Top 10 Best 32-Inch Samsung Smart TV- Reviews In 2021

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the greatest 32-inch TV for you. When compared to one of the much larger TVs on the market, a 32-inch TV may appear small — it would pale in comparison to one of the enormous models from our best 65-inch TV and best 75-inch TV lists. But, if that’s all you have room for, there’s much to be said for the unpretentious appeal of a smaller screen.

The finest 32-inch TVs are typically a fraction of the price of their larger siblings, and there are many of good options if you don’t have the space or budget for a larger model.

While huge TVs have become more cheap in recent years, extra-small 32-inch TVs have maintained their popularity. Small TVs are, in fact, frequently the ideal answer for spaces such as kitchens, dorm rooms, guest rooms, or cramped flats.

We tested some of the most popular 32-inch TVs on the market right now and found that the TCL 3-Series (available at Amazon for $199.99) is the best choice for most people, thanks to its 1080p resolution, excellent performance, and sophisticated built-in Roku smart platform.

While big-box stores can have outrageous bargains on no-name products, if you want a nice experience, we recommend sticking to more renowned firms.

In many cases, a 32-inch television is the ideal size. Because a 32-inch screen can fit all of the smart features of a current TV display in a size that’s more convenient to fit into most at-home setups, it’s a popular choice.

You don’t have a huge living room with an eight-foot viewing distance from your couch, as all the TV commercials make you believe? This is one of the reasons why the top 32-inch televisions are so tempting. A small screen can be placed on a kitchen counter, a bedroom shelf, or mounted on the wall behind a desk. It’s compact, adaptable, and can go practically anyplace.

10 Best 32-Inch Samsung Smart TV- Reviews In 2022

32-inch televisions remain popular in compact rooms and kitchens. However, many well-known brands don’t produce models in this size, and they’re becoming increasingly scarce. Because the picture quality and overall performance of these TVs is typically below average because they are low-cost budget models, upgrading to the 40-42-43 inch TV sizes could provide substantial benefits. Check out our suggestion tool if there’s a 32-inch model you’d want us to buy and test.

We’ve put over 70 TVs through their paces on the current test bench, and here are our picks for the finest 32-inch smart TVs on the market. Also, have a look at our recommendations for the best smart TVs, best compact TVs, and best budget TVs. Check out the top 28-32 inch monitors if you need a 32-inch display.

Sony 32-inch 720p Smart LED TV

While this is a 2016 model, we found it to be a really good 32-inch option when we tried it. It’s still available for roughly $300 on the internet and at some outlets.

While it costs more than the 32-inch D-Series, it has a sleek style and visual quality that rivaled TVs twice the price in 2016. The fact that it’s still widely available speaks volumes about this television’s capabilities.

You get full-HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution, smart capabilities, and a very lightweight but robust product that looks a cut above most TVs in this price range for the money. This one is a winner if you can find it.

Sony 32-inch 720p Smart LED TV


Consider the 32-inch Vizio D-Series for a good combination of performance, features, and price.

Although this full-HD (1080p) TV isn’t particularly bright (we measured a peak brightness of roughly 130 nits), its full-array panel provides a low black level and fine contrast adjustment. This implies that while most content will look good, the D-Series benefits greatly from a dim or completely dark viewing environment.

The 32-inch D-Series is a smart TV, meaning it comes with a tiny library of apps and web-based content. However, the software—dubbed Vizio Internet Apps Plus—is limited, and users can’t download extra content from an app library. There’s Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Video, but there’s not much else. If you want to use your 32-inch TV as a powerful streaming device, you’ll need to use it in conjunction with an external streaming device.

Overall, the Vizio D-Series is a good choice for people searching for a good-looking TV with some smart features, but the TCL 3-Series is still a superior choice for most people looking for a small smart TV.


SAMSUNG 32-inch Class HDR Smart TV

If you don’t want to spend the extra money on the Q50R but still want to go with Samsung, the 32-inch Samsung N5300 is your best option.

Although the N5300 is a full-HD (1080p) TV with HDR capability, it does not get bright enough to show off the benefits. Nonetheless, its peak brightness of roughly 300 nits is among the highest we’ve seen in the 32-inch class, and while the Q50R can produce similar highlights, the N5300 is far less expensive.

The Samsung N5300, like the Samsung Q50R, runs on Samsung’s Tizen smart platform, which will get you by in a pinch but lacks the flexibility and ease of use that Roku provides.

The Samsung N5300 is a nice compromise if you want a Samsung-branded TV but don’t want to spend the money on the slightly overloaded Q50R.

SAMSUNG 32-inch Class  HDR Smart TV

Samsung Flat 32" QLED 4K 32Q50 Series Smart TV

The Samsung Q50R, out of all the 32-inch TVs we examined for this roundup, delivers the finest results. Unfortunately, the Q50R is the most expensive TV of the lot, while having the best-looking picture. This is due to some fancy technology.

The Q50R is a 4K TV, thus 4K games and streaming video will be displayed in their native quality, unlike the rest of the TVs we’ve reviewed. The TV’s display also has quantum dots, which ensures that color reproduction is both accurate and expansive; in our tests, the Q50R covered 100% of the Rec.709 SDR color gamut and a whopping 92 percent of the wider DCI-P3 HDR color gamut.

The Q50R doesn’t get much brighter than 300 nits, even with quantum dots on board. The Q50R is an HDR TV in theory, but with such a dull display, you won’t see much of a difference between SDR and HDR programming.

Because of its performance and hardware, the Samsung Q50R is the most amazing 32-inch TV on this list, but it’s also definitely not worth the money. Consider that the 55-inch version of the TCL 4-Series—our favorite entry-level TV—costs around $100 less than the 32-inch Q50R.

The 4K resolution isn’t important unless you’re sitting inches away from the screen. Even though the Q50R includes Samsung’s Tizen smart platform embedded into the TV’s software, we prefer the TCL 3-Series’ Roku experience. If money isn’t an issue and you simply want the greatest picture, the Q50R outperforms the competition—just it’s a little overstocked for its size.

Samsung  Flat 32

VIZIO 32-inch D-Series - Full HD 1080p Smart TV

In the United States, VIZIO pretty much rules the roost when it comes to high-quality bargain TVs, with the Vizio D-Series emerging as one of the best tiny TVs available.

While the name may not be immediately recognizable, VIZIO’s small screen has a lot going for it, including a full 1080p resolution and an app tray with the most popular streaming services (including Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu) on the SmartCast platform, which is also found on Vizio’s high-end sets and H1 OLED.

Although you only receive a basic pair of 5W speakers, you do get a comprehensive feature list for such a small TV and low price, including two HDMI connections, one USB connector, ARC capability, and a 60Hz refresh rate (rather than the 50Hz of some other sets at this size).

In our perspective, VIZIO’s small screen wonder can’t be matched if you’re looking for something clever, small, and economical in a 32-inch size.

VIZIO 32-inch D-Series - Full HD 1080p Smart TV

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor Easy Clean Interior

The Toshiba WK3C Alexa TV is one of the best 32-inch TVs available, combining straightforward TV viewing with voice assistant features in one extremely reasonable device.

The built-in (and hands-free) Alexa compatibility is more than adequate for what you’d expect from an Echo speaker or a smart TV. We had no issue summoning apps, searching for content, or turning on and off the television using the Amazon voice assistant – albeit it is an always-on affair without the easy mute functions of an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Given the budget and constraints of this HD resolution set, the image is also quite nice. The processor excels at handling HD sources, as well as those downscaled from 4K. There’s a smidgeon of motion judder across moving backgrounds, and photos are significantly better in the foreground in general, but it’s a minor annoyance on such a little TV. Support for Freeview Play is also a welcome inclusion for UK customers.

Overall, the Toshiba WK3C is a bargain for individuals who don’t require a higher-resolution screen. Just bear in mind that both the 24-inch and 32-inch dimension options only offer HD (720p) resolution.

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor Easy Clean Interior

TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

The TCL 3-Series isn’t the most technically advanced model on our list of the best TCL TVs, but it accomplishes a lot for the money. This 32-inch TV features Full HD resolution, direct full-array dimming (no edge lighting), and the superb Roku operating system featured on a number of other TCL TVs.

Roku is the inexpensive TV’s saving grace, providing a clean and well-organized smart platform with a wide range of app support, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Hulu, and others. Three HDMI connections provide many of connectivity options, and the 60Hz panel adds to the appeal.

TCL TVs are known for their aggressive overprocessing and high contrast images, which will be even more noticeable on their lesser displays – but if you’re looking for an economical model that won’t be a pain to use, the 3 Series is a solid choice.

TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

SAMSUNG Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32inch 1080p Smart LED TV

The Samsung UN32N5300 is the best 32-inch TV we’ve tested for large seating arrangements. This is an older TV, but it’s still available because Samsung hasn’t manufactured many 1080p TVs in recent years. Keep in mind that we evaluated it on test bench 1.5, thus the results should not be directly compared to the TCL 3 Series 2019, which we tested on test bench 1.6.

It’s a basic TV that should work well in bedrooms or kitchens where you’ll be watching it from various angles. The image remains realistic when viewed from the side, thanks to its wide viewing angles, which is ideal for these types of arrangements. It’s a 1080p TV that has no trouble upscaling lower-resolution material, and it even has Tizen OS built-in, so you can download a wide range of apps without having to use an external streaming device. It’s a fantastic addition to a budget television.

Unfortunately, despite its good reflection management, it doesn’t get bright enough to combat a lot of glare, thus it’s better not to use it in a room with a lot of bright light sources. It also has a poor contrast ratio, making blacks appear gray in a perfectly dark setting. If you don’t mind these flaws, this is the greatest 32-inch smart TV for large seating spaces.

SAMSUNG Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32inch 1080p Smart LED TV

TCL 32-inch Class 3-Series HD LED Smart Android TV

The TCL 32S327 is the greatest 32-inch 1080p TV on the market. The S327 type has a 1080p resolution, and we expect it to perform similarly to the 40-inch model we tested, although the S325 variant only has a 720p resolution. Because the newest model, the TCL 3 Series 2020, is limited to 720p, it’s worth getting beyond that. The 2019 version’s better 1080p resolution lets you to view Blu-rays or utilize it for console gaming.

It’s a simple TV with a built-in Roku player. This smart platform is simple to use, although the menu navigation isn’t as seamless as it is on other Roku TVs, and it can feel sluggish at times. Once it’s up and running, the app store has a plethora of apps to choose from, allowing you to simply stream your favorite content. It shines in dim lighting thanks to its VA panel’s high natural contrast ratio, which allows it to display deep blacks.

Unfortunately, it does not support HDR, but that is to be expected from an entry-level 1080p TV. It also has rather narrow viewing angles, thus when viewed from the side, the image loses precision. If you wish to use it in a well-lit room, it has good reflection handling despite the fact that it doesn’t get very bright. Overall, this 32-inch smart TV with a 1080p resolution is the best.

TCL 32-inch Class 3-Series HD LED Smart Android TV

SAMSUNG 32-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series HDR Smart TV

The Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA is the greatest 32-inch 4K TV we’ve tested. This is an older model from 2019, but it’s still available at major retailers, and it’s one of the few 32-inch TVs with a 4k resolution. This enables it to show images with fine detail.

It comes with a trimmed-down version of Samsung’s Tizen OS, but it still offers a lot of the same features and capabilities as the higher-end versions that come with the full version. It’s simple to use, the menu navigation is fluid, and the app store has a plethora of programs to choose from. This means you won’t need an additional streaming device, and you’ll be able to cast everything to your TV. It boasts a VA panel with a high native contrast ratio, which means it exhibits deep blacks when seen in low light.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get very bright, so even if it displays a wide color gamut for HDR movies, highlights don’t pop out. Because of its poor reflection management, it’s better to avoid using it in a well-lit environment. If you’re looking for the best 32-inch TV for gaming, opt for one with little input lag and a fast response time. Overall, this is the best 32-inch television we’ve seen.

SAMSUNG 32-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series HDR Smart TV

What to look for in a small TV

We understand that searching for a new television may be a nuisance, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But don’t worry; our experts at TechRadar are masters at generating lists that will help you figure out what characteristics to look for when buying the best 32-inch TV for you.

Wi-Fi / Smart features

One of the most significant characteristics to look for in 32-inch TVs is’smart TV’ capability. When it comes to a TV for a second or third room, smart features can significantly improve the value and usability of TVs by eliminating the need to acquire a separate set-top box or streaming stick. You may come to regret not having Netflix, Amazon, or Disney Plus – or even the UK’s Freeview Play catchup service – on there.

Instead, all of those devices’ functionality is incorporated right in, saving you both time and money. A set with Wi-Fi capabilities that supports video streaming and file sharing should be at the top of your list if you’re searching for a TV to fill a bedroom or study.

Resolution: Full HD

If at all possible, stay away from TVs with resolutions less than 1080p. A 720p image will appear acceptable on a smaller screen, but if you want all of the details in your images, you’ll need a 1080p TV. Keep in mind that some retailers and manufacturers will label most 32-inch TVs as ‘HD Ready,’ implying that they have an HD resolution. However, while the lower 1,366 x 768 resolution technically qualifies as ‘HD Ready,’ it will deliver a muddier and less clear image than TVs with a full HD 1,920 x 1,080 display (‘Full HD’).

Inputs and outputs


One last thing to think about before deciding on a 32-inch TV is whether it includes all of the ports you require. HDMI inputs will be required by devices such as the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and DVD/Blu-ray players; the Nintendo Wii or other legacy game consoles will require a component or even composite video input; PCs will likely use a DVI or VGA input if they don’t use HDMI; and Sky or cable set-top boxes will require an additional HDMI.

When you have a number of different devices to connect, a 32-inch TV with enough connections to handle everything you want to do with it will make your life a lot easier.

The best type of panel

For 32-inch TVs, there are essentially two types of LCD panel technology: IPS and VA. IPS panels provide a slightly broader viewing angle, whilst VA panels have significantly more contrast.

With huge screen’main’ TVs likely to be used for watching movies, sometimes with the lights dimmed, IPS panels’ lack of contrast can be a major concern, making dark scenes look washed out. A VA panel is required if you’re seeking for a 32-inch TV to be used in a dark area.

However, in bright areas like conservatories and kitchens, IPS panel contrast concerns are less of an issue, and the (slight) IPS viewing angle advantage might be useful in vast environments where viewers may be using the TV while roaming around the room.

Sound quality is excellent.

Even though sound is an important aspect of any watching experience, far too many 32-inch TVs treat it as an afterthought. However, judging a TV’s anticipated audio performance without hearing it for yourself might be difficult.

All you can do is search for rated speaker output parameters (which are notoriously unreliable) and design indications, such as forward-firing speakers, built-in bass woofers, and enough space in the back to allow air to circulate.

Final Talk On Best 32-Inch Samsung Smart TV

The 32-inch smart TV we recommend above is what we believe is currently the best 32-inch smart TV to buy for the majority of users. We consider pricing (a less expensive TV wins over a more expensive one if the difference isn’t significant) and availability (no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you want to conduct your own research, here is a collection of all of our 32-inch television reviews. Take caution not to become too engrossed in the details. While no television is perfect, the majority of televisions are good enough to satisfy virtually everyone, and the variations are frequently undetectable unless you look for them.

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