Top 5 Best 32-Inch TV For Gaming ( Reviews In 2021)

 The 32 inches are the most common measure for those who do not want to spend more or do not need large screens among the LED-type televisions that we have today. 

Every gamer requires good, high-quality games as well as gaming television.

To get the most out of your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game consoles, you’ll need a high-resolution display screen.

When compared to larger TV screen sizes such as 50 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, and so on, 32 inch 4K TVs are more cheap and perform better.
Furthermore, Ultra HD screen resolutions of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels or 4,096 x 2,160 pixels are common on 4K TVs.

As a result, they deliver clearer and more detailed images than standard 720p or 1028p TV screens.

Nonetheless, gaming on the finest 32-inch 4K gaming TV means increased visuals, color displays, and overall gaming enjoyment.

If you want to play games on a 32-inch 4K TV, we’ve done the legwork for you by putting together this list.

It has the standard size in which manufacturers continue to work to offer the best 32-inch television . 

It makes it difficult for us to choose and we have the advantage of having high-quality models with more complete functions like Smart TV models.

Our first choice is the LG 32LM620BPUA 32″ TV

This 32-inch model incorporates the WebOS 4.0 system as well as the new artificial intelligence of the brand. It is easier to control all the functions of the TV.

If you prefer cheaper and quality options, the Sony TD Systems KDL32W600D model is your 2nd TV. This model has an HD Ready resolution.

 Despite its adjusted price, it incorporates improvements technology such as the USB recorder or Dolby Digital Plus sound output  which you do not lose quality when watching your favorite programs.

Top 5 Best 32-Inch TV For Gaming – 2021 Reviews

32-inch televisions have become the necessary measure for users who are looking for models with compact size, suitable for placement in rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens. 

32-inch televisions remain popular in compact rooms and kitchens. However, many well-known brands don’t produce models in this size, and they’re becoming increasingly scarce. Because the picture quality and overall performance of these TVs is typically below average because they are low-cost budget models, upgrading to the 40-42-43 inch TV sizes could provide substantial benefits. Check out our suggestion tool if there’s a 32-inch model you’d want us to buy and test.

We’ve put over 70 TVs through their paces on the current test bench, and here are our picks for the finest 32-inch smart TVs on the market. Also, have a look at our recommendations for the best smart TVs, best compact TVs, and best budget TVs. Check out the top 28-32 inch monitors if you need a 32-inch display.

Besides, these models have all the technology of their older brothers.

You will not have problems to enjoy even Smart TV functions, as you can see in the models that we have selected for you, which cover all kinds of features and prices.

LG 32LM620BPUA 32" TV

Among the best 32-inch TVs in 2020, we find the LG 32LM620BPUA 32″ TV model. 

This is a product that offers us all the functions of its “older brothers” but in this size of 32 inches. 

Among these functions, we find the quad processor, which adds a special quality to the Full HD resolution that incorporates the equipment, giving more life to the colors and a better brightness to the image.

It also includes Smart TV functions, powered by the WebOS 4.0 operating system with which it is easy to view digital content from any platform. 

And for you to look into the future, the TV also includes artificial intelligence functions, with which you can control the TV with your voice and make it almost your assistant

It has a range of tasks that place this model at the forefront, as it corresponds to what many consider as the best brand of best 32 inch TV for gaming today.

When looking for the best 32-inch tv for gaming for your home, you want complete models, know the features of this product, and see if it is what you need.

LG 32LM620BPUA 32


Image quality:

The Full HD resolution image benefits from the quad processor of the TV, which improves colors and brightness depending on what we are seeing.

Smart TV:

The Smart TV system incorporates version 4.0 of WebOS, the LG engine for these functions, generating more fluid operation and better performance.

Artificial Intelligence:

This television incorporates the latest advances in artificial intelligence of LG, with which to control the product with the voice and obtain a more natural operation.


Magic Control Knob:

The TV does not include the Magic Control space controller, necessary to access Artificial Intelligence functions.

TV thickness:

The TV is somewhat thicker than its predecessors have been, which can make it difficult in part to assemble and place the product.

Sony 32-Inch HD Smart TV

If at the time of thinking about which TV to buy you prefer fewer functions in exchange for a better price, the Sony 32-Inch HD Smart TV  is a good option for you.

 And it is that this TV reduces the amount significantly, maintaining the right level of functions. 

Among them, we have a built-in second-generation DTT tuner, which gives more exceptional image performance. 

It also has a USB recorder, where to store your favorite programs and watch them whenever you want.

These improvements also affect the sound, with digital surround output with a 3D effect, so you can even connect it to advanced audio output devices if you wish.

 And for savings to be also operational, this model has an A + energy rating, so it spends less than other models. 

This is several functions for many users, the best 32-inch TV for gaming of price-quality of the moment.

If you prefer cheap options when equipping your home, check the characteristics of this model, highlighted precisely in that segment of the market.

Sony 32-Inch HD Smart TV


USB recorder:

The USB recorder port is responsible for storing your favorite programs, so you can see them when you feel like just browsing with the remote.


The sound system is compatible with the Dolby Digital Plus system, so the audio quality of this TV is also more than proven.

DVB-T2 tuner:

The second generation DTT tuner can work with a higher data transfer rate and thus improve the quality of signal reception.



The resolution of the panel is HD-Ready, somewhat lower than the Full HD standard already common in these models, although sufficient for the average user.

TV stands:

The two legs that support the TV have a particular design, and its assembly is somewhat complicated.

Samsung Electronics Smart LED TV

With an energy efficiency class A, this Samsung TV with a 32-inch screen is the recommended alternative to those who are looking for a model with high performance and standard features. 

This TV has a modern and elegant design that is available in black color, while it includes a double base to be able to be stably placed on the surfaces.

The TV has a Full HD image quality, being high definition and capable of reproducing scenes of intense color and adequate contrast.

 Besides, it is endowed with superior audio quality Dolby Digital Plus, as well as with 20W output.

It also includes Micro Dimming Pro, a technology that automatically regulates brightness, color, and contrast in each section. 

For greater versatility and connectivity with other equipment, the TV has been equipped by its manufacturer with two HDMI ports and a USB port.

Samsung is a renowned manufacturer in the world of technologies. Learn more about the attributes of this model.

Samsung Electronics  Smart LED TV



It has a modern and elegant design in black, with a thin screen of 32 inches.


For better stability, it has a double bottom, being possible to support it on the surfaces.


The user can enjoy a full HD image resolution with brightness, contrast, and crisp colors.


For greater versatility of connection with other equipment, it includes two HDMI inputs and a USB port.



Being mid-range, its technological features are limited compared to other models of the brand.

SuperSonic SC-3210 1080p LED

The SuperSonic SC-3210 1080p LED TV is a simple and exciting option for those who want a supplementary TV and do not want to spend too much money on it.

 Specifically, this model has an HD Ready resolution, so you will not have problems seeing your content with a certain quality. 

A complete television, which has a large panel of connections where we find 3 HDMI ports or the USB port, which has a recording function and serves to play our favorite content or store programs.

Also, thanks to the triple tuner, we can watch one program and record another at the same time.

 The model is finished off with details such as a 6W sound output on each of its two channels, as well as a simple assembly, with two easy-to-install side brackets.

If you are looking for a cheap 32-inch TV and resolution, know the details that have led us to highlight this HKC model.

SuperSonic SC-3210 1080p LED


Triple tuner:

Its triple tuner, next to the USB port, allows you to watch a program and record another one, so you don’t miss anything.

HDMI ports:

The TV has three HDMI ports, so it will be easy for you to connect everything you need comfortably.


The sound has a total power of 12 watts in total, distributed in two channels of 6 watts each, somewhat above the expected in these products.



The image resolution remains in HD Ready, perhaps somewhat scarce for the current times, although if you are not very demanding, it may be enough.

Headphone jack:

Although the product has a headphone jack, it is somewhat hidden in the back, so you will have to have a long cable to reach it.

The Philips – 32PFT5802 32″ TV is another interesting surprise within this small size, as it offers many of the features that include larger and cheaper TVs.

 Among these functions, we have a Full HD resolution, with which to enjoy quality images in any broadcast.

 The same goes for the sound, with a total output of 16 watts RMS on two channels, properly enhanced with the latest technology.

These two elements can be enjoyed both for its DTT function and the Smart TV functions that it includes.

You can enjoy a right image and excellent sound when watching your favorite program in streaming or when you want to play videos from your PC remotely A TV that is finished off with a narrow frame design and flat legs, which give it more elegance and make the TV not as bulky as other similar models.

So you don’t miss out on so many new functions, check out the analysis of what this model offers you.

Philips - Smart TV Philips 32PFT5802 32


Image quality:

The TV offers you a Full HD image quality, accompanied by details such as an image performance of 500 and a right level of brightness.

Smart TV:

The TV includes Smart TV features, so you can watch your favorite shows in streaming or connect comfortably to the network.


Sound increases its power to 16 watts RMS, being at the forefront of this parameter compared to other models on the market.



Some user comments on particular problems with the reproduction of the most current video formats.

Operating system:

If you are looking for a Smart TV with Android, you should bet on another model, since this product uses a proprietary system and considerably limited concerning what you can install.

Shopping guide

Unlike other sizes, when considering creating a guide to buy the best 32-inch TV, we have some differences.

 Because we already have a fixed size, but the options are somewhat scarcer than those of other models of more dimensions.

 Something easy to check with seeing any comparison of 32-inch TVs that fall into our hands. However, we do not resist leaving you our usual advice, so that your purchase is more comfortable.

Image quality

The first thing we need to know about image resolution is that if we are looking for a 32-inch 4K TV, we will not find it. 

Not because technically it is not viable, which is as we see in the monitors, but because this resolution is only offered by manufacturers from 40 inches diagonally, as we can see if we take a look at the market?

This leaves us with two options to choose the image quality of our future TV. If we opt for an economic model, we will find an HD Ready image quality.

 It is the most basic standard of the moment and offers an acceptable display result, especially if the distances are short.

 But if we want something else, for a few additional euros, we can access a Full HD model with which to achieve a higher resolution and obtain more top quality images, as long as the source maintains the level. It’s all about preferences.

Sound quality

From the hand of the image comes the sound. As we do not have many options to choose in terms of resolution.

It is not that the power of 32-inch televisions, in terms of music, is to shoot rockets.

 But since they are products designed for small stays, the output they include is usually enough to listen to the audio of any program with good quality and an adequate definition.

In general, we should not choose any model that has less than 10 watts of output power, as it is the minimum acceptable for a device with these characteristics. 

Some models increase the power up to 12 or even 15 watts, which is surprising due to the small size. In any case, if you are not convinced by the audio output of your TV.

 You can always add a soundbar, which gives more strength and quality to that sound.

Smart TV yes or no

One of the advantages of today’s 32-inch televisions is that today we already have many models equipped with Smart TV functions. 

So if we want to see the last chapter of our favorite series on Netflix or access the contents of our local network without complications, it is something we can do. 

Besides, today, the difference between how much the best 32-inch tv for gaming costs with this technology is rather small, compared to that of the models that do not include it.

The advantage of Smart TV is evident since today, and it is a technology that adds many functions to the product. 

So, in addition to accessing our favorite streaming platform, we can also share files from our mobile, or there are even manufacturers that allow us to use the smartphone as a remote control.

 It all depends on the operating system of each manufacturer and the functions included in the TV.

However, if we do not plan to use these technologies, it is not necessary to have them. 

This is something that makes enough sense if the TV is designed for an older adult or for a second stay, whose use does not require so much technology. It’s all about tastes and needs.

Other functions

We close our tips by checking out those additional features that always give an extra to any TV. 

Services such as the DVB-T2 DTT tuner, which complies with the standards that will be required for open DTT broadcasts in a few years.

 Many models include a USB port, with which to record our favorite shows or upload multimedia content.

And if you already want to improve the appearance of image and sound, many televisions include options for equalizing the sound based on the content (cinema, sports, etc., also having predefined templates for the model, using that same system.

 Another option with the one is to see and hear everything more clearly.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Can I use a 32 inch TV for PC?

Technically it is possible, provided the connections are compatible. 

At present, 32-inch televisions include HDMI ports, which are also very frequent on the graphics cards (even the integrated ones) of any PC. So the connection is secure.

 If the links are VGA, the thing is complicated, since these are not usually on all 32-inch televisions. 

In this case, you can always use a converter to transform the signal and connect the PC via HDMI to your TV, once it has been converted.

Q2: What are the measurements of a 32-inch TV?

By definition, a 32-inch TV is one that has measures of 81 centimeters diagonal and a height of 39.8 centimeters, as corresponds to the 16: 9 standard used by these televisions. 

However, it is essential to remember that we are talking about the measures of the visible screen, so from them, the size of the TV can be more significant by the frames or the support of the product.

Q3: Is it worth buying a 32 inch TV without Smart TV?

If we take a look at any list of 32-inch televisions, we will see that the difference between the models with Smart TV and without it is not too big. 

But it is evident that for those users who do not have the internet at home or have an eagerness to navigate or move around the apps that these televisions include, they will surely be worth that small saving, in exchange for “losing” some functions that they were not going to use.

Q4: What is a 32-inch double-tuner TV for?

To visualize DTT programs, it is necessary to have a tuner that makes that signal suitable for viewing. However, each tuner only allows us to watch one channel at a time. 

A television with a double tuner would have the advantage that while we watch a program, we can record another one, from a different channel, without problems.

 In this case, the program we see would go through a tuner while the other application, the one that is recorded, uses the second tuner.

Q5: Which is better, 32 inches or 40 inches TV?

By size, it is evident that the 40-inch model is always better than the 32. 

But precisely for small spaces, uses that are not the main room or as a television for 2nd residence, to name a few cases, a 32-model is more convenient inches .

Especially impressive is the case of the available space, given that a 32-inch model has a diagonal of 80 centimeters, more or less like a medium frame, while the 40-inch model is already more than one meter away, is much more spectacular.

Q6: What do I need to hang a 32-inch TV?

To hang a 32-inch TV, the first thing we need is for the product to be compatible with the VESA standard, which is what allows this operation to be performed.

 If this is the case, we will need support that is compatible with the size of the TV, as well as adjusted to the orientation parameters we want. With all this already at home.

We have only to install the support, place and tighten the screws on the TV and orient it in the way that suits us.

Q7: How to fix a 32 inch LG TV without a picture?

In general, the lack of an image of an LG TV, like that of any other brand, is usually due to problems with the connection of the input device we are using. 

If we have connected the TV to a source and it is not displayed, it will be necessary to check that the device is turned on and the connections between them are correct. 

If the problem arises with the DTT signal, it will be required to check the antenna cable and its proper operation.

Q8: Is it suitable to use a 32 inch TV for ps4?

The answer depends on the type of PS4 we are referring to. If we talk about a PS4 Pro, with 4K output, the fact of using it on a 32-inch TV will necessarily imply loss of image quality, since no 32-inch TV reaches that level. 

Something similar for a standard PS4 and a 32-inch HD Ready TV, since, again, there would be quality losses in the process, since the PS4 works in Full HD format.

How to install a 32-inch TV

The process of installing the best 32-inch tv for gaming is a simple matter, as long as we know how to proceed. 

Therefore, we want to simplify the task by giving you some guidance so that you do not take more time than necessary to have the television set up and ready to enjoy your favorite programs without losing patience during the process. These are our orientations.

Placing the TV

To begin, once we have removed the TV from its packaging, it is necessary to put it in its place. 

The position in which we place the product must be free of reflections from the sun, intense glare from lights or lamps, and heat sources.

 If the TV is placed on a piece of furniture, we must mount the legs or the support base, using the parts included with the TV. 

If we want to hang it on the wall, we will need a VESA support of the corresponding size, adequately mounted. To place the TV.

The relevant hardware is used, which is usually included with that TV.


Wiring connection

Depending on the TV you have, we will have to connect various cables

Among them, there are standard cables to any television such as the power one, which connects to the TV and the nearest plug, or the coaxial antenna cable, to see DTT signals. 

Verify that it is correctly locked in place.

There are also other cables, the HDMI cables of the pay-TV set-top box, the DVD, or any other device you have at home, which you must connect to its corresponding port. 

Finally, if it is a Smart TV, you also have the option to compare the TV via Ethernet cable, which usually offers better results than WiFi connections.


Switched on

With the TV set and wired, it is time to turn on the terminal. At the moment, the first configuration wizard will appear. 

This wizard is responsible for managing the essential functions of the device, such as language selection, channel tuning, or setting specific preferences regarding the operation of the product.

 In case of having a Smart TV, the assistant will also ask for the keys to connect to the WiFi.

 If it is not connected by cable, while updating the system, so that everything is up to date at the time of operation.

Last touches

Once the assistant has finished his work, we will be ready to start using the TV. 

However, there are still some things to do.

 One of them is to clean and order the channels according to our preferences since, during tuning, these are sorted in order of appearance.

In the models with Smart TV, you will also have to configure the user account, as well as evaluate the installed applications to eliminate the apps that you do not need and download those that did not come as standard. 

You can also link your mobile to the device, depending on the options that the operating system includes.

 As the last step, in those models that include this option, check out the image and sound modes to optimize the final result according to the programs you want to see.

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