7A

LG 55SK8000

Panasonic TX-55FXW654

Samsung UE55NU7409

Sony KD-55XF7596

and the 50 inch TV 50PUS7303 / 12 from Philips.

Thanks to HDR 10, the TVs from the test can display both UHD Blu-ray or HRD content from streaming services in high-contrast resolution. Some can be operated via voice control, and most devices have the option of recording programs with a USB memory. However, most TVs can only be used to a very limited extent during the recording. The 55-inch Hisense H55U7A television cannot even be switched to the menu during a recording. With the Panasonic TX-55FXW654, you can only view files on the USB disk. Only with the 50 inch TV Philips 50PUS7308 / 12 and the Sony KD-55XF7596you can also use streaming services or apps. However, the testers miss a time shift function on the Sony KD-55XF7596.


Who has become c’t’s 50-inch television test winner can be called up.

The 50-inch Telefunken WU50-MB41 television was tested in March 2019 during Chip’s practical TV test. The UHD / 4k TV is a real price breaker with less than 400 euros. But he can’t keep up with other 4k TVs. In terms of appearance alone, it is an unattractive, thick “beater” in comparison, and it is also controlled with remote control (!). According to the chip, this is absolutely out of date. After all, the testers still assign an “adequate” in this test criterion, since the remote control does its job (switching between channels).

The picture quality is not top, but it is quite ok, which is why the 50-inch television Telefunken could be considered for people on a tight budget. Nevertheless, Chip recommends spending 100 to 150 euros more and investing in a better 50-inch television such as the Toshiba 55U763DA.


What should you watch out for when buying a 50 inch TV?

When buying the new TV, you, as an interested customer, should keep a few points and aspects in mind so that the new 50 inch TV can meet your requirements. Among other things, the selection of functions naturally plays a very important role. Because it does not always have to be the best and most expensive television, so you should carefully clarify your own needs and requirements before buying. By doing so, you also directly ensure that you do not have to spend an unnecessary amount of money on the new television.

If you cannot find the right TV in the large selection, you should take a closer look at the Internet. You will find all the strengths and weaknesses at a glance in the reviews, and in the testimonials of the real customers, you can get a direct picture here and choose the right television.


Brief information on leading seven manufacturers

If you are looking for a good 50 inch TV, you can benefit from numerous brands and manufacturers who have the 50 inch TV available for you in their range. And even if in recent years the small and unknown manufacturers and brands have been able to sell the 50 inch TV to the interested parties, there are of course still some big brands that hold a leading position in the 50 inch TV market. We will show you which manufacturers these are in particular in the following article.


The Korean-based company offers a wide range of modern technology, of course not only in the area of 50-inch televisions. Thanks to this, the right TV with advanced technology and extensive equipment can be found for your requirements.


A certain similarity can also be found with the manufacturer LG in this area because this is also one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers for the 50-inch television. Thanks to the extensive technology, these models also meet almost every requirement.


Innovative technology and a wide selection of numerous functions make the 50 inch TV from Sony the ideal companion in the living room, bedroom or of course in any other room within your own four walls. The manufacturer’s variants can convince again and again, especially in the 50 inch TV test.


The fact that a good 50-inch television does not necessarily have to be expensive is repeatedly demonstrated by the Telefunken company. Also in the 50 inch TV test, the numerous variants and models convince very clearly and show their strengths here.


In addition to the extensive equipment, the manufacturer Philips also attaches great importance to an attractive look, thanks to which the new television can also become a real eye-catcher in your own four walls.



Even if the manufacturer Toshiba is no longer one of the really big providers, you will still find many 50 inch televisions in the offer, thanks to which you will definitely find the right model. The focus here is on solid technology at a fair price.


Again and again, the manufacturer Sharp stands out with particularly low prices and good equipment. After all, these models and variants are 50-inch televisions with a very good ratio of price and performance.

Internet vs Specialist trade: where is the best place to buy your 50-inch television?

You can find a very large selection of modern 50-inch television both on the Internet in the online shops and in the shops on site. Unfortunately, many customers looking for the right variant to buy the new 50-inch television are not sure whether buying on the Internet or from a specialist retailer is a better choice and alternative.

Of course, we would like to be of assistance to you in your search for the right variant for buying and ordering the new 50 inch TV and to provide you with the information you need. Together with the 50 inch TV test, we are a good help so that you can quickly find and buy the right device. Of course, if you want to, you can do this faster and easier than ever before.

Enjoy the large selection

As we were able to introduce to you earlier, there are various brands and manufacturers on the market today, thanks to which a very large selection should definitely be provided. But there is, of course, a very big problem, because of course, this large selection in the field of 50 inch TVs will only help you if it is really available to you in the end.

And this is often not the case when buying from a specialist retailer; clear restrictions can be expected here. Among other things, this is, of course, due to the fact that there is usually relatively little space in the local shops. For you, as a customer and of course for the dealer, this means that not all variants and functions can be available.

Because the dealers with their own local business naturally strive to sell as many devices as possible and to reach the largest possible target group with their own offer and to address them directly. Unfortunately, this only works if the most popular and classic 50-inch televisions are available for purchase from specialist retailers. Unfortunately, there is often very little space for special techniques or unknown brands, so that when you are looking for the new 50-inch TV, you really have to cut corners if you want to make the purchase in a specialty shop.

However, the situation looks much better for you as a customer if you choose the 50-inch television in an online shop of your choice.

Here you will usually find hundreds of models and variants, the right 50-inch television for every taste and requirement should be represented here. Different brands in a very wide variety are waiting for you as a customer and can then be easily ordered and delivered to your home.

And here we come directly to the second major advantage, which you benefit from every time you place an order over the Internet.

Fast, easy and problem-free processing

If you have found the new 50-inch television in the large selection in the online shop of your choice, you only have to order the television. Not only is this done within a few seconds, but you also have the opportunity to save a great deal of time and effort.

On the one hand, the modern technology in the online shops not only ensures that you, the user and customer, have numerous options for quick and easy payment, but you also benefit from very fast delivery. Even with the large selection on the market in the area of online shops and the fact that the new 50-inch television has to be delivered by a shipping company, you will soon have the television in your own four walls and can use it as soon as possible.

As a customer, you also only benefit from another advantage if you decide to buy the new 50-inch television via the Internet. Because, as is usual with every order here and is also required by law, you as a customer always have a right of withdrawal at your disposal. You then have the option to return the 50-inch television within a period of two weeks.

This is very practical, for example, if you cannot use the new television in your own four walls as desired or if the technology here no longer does what the manufacturer promises. All this is not a problem if you have just ordered the new 50-inch television in an online shop.

Because in this case you have the option to send the TV back to the provider and you as a customer will get the money back for the 50 inch TV. Once this important step has been completed, you can, of course, start looking for the right model again so that you can find it within a short time.

If there are problems, you usually have a direct contact person in most online shops if problems should arise. Most of the providers, especially the large online shops, have customer service that is available to you as a customer around the clock.

This will then help you, for example, in the event of a defect or a problem with the new technology, and will work with you to find a solution. As a customer, you do not have to take a long trip here, and the effort is significantly less than if you decide to buy from a specialist dealer.

Trouble-free, fast processing with every order

If you want to buy a new 50-inch television, you not only have a large selection available here, but you are also subject to certain general conditions. This begins, for example, with the opening hours, because these play a very important role when buying from a specialist retailer. For example, if you want to buy in peace at the weekend, this is anything but easy due to the sometimes short opening times.

The situation is different if you want to buy the new 50-inch television on the Internet. Because the online shops are at your disposal around the clock and you can look around here in peace. The same naturally also applies to mobile devices, which play a very important role in many people’s everyday lives.

Because the smartphone or modern tablet PC is available today in a wide selection and is a loyal and important companion in many pockets every day. In addition to simply writing messages or playing games, shopping directly via the mobile device is of course also possible here. With modern devices and variants, this works within a short time. t

Just go to the shop, find the right 50 inch TV, and order it with little effort. Thanks to the fast delivery, it only takes a few days before the new TV is handed over to you at the front door and you can then use it quickly.

New standards, innovative ideas, and more play a very important role in the 50 inch TV market today. These come onto the market at more or less regular intervals and are offered here by well-known companies and manufacturers. So that you can quickly benefit from the new technologies, you should decide to order online because the operators of the online shops incorporate the new technologies and products into their own range much faster than is the case in specialist shops on site.


Interesting facts & advice

The history of the 50-inch television

The history of television is more than 75 years old per se these days. In the first attempts to establish the television in the range up to today’s technology, television had to take some hurdles and fundamental steps in order to be able to offer the services and characteristics we are used to today.

Many people will, of course, remember the first TVs available on the market. Not only were they extremely large and heavy, but at the same time, they were also extremely cost-intensive and, as a result, initially tended to be less dialogue-friendly for use in the confidential area.

With the help of the immense interest in the first models and versions on the market, however, this should change relatively quickly afterward, and the companies and manufacturers did their best to continue to design the technology of the TV briskly. And afterward, the product models could truly be seen equally over time, the televisions became increasingly cheaper over time, and the confidential users could also really afford the first versions and televisions.

After all, until the late 1950s, the desired images still did not appear in bright colors, instead only in black and white on the screens.

In the year 1954, the first technologies and packages came on the market, which made the representation in color possible.

However, there was another problem to be found quickly, because the technology was not accepted and the televisions with prices above $ 1000 were more than expensive so that it had to go in for a few months and years before the users bought and wanted the innovative television with the colored pictures and put it into the special four walls.

Sporting events such as football and other content quickly ensured that more and more people were looking for a good TV to use in the home. This problem actually had a good impact on prices, because, of course, the producers in the market were particularly focused on the great and growing demand at any time and then directly ensured that the televisions were cheaper at any time and more users could then opt for such a television without interruption.

Over the years, the television has developed more and more into a cheap product for universal use in countless areas. Today the prices are particularly low, and you have the option to purchase the television for your own home on request.


Numbers, data, facts about the 50-inch television

Just a few decades ago, the spread of televisions on the market and in households was very special. Because the good and high-quality models were anything but a bargain at the time, with a few hundred marks, the first good televisions were simply unaffordable and simply too expensive for many users to use freely in the estimated four walls.

However, this has changed very significantly in recent years. One of the reasons for this is, on the one hand, not only the high demand from the users but also the great competition from the manufacturers on the market. Because many of the manufacturers who offer a wide range of televisions for private use on the market today.

The prices have really dropped more than significantly. Because if you do not necessarily attach great importance to extensive equipment or a well-known brand, you can find good TVs for less than 500 euros in the popular size of 50 inches.

Thanks to the low prices and, of course, due to the massive selection of the different variants, the use of models and variants in households have, of course, continued to increase. Many users today decide to buy a 50-inch television. It is, of course, a shame, especially with regard to this point, that there are no exact facts and figures about the spread of 50-inch televisions today.

This is, of course, partly due to the fact that many users have several models in their own four walls and, of course, to the fact that many users can use the new 50-inch TV due to the new technology and constant further development after a relatively short time Sort out time again or look around for another variant on the market.

But it can certainly be assumed here that the 50 inch TVs are very widespread today and used by countless users. The large selection of models also speaks a clear language here, but as a user, of course, a quick look into your own four walls is enough. Because here you will certainly find one or the other 50 inch TV and more or less regularly in use and should not be missing here.

In fact, the wishes and needs of users could hardly be more different. Because even when you take a closer look, you can hardly find any general preferences and wishes when looking for the new 50-inch television. Ultimately, this, in turn, means that both the expensive and the inexpensive and of course the variants from the medium price range are very popular and popular. This, in turn, explains with a logical consequence why the modern 50 inch TVs can be found in such a large variant.


Fasten / assemble / install 50 inch TV correctly in 2 steps

Enjoy the sharp and high-quality pictures and immerse yourself in the variety of functions that must not be missing in any modern 50 inch TV and are simply part of the usual equipment. But before you can take this important step and really use modern technology, you have to install the new 50-inch television after the purchase or delivery and set up. However, this is much easier than you, as a technical layperson, might think at first glance. To ensure that everything works safely and that there are no problems, we would like to introduce the necessary steps for a simple and successful installation. With these, the device then works in a short time and without any problems.

Step 1: The right location and connection

So that the TV with the size of 50 inches comes into its own and you don’t want to miss any details, you should first choose the right and suitable location. In the best-case scenario, you as the user naturally ensure that the television is in the direct front of you and you can thus look directly at the display. Another important point in the first step is, of course, connecting and connecting the most important cables. Among other things, you have to make sure that the television receives the necessary power during this step. Another cable is of course added if you want to use the integrated receiver in the TV. Different techniques and interfaces are used here, thanks to which, however, you have the desired and large selection. In this first step, you also connect the cable for transmitting the signals to the new 50-inch television. Of course, it looks similar if you want to connect additional devices to the new television. In this case, too, connect the cables directly to the television, because this makes the second step particularly easy and within a few minutes.

step 2:The quick and targeted setup

In the next and second step, you then ensure that you can use the new 50-inch television completely without problems in your own four walls. The actual set-up takes only a few minutes and is also completed by technical laymen within a short time. Today, this is easier and faster, thanks to the large selection of modern devices that are intuitive and easy to use. With the 50 inch television, the manufacturers naturally attach great importance to simple and quick operation with every application. To set up the new 50 inch TV for the first time, you usually simply have to follow the instructions and instructions on the screen, then you can no longer make any mistakes with the setup. It couldn’t be easier or faster. In addition, most models on the market take some important steps thanks to the intelligent software, so that the effort here is very low for you. This applies, for example, to the search for the available stations if you are using the integrated receiver mentioned with one of the numerous techniques. In this case, you only have to confirm and start the search today. The 50-inch television will do the rest of the work and start looking for the practical and desired channels.

Ten tips for care

The following ten tips should ensure that you can still use your new 50-inch television without any problems after a few months and that it meets all requirements. The tips can be easily integrated into everyday life and implemented particularly easily so that there should actually be no problems. As a user of your new 50-inch television, you can hardly make it easier and faster to ensure that you can use your new television for a, particularly long time.

Tip 1:Handle safely and carefully

Even if today’s 50 inch TVs are no longer as sensitive as the first variants on the market, you should, of course, be careful here when transporting and setting up.

Tip 2:Position correctly

Of course, you definitely want to put the new TV in the right light. In order for this to work well, you should search for the right location and position in advance. No problems await you here.


Tip 3:Avoid standby operation

In order to save a lot of energy and at the same time relieve the technology of the TV, you should avoid a stand-by operation if possible. This is possible, for example, with a special power strip, but it is, of course, no problem to switch it off manually.


Tip 4:Remove the dust

So that the TV can always shine with the usual optics, you should ensure a regular dusting. With a simple rag or a modern dust wiper, you can ensure optimum cleanliness again.


Tip 5:Keep the accessories up to date

Remote control and Co. Use the 50 inch TV with safety every day. To ensure that this accessory still works perfectly after a few weeks and months, you should also clean it regularly. This works best with a damp cloth.


Tip 6:Stay away from your own repairs

If the new 50 inch TV does not work, as usual, you should definitely not try to repair the TV yourself. It is better to leave these repairs directly to the specialist so that the defect does not get worse.


Tip 7:Avoid harmful influences

Of course, you should completely avoid fluctuating temperatures as well as bumps and falls. Because with all these influences it can happen again and again that the new 50-inch television takes significant damage.


Tip 8:Use professional cleaning agents

If you want the best results and maximum cleanliness every time you clean your 50 inch TV, then you should rely on professional cleaning agents. These offer gentle and effective cleaning.


Tip 9:The perfect installation

A regular search of the channels is just as important as an optimal adjustment of the picture so that the TV really comes into its own and you benefit from modern technology.


Tip 10:Make full use of technology

Numerous interfaces and a wide selection of different functions are now freely available in every 50-inch television. So that the use of technology is really worthwhile, you should really take advantage of and take advantage of the numerous functions.


Useful accessories

The 50-inch television has long been an extremely practical device from the factory with a high level of surplus and extensive performance features, which should certainly prove to be extremely practical in everyday life. Nevertheless, of course, the makers are constantly striving to make your use of new-fashioned TV even more pleasant and comfortable. And really, this should no longer be a problem today if you count on the right accessories.

Despite all of this, it is difficult for inexperienced users of modern technology to identify good and actually useful accessories and then to use them at home. As a result, you have to arrange yourself with a lot of effort during the search, and you will soon be able to profit from the practical accessories, we are particularly happy to help you in this important step and show you the most beneficial versions from the topic accessories for the 55 inch TV below in a short overview.

An extraordinarily practical accessory is then necessary without interruption if your own television, unfortunately, does not have access to the World Wide Web. In the following, especially within the simple and cost-effective models, this does not work so unpleasantly without others, and you have to resort to other accessories.

Here, the makers have worked out comparable adapters and loudspeakers, which you can network with the television in a variety of steps and subsequently implement in turn in your own network.

Thereafter, they thus indirectly guarantee the use of television on the particular 50-inch television and no longer have to do without this practical technology. Another great added value in the course of these practical accessories is the extensive selection, because of these speakers and designs, selected product chains of large companies are available. For example, Google or Amazon, as the market leader, has analog speakers and practical techniques for you in their collection.

The innovative wall bracket is a very practical accessory, which on the one hand is nevertheless extremely practical and fulfills an optical aspect. In evermore living rooms, users are no longer just placing the innovative 50-inch television on furniture that you already have, whether on a typical TV board or in an innovative wall unit.

The optimal choice is therefore as follows if you simply hang up the TV using the bracket and thus ensure an analog optic. Even the high-quality and stable wall brackets are no longer to be found at a high price on the market, per se from about 50 € you will find a good version here.

A big surplus here with protection is also the effortless app and handling because you just have to attach the TV to the socket and then undoubtedly attach it to the wall. Combined with the included accessories for quick and secure attachment to the wall, you will subsequently receive a visually appealing variant for attaching the TV to the wall.

Here there are selected versions and opportunities to meet the separate requirements. There are, for example, wall brackets during which swiveling the built-in television is no problem at all. The distance to the wall can also be changed and set up in just a few simple steps within the most common models.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is it particularly worth buying the new TV?

If you are looking for a cheap TV and a real bargain, you should buy new techniques and variants immediately after the introduction. Here the models are usually the cheapest on the market.

Where does buying the new TV make the most sense?

When you buy over the Internet of the new TV, you not only save a lot of money but also benefit from very quick and easy processing.

Which size is right for your own four walls?

When choosing a new TV and especially its size, it always depends on the size of your own space and of course your own requirements.

Based on these answers, you can then choose the right variant.

Which TVs are a good choice?

It doesn’t always have to be the expensive versions, because, in the 50 inch TV test, the TVs of the rather little-known brands can also convince in full at an affordable price.

Where does the new TV really come into its own?

Directly on the wall or on a special TV board, here the new TV with a size of 50 inches comes into its own. Alternatively, you are of course welcome to use an additional wall bracket.

How do you connect external devices to the TV?

Receivers, Blu Ray players and Co., can be connected to the modern 50-inch television without any problems. Thanks to the extensive selection of interfaces, a simple cable is usually sufficient to establish the connection here successfully.

Which manufacturers are the largest?

In the market, the manufacturers and brands Samsung and LG in the field of modern 50-inch televisions certainly belong to the market leaders and the largest providers. These dominate the offer very clearly.

What prices can be expected for the models?

If you are looking for a modern TV with a size of 50 inches and do not want to do without extensive equipment, you should calculate with prices from around 500 euros.

Which technology and which standards play an important role?

Modern HDMI interfaces and integrated receivers should basically be installed in every modern 50-inch television today so that it can meet all requirements. The situation is similar to the built-in speakers.

Which connections can you not do without?

So that you can connect a wide variety of devices to the new 50-inch television without any problems, you should pay attention to a large selection of different interfaces when purchasing.

Among other things, several HDMI connections should not be missing here.

What screen size in centimetres does a 50-inch TV have?

The screen size on a 50-inch television is 127 cm. A 50-inch television is approximately 111 cm wide horizontally.

50-inch TV: Would you prefer Full HD or Ultra HD?

The answer is simple: prefer Ultra-HD (4k)! With a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, 4k offers four times the resolution of Full HD, which has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The difference in image is clearly visible. Ultra HD offers more contrast and colour brilliance and is simply the new standard. If you buy your TV as a purchase for the next few years, Ultra-HD is definitely worth it!

Stand or wall bracket?

A stand is always included with a 50-inch TV. If the TV should be on a TV wall anyway, you do not need anything else. However, it is now modern to attach the TV to the wall with a wall bracket. This is possible with all televisions. The right wall brackets are often recommended to you when purchasing. The assembly of such a bracket is easy.

Which receivers do the triple tuners use?

A television with a triple tuner has a receiver for receiving antenna, cable and satellite television.

Is there a 50-inch television test at StiftungWarentest?

StiftungWarentest regularly tests televisions and is constantly expanding its database. Of a total of 486 televisions tested, 203 are currently still available. There are 19 televisions with a 50-inch screen diagonal. Eight of them were tested in 2019, the others in 2018, and earlier. The results are available at test.de for a fee.

Has the Öko Test carried out a 50-inch TV test?

Ökotest last tested LED TVs in 2012. Since this test is already out of date, we recommend other test institutes such as StiftungWarentest. In 2019, 8 televisions with a 50-inch screen size were tested there, and 11 more 50-inch televisions are in the database. Accessing the test results at test.de is subject to a fee.

Smart TVs flat or curved

Curved TV is one of those inventions that have not really caught on. The idea is that the picture looks more vivid. Tests have shown that this is actually the case – but only for one person in the middle of the screen. For other viewers, the picture on a curved TV is rather poor.

Alternatives to the 50 inch TV

If the new 50-inch television is one size too big for you or if you generally do not want or cannot use this technology, this does not mean that you have to do without a modern and high-quality display of the television pictures in your own four walls.

Because there are of course a variety of modern and practical alternatives to the 50-inch television that are ideal for use in your own four walls. We will now show you which variants and alternatives are a good tip for you and what advantages they can show compared to a 50-inch television.

Choosing a modern 50 inch TV is not as easy as many people might think at first glance because it can actually be quite simple that a corresponding model does not fit into your own premises. Because in the small bedroom the TV with a diagonal of 50 inches is of course clearly too large, but this, in turn, cannot meet this requirement in a very large living room for a user with high demands and is then again not the right choice.

But in all these cases and with all these problems there is a very good and a very practical solution, which should work mainly due to the very wide selection of the different 50-inch televisions.

Because here, as a customer, the televisions are generally available for selection in almost any size. From the very small TV with a diagonal of less than 30 inches to the very large version with up to 65 inches and more, the right TV set should be available for every requirement.

And thanks to this simple but very important fact, this alternative is also almost the best choice if you are looking for a good way to get a good picture in your own living room or in any other room of your choice.

If your requirements are significantly higher again, we would, of course, like to present you with a good and suitable alternative. Here in this case and in this example, we are talking about a modern and classic projector. Until a few years ago, projectors and projectors were relatively rare on the market due to the expensive technology, but this has changed significantly in recent years.

Today, the opposite is basically the case, because most of the projectors on the market today offer very good technology at a fair price. This goes so far today that even the good and sophisticated versions are hardly more expensive today than if you just opt for the new 50-inch television. As a user, you naturally benefit from a wide variety of practical and important accessories.

Among other things, as a user, you have the great advantage that you can freely adjust the size of the image area to your own needs. If you simply want a large and clean display, you can do it in just a few simple steps. Alternatively, you can, of course, reduce the image area again if your requirements have changed here.

Of course, as a user, you have to make sure that the modern projector is not necessarily enough. Because you may have to buy a few more products here before you can use and use the new projector without restrictions, among other things, the corresponding sources are naturally missing here, thanks to which playback on and with the projector is then possible at all.

Of course, you must also ensure the right sound when using this practical and modern alternative. Here you have the opportunity to quickly use a good solution with a simple soundbar or a cheap sound system.

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